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Learning with Minecraft - EdTech Blog at Chatsworth. Gameful. Breaking Boundaries with Virtual Worlds in a Science Classroom and a Teen Jail: Two Case Studies by Amira Fouad on Prezi. Art. Quest Atlantis. Best Games for Kids. Big Thinkers: Sasha Barab on New-Media Engagement. My name is Sasha Barab.

Additionally, check out the story about the Math competition!! THIS is what I am talking about!! – brettamccall
I love the mission example: Ghost v Ghost where the question is posted: How do we know what and who to believe when everyone’s story is different? Its so important to put these kinds of questions into games where play is possible.. I mean where the ability to mess with the tools and information available and be willing to make mistakes as the ideas come up. – brettamccall

I’m a professor of Learning Sciences at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana.

Big Thinkers: Sasha Barab on New-Media Engagement

And I guess I'm here to share our experiences in getting kids engaged with new media literacies.