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MAGIX Music Maker Jam – your free music app. Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer – Applications Android sur Google Play. Youtube Video Downloader - SnapTube Pro. Description Downloading videos and music from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vuclip now becomes super easy with the SnapTube Pro video downloader!

Youtube Video Downloader - SnapTube Pro

SnapTube Pro is a light video downloader, featuring powerful downloading from all popular video & music sites and a clear interface, runs smoothly and fast on both high & low-end devices. ****The Easy, Fast & Light Video Downloader**** The easiest way to download videos. Musixmatch Paroles de chanson – Applications Android sur Google Play. Real Metronome Free. Rhythm Teacher: Music beats – Applications Android sur Google Play. Psicomotricidad.

Noise Moderator – Android апликације на Google Play-у. QR Codes & Orienteering in PE. Leafsnap: An Electronic Field Guide. Hudl Technique, Formerly Ubersense: Slow Motion Video Analysis en el App Store. AndAndo. Приложения на Google Play – Psicomotricidad. OruxMaps. Details?id=andrilod. Team Shake: Pick Random Groups - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play. Team Shake provides a technological and environmentally friendly way to choose teams for board games, sporting events, tournaments, school projects or anytime groups are required.

Team Shake: Pick Random Groups - Aplicaciones Android en Google Play

The newest release brings many new features including full Phone and Tablet screen support, balancing teams based on skill or gender, importing users from a file, and sharing teams via Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Team Shake is the premier Android app for creating teams. Instead of a hat and scraps of paper, the user enters his friends' names in his phone or tablet and gives it a shake.

The screen will then display a random set of color-coded teams. These teams can immediately be used for game play or shared via facebook or email. The app is designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. If you have any problems, feature requests, or comments please send an email to HIIT interval training timer. Looking for a simple and efficient timer app to assist you during your interval training workouts ?

HIIT interval training timer

Well you just found it ;-) HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a method well known to burn fat in a short & intense workout. And there are many different ways to it : sprinting, crossfit, running, bodyweight workouts, cycling, yoga, stretching, weightlifting, boxing ... Our Interval Training Timer will help you focus on your workout so you won't be distracted by a screen or a watch. Forget about the time, just follow the sounds. And if you love this timer, you can get rid of the ads forever with our No More Ads in-app purchase ! * A FEW FEEDBACKS FROM OUR USERS“ Just what I need for my HIIT sessions! “Accountable Interval timing. . “ Great for those easily distracted folks!!! * WHAT’S HIIT ? * HOW TO USE THE APP ? * PHONE PERMISSIONS *Now automatically pause and resume if a phone call arrives.This is why PHONE_STATE permissions are required.

Stretching Routines. Body Mass Index - Weight loss. BMI lets you to focus on your fitness level and dieting routines.

Body Mass Index - Weight loss

BMI lets you know about your body fitness factors such as correct weight, correct height, calorie requirements, diet routines, weight loss or weight gain progress etc... * PROFILE----------------- - create your basic profile with height, weight, age etc.. - add your picture to your profile * BODY FITNESS-------------------------- - BMI, Body fat percentage, Ideal body weight demonstrates your current fitness level. - These indicators influences an individual to fine tune their health and prevent obesity at young age. * WEIGHT LOSS DIET-------------------------------------- - 5 day diet chart helps you to plan your healthy diet to improve your fitness and health.

Trazeo - Caminos escolares - Trazeo caminos escolares. Cardiograph. Cardiograph is an application which measures your heart rate.


You can save your results for future reference and keep track of multiple people with individual profiles. Приложения на Google Play – Scoreboard Basket ++ Turn your smartphone or tablet into a professional scoreboard!

Приложения на Google Play – Scoreboard Basket ++

Impress your friends! This is the perfect tool to keep track of the score of your games.This score board is designed for Basketball. To guest many sports, please visit our website: BHF PocketCPR. The British Heart Foundation PocketCPR provides REAL-TIME feedback and instructions on Hands-only CPR that empowers ANYONE to learn and practice CPR, so that they can be READY when seconds really count!!!


The technology is the same as that used in the ZOLL PocketCPR for actual rescue from sudden cardiac arrest. This version teaches Hands-only CPR skills according to the latest American Heart Association and European Resuscitation Council CPR and ILCOR Guidelines as published on October 18, 2010. The app includes an introduction video to show the proper use of the app and Hands-only CPR skills, as well as excellent voice prompting throughout the app to improve the skill of the rescuer. BHF Pocket CPR is a must-have app for anyone who wants to learn how to perform CPR with accuracy. Relajación Guiada. Gestor de Ligas y Torneos Online Gratuito. MiLeyenda. Mi Leyenda registra y reconoce tu evolución deportiva.


Organiza partidos, invita a tus contactos, organiza dónde y cuándo jugar, conoce las probabilidades de victoria y los reconocimientos que puedes conseguir. Organiza los mejores torneos con nuestra herramienta de gestión y organización de ligas. Los jugadores podrán recibir toda la información en tiempo real en su móvil. Almacena todos tus resultados, conociendo las estadísticas de cada deporte y la clasificación con respecto a tus amigos. Comparte cada partido en tus redes sociales preferidas, por email o WhatsApp directamente. Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation Sounds: Música y sonidos de descanso para dormir, practicar yoga y la relajación en el App Store. My Tracks. Brújula : Smart Compass. Smart Compass es la parte 3 del paquete Smart Tools.

Brújula : Smart Compass

Es una herramienta para orientarte utilizando el sensor magnético incorporado en el teléfono. Live Video Delay on the App Store. SloPro - 1000fps Cámara lenta en el App Store.