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Our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for Mac web design software goes to Karelia Software’s application, Sandvox. The intuitive usability and a few "wow" features put Sandvox on the top. The software is very easy to use and boasts a host of fantastic features. Although Sandvox features are quite similar to other top web design software for Macs, Sandvox seems to be a step ahead of the game. For example, most design software will have templates, but Sandvox templates offer better variety and style. Sandvox 2012 - TopTenREVIEWS Sandvox 2012 - TopTenREVIEWS
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Professor tries improving lectures by removing them from class Personal narrative plays an important role in Mike Garver’s teaching style. Garver, a professor of marketing at Central Michigan University, often uses anecdotes from his own life in his lectures, according to one of his students. “It’s a good way to, in his words, ‘Put a movie in your mind,’ ” says Mike Hoover, a senior at Central Michigan, who is currently taking Garver’s course in market research. Professor tries improving lectures by removing them from class
Anthropologists debate role of science Anthropologists debate role of science MONTREAL -- As she opened a session here Thursday at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Virginia R. Dominguez of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and president of the group, told those gathered here that “we don’t have to agree. Sometimes consensus is oppressive." That was one kind of oppression that no one needed to worry about in this session. The topic was the role of science within anthropology. And while most speakers were careful to say how much they respected one another, it didn’t take long for tensions to surface.
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Educating Professionals In 1952, Rutgers University Professor Selman Waksman won the Nobel Prize for developing Streptomycin, a powerful antibiotic that cured tuberculosis. His 23-year old graduate student, Albert Schatz, claimed to have been the first to isolate the bacterium that produced this drug in August, 1943. Schatz and Waksman applied for a patent, but the royalties all went to Waksman. Educating Professionals
Jan Armstrong's Qualitative Research in Education Home Page Jan Armstrong's Qualitative Research in Education Home Page Welcome to the Qualitative Research in Education Home Page! Here are a few links that may be of interest to people interested in learning more about employing qualitative or naturalistic research strategies in educational research and evaluation. This page provides a selected list of resources for qualitative researchers, including links to information on qualitative data analysis software programs, professional association and conference information, and other useful and interesting spaces on the internet. For information about the qualitative research courses I teach here at UNM, please visit my Qualitative Research Courses page. The Qualitative Cafe Developed within the University of New Mexico School of Nursing and Health Sciences Center, this site serves researchers and students interested in qualitative research. It provides links, bibliographies, articles, proposals, a "volunteer" grid, and announcements of interest to qualitative researchers at UNM.
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ResearchWare: Simply Powerful Tools for Qualitative Analysis Sage Publications has released the second edition of Researchware co-founder Dr. Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber's book Feminist Research Practice: A Primer. This fully revised and updated edition of Feminist Research Practice: A Primer draws on the expertise of a stellar group of interdisciplinary scholars, who cover cutting-edge research methods and explore research questions related to the complex and diverse issues that deeply impact women's lives. This text offers a unique hands-on approach to research by featuring engaging and relevant exercises, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of feminist researchers at work. The in-depth examples cover the range of research questions that feminists engage with, including issues of gender inequality, violence against women, body image issues, and the discrimination that affects other marginalized groups. ResearchWare: Simply Powerful Tools for Qualitative Analysis
Definition: These programs enable the researcher to take "a qualitative approach to qualitative data. A qualitative approach is one where there is a need to interpret data through the identification and possibly coding of themes, concepts, processes, contexts, etc., in order to build explanations or theories or to test or enlarge on a theory." Perform Qualitative Data Analysis Perform Qualitative Data Analysis
Council on Anthropology and Education | A section of the American Anthropological Association Submitting to the Council on Anthropology of Education for the 2014 AAA Meetings A Note from the 2014 Program Chair Calling all knowledge producers! On behalf of the Executive Committee, we invite you to get involved with the program for this year’s AAA meeting, to be held in Washington, D.C., Dec. 3-7. We particularly look forward to engaging, provocative sessions and activities that link to the overall theme of the meetings (“Producing Anthropology”), and, importantly, connect to educational actors and organizations in the D.C. area. Council on Anthropology and Education | A section of the American Anthropological Association
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