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Sublime Text (3) for PHP Developers - Matt Stauffer on Laravel, PHP, Frontend development. Posted on June 26, 2015 | By Matt Stauffer A lot of folks in the PHP community have been checking out PHPStorm lately, including myself and most of the developers I work with.

Sublime Text (3) for PHP Developers - Matt Stauffer on Laravel, PHP, Frontend development

We love the code intelligence we get from PHPStorm, but still miss the speed, quick boot-up, and convenience of Sublime Text. Before I blindly assume PHPStorm is the only way to go, I wanted to see: Can I bring the things a PHP-focused IDE provides PHP developers back to Sublime Text and get the best of both worlds? Let's start with a quick list of ways that PHPStorm really sets itself apart for me. Please note: There are a million other features that PHPStorm uniquely offers, but to be honest, it's the tiny little conveniences that I've seen provide the biggest boost in efficiency. Using Sublime Text as your IDE. It's a fast, powerful and easily extensible code editor.

Using Sublime Text as your IDE

Check out some of the demos on the site for a quick visual demonstration. Installing Sublime Text 2 Assuming you have access to the right repositories, you can also install Sublime via apt-get on Linux. Preferences Sublime configuration is done via JSON files. To modify the default preferences, go to the Preferences menu and select Settings-Default. Here are some settings that you might want to change (look these variables up in the settings file and modify their value, you should not have to add them): "rulers": [80], "tab_size": 2, "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true, "ensure_newline_at_eof_on_save": true, "translate_tabs_to_spaces" : true The settings take effect as soon as you save the file. If you've got a big monitor and are used to viewing more than one source file at a time, you can use the View->Layout feature to split the view up into columns and/or rows and look at multiple files at the same time.

Project files. Build Systems — Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation. Build systems let you run your files through external programs without leaving Sublime Text, and see the output they generate.

Build Systems — Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation

Table of Contents — Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation. C++ - Build systems in Sublime Text. Sublime Text - Build Systems. Sublime Text is able to run build programs such as 'make', either when a key in pressed (F7 by default), or when a file is saved.

Sublime Text - Build Systems

The build system to use can be select from the Tools/Build System menu. If a project is open, the selected build system will be remembered for the project. Adding a new Build System The contents of the Tools/Build System menu is found by enumerating all of the .sublime-build files under the packages directory, which can be accessed via Preferences/Browse Packages. .sublime-build files are a simple key-value, text based format.

A Guide to Sublime Text - Engineer villa. Now a days, A text Editor is essential for every Developer.

A Guide to Sublime Text - Engineer villa

IDE’s are Big programs they take a lot of space and processing speed also. But on other hand Text Editors are light weighted. There is large number of text editors in the market free and paid. Enhancing looks of Sublime text via Sublime Text 2 Tips and Tricks (Updated) Sublime Text 2 is one of the fastest and most incredible code editors to be released in a long time!

Sublime Text 2 Tips and Tricks (Updated)

With a community and plugin ecosystem as passionate as this one, it just might be impossible for any other editor to catch up. I'll show you my favorite tips and tricks today. Sublime Text 2 is currently available for all major platforms: OS X, Linux and Windows. Sublime Text 2 pour le dev web : config, trucs et astuces. Pourquoi cet article ?

Sublime Text 2 pour le dev web : config, trucs et astuces

J'écris cet article parce qu'autant ST peut être extrêmement puissant et confortable, autant son installation par défaut (ST « nu », si vous voulez) n'en laisse pas paraître grand chose… La sidebar est totalement dénuée d'options utiles au clic droit, on n'a pas de transpose, etc. Et même ses fonctions natives puissantes, comme le Go To Anything, la Command Palette ou les Layouts, sont souvent bien peu utilisés, ou sous-employés.

L'idée est donc de mettre en place ici une config « musclée », et de vous fournir également des liens vers des ressources externes de qualité sur ST lui-même, au travers notamment de screencasts, qui constituent toujours une des meilleures approches pour découvrir un éditeur, car l'aspect visuel et animé est important ici. Sublime Text 2 more sublime with a drop of Dropbox · January 19, 2012, 9:19 pm · 12 comments · Filed under: Coda, Web Development Among its many great features, one of the cool things about ST2 is the licensing terms.

Sublime Text 2 more sublime with a drop of Dropbox ·

7 Ways to Level Up Your Sublime Text Editing. 1) Packages.

7 Ways to Level Up Your Sublime Text Editing

Control them. Installing PackageControl is the first step on many Sublime Text 2 (ST2) blog posts around the web. Rightly so. It opens up a new world of functionality and makes managing that world a piece o’ cake. Once you have it installed, you’re a quick ⇧⌘P and a “pack” from everything you need. "Upgrade/Overwrite All Packages" is super cool 2) Packages. Even with PackageControl, installing and updating packages on each of your machines is more work than it needs to be.

Instead of doing that, just move the Packages directory to your Dropbox or Google Drive and symlink it so ST2 can use it. Sublime Text Keyboard Shortcuts. Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course! I'm pleased to announce that my newest course on Tuts+ Premium is out...and free to everyone!

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text: Free Course!

I have a confession: I'm a code editor addict, and have tried them all! I was an early adopter of Coda, a TextMate advocate, even a Vim convert. Simple Visual Enhancements for Better Coding in Sublime Text. Sublime Text offers thousands of extensions and settings to make a personalized code editor available for everyone. Right now, I’m going to show you some settings, plugins, themes, and color schemes to help make the coding experience more visually appealing. If you use Sublime and don't know about snippets, you've been missing out : webdev.