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The 58 Cutest Things Found Behind The Scenes At The Puppy Bowl. Big Bro, Little Dog. Puppies Hate Growing Up. 15 Unconventional Dog Houses. Architecture For Dogs. 25 Reasons Why One Dog Is NOT Enough. This Grandma And Her Cat Are The Cutest Best Friends Ever. 21 Dogs Who Need Some Help Getting Unstuck. 11 Adorable Pets Growing Up With Their Humans. Stanley Forgets To Jump. A Rejected Puppy And An Abandoned Kitten Adopt Each Other. 10 Of The Most Life-Affirming Dog Rescue Stories Ever. Extreme Makeover: Rescue Doggie Edition. Daniel and his boyfriend Max were walking their dog Mekko when they came across a frantic woman who had found the creature you see above about to be cornered by police in Brooklyn and taken to animal control, where he likely would have been euthanized.

Extreme Makeover: Rescue Doggie Edition

The woman thought she might have recognized the dog as a pet from the neighborhood and stepped in, offering to take the dog so that the police wouldn’t. She wanted to know if Daniel and Max recognized the dog — they didn’t — and she explained that she needed to get her infant home and couldn’t possibly keep the pup. She was planning to just leave him tied to the fence there, hoping his owner would walk past and see him. Daniel offered to take him instead, but realized while walking the dirty dog home that he may have gotten himself into a bit of a situation. Daniel took the dog home and came to realize what a terrible condition he was in. When Daniel and Max returned from France, the inevitable happened — of course. 27 Kittenish And Puppyful Color Palettes. 12 Dogs Waiting Patiently For Dinner. Inside Every Corgi Is A Nightmare Waiting To Get Out. 19 GIFs Of Cats Going Crazy For Treats. 31 Puppies Using Laptops Incorrectly. This is their first TV appearance together in 70 years*!!!

*Not actually 70 years. Hopefully you don’t text these things to your loved ones. I have never seen a happier man in my life. I guess he got sick of waiting for us. So rude. Just a little dog. Whatever happens, don’t say Awwww (40 Photos. Whatever happens, don’t say Awww (33 Photos. 6 Stupid Things Pet Owners Need to Stop Doing Now.

Pets are a wonderful thing.

6 Stupid Things Pet Owners Need to Stop Doing Now

No matter how sad or depressing your life may be, it's always just a little bit better knowing you have a loyal pet by your side. But being a pet owner is a tricky proposition. Something about being able to "own" a living thing seems to drive some people to the point of madness. Crazy cat ladies don't earn that title because of their rational behavior and robust social skills, you know? They earn it, in part, because they love cats so damn much that having 57 of them living in a squalid one bedroom apartment somehow seems like a good idea.

. #6. Picking a name for your pet is not the time to prove your superiority to the world. EdHardyShop.comIt works every time. You should also not use your pet's name to give people another reason to think you're a degenerate binge drinker. . #5. Getty. Bed in breakfast. Restaurantes Aquipode Totó. Awesome underwater dogs is awesome. Eating is tiresome. Just a flowchart of dogs brain. I'm Stuck! A Well Captured Moment. Oh haiiiiiiiii. Pets também merecem mimos no Natal; veja opções de presentes - Fotos - UOL Natal. Sleep. Lobster Dog. Salute! Leave me alone... in the fridge. OH THE FEEEAAARR!!!! Like a boss. Keep it up. Fantasia canina inspirada no "Star Wars" Não largo de jeito nenhum! Dando um alô para a dona! TV UOL.