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Why You Should Franchise Your Restaurant. A Good Staff System Saves Time. 5 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses. Tips to Managing the Extroverts and Introverts of your Team. As the leader of your team and a business owner, your primary goal is to ensure that all your employees are performing at an optimum level. This can be a challenge, especially when you are dealing with a team that is made up of introverts and extroverts.

So, the question remains, how do you efficiently manage these people with immensely different traits, personalities and work preferences? Understand these different personality traits These personalities have hugely different approaches when dealing with work and other social processes. For instance, extroverts tend to deal with the work assigned to them in a prompt manner and are quick. Communicate with your team You don’t need to conduct a big test to understand who in your team is an extrovert or an introvert. Use the information Use the information procured on your individual team members’ personalities and preferences to formulate rules and dynamics that are respectful to everyone.

Promote privacy. Top Tips to Make Better Leadership Decisions. Business leaders come across a number of situations every day, for which they have to make decisions. Unfortunately, making tough decisions amidst chaos takes practice. Even the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in the world will tell you that they have made wrong decisions. But that’s not the point; the point is to correct the wrong decision. Of course, you cannot reverse what you’ve already done, however, you can at least try to contemplate on the areas of improvement. Thus, it’s obvious that all leaders are not created equal when it comes to the competency of their decision-making skills. Nonetheless, what’s common amongst successful leaders is their struggle, hard-work and to keep learning from mistakes.

Learn From Your Leader Working with an executive coach can raise your level of awareness about your own thinking. Create and Maintain Checklist In order to be a great decision-maker and problem-solver, it’s crucial for you to create and maintain checklists. Ways to Keep your Employees Inspired. The success of your company’s mission begins when your employees are inspired to perform productively. In order to achieve the determined goal, they must first share the vision of their leader and put in their efforts in the right direction. Motivated employees give their all to the company and strive to achieve the target by putting their skills for the best use. Here are four ways to keep your employees inspired and excited about the company’s mission: Communication: The success of any company lies in how effectively the leader communicates his vision with his employees.

Let your employees know about the future missions of your company and welcome their inputs as well. Effective communication in all levels of your company will achieve clarity regarding the goal in the minds of the employees. Also be sure to interact with your subordinates and listen to their grievances to establish a sense of agreement and trust. Set the right atmosphere: Recognize their efforts: Guide, not criticize: Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Business Coaches. Has the idea of hiring a business coach ever crossed your mind? If it did, then what made you not follow the idea? There is a wide variety of reasons that could have stopped you from going ahead with this decision.

Some of the reasons could be the misconception that only the rich hire a coach or individuals with failed business ventures need a coach, but that’s not true. And, that’s exactly what we will be discussing in this blog post. Expense One of the biggest reasons that’s keeping budding entrepreneurs from hiring the services of a business coach is the cost. Internet Vs Coach Some people are reluctant of hiring a coach because they believe they can figure it all out using the internet. Bad experiences Some people are reluctant due to previous bad experiences with business coaches. There is only so much a business coach can do. Tips to Become Multitasking at Office.

Today, stress has become an inevitable part of our professional life. Multiple work assignments and deadlines can take a toll on your health. Most of the employees suffer from depression, insomnia, ADHD and what-not. Though your work load can’t be reduced, your stress can surely be knocked out through an effective multitasking! Here are the easiest ways to do multitasking and combat stress: Plan it out! In a high pressured environment often the need is multi-tasking where every hour brings up new work. Tips to Run a Sucessful Home Business.

A home business has a great growth prospect and can be successful just as any other business. The best part of setting up a home based company is that you can work in your pyjamas and cut all overhead costs. Starting up a home-based business doesn’t necessarily have to stressful, not when you do it in the right way! Here are the top tips you must follow to have a successful home business: A well planned job is half done: Planning has to be your first step. Conduct a proper market research, get to know your market competition, weigh your growth prospect. Determine your budget and your target audience. Running a home business is challenging and full of obstacles, but it is also exciting and can become a big success. Ways to Keep the Passion Alive In your Business. Starting a business is always fun and quite exciting. But keeping up that fun, excitement, and passion, well, can be very difficult. Day after day of grinding work, and overcoming obstacles can be draining, so much so that you start to lose your passion for the business.

It will negatively affect your business and possibly lead to its death. Here’s how you keep your passion alive. 1. The reason you feel overwhelmed, drained, and unable to give your uttermost focus, is because you are doing too much of the work yourself. 2. Two things – you are not expected to know everything, and you do not have to do everything. As a business owner, you have to fight against the urge of doing the job yourself. 3. Don’t just depend on yourself to stay passionate. 4. For most business owners, it’s the hassle of management that drains away their spirit. 5. Honestly, cultivate your skill of patience. 6.

Every time you get stuck in the rut remind yourself of the goals you set out to achieve. How do you Know if your Business is Customer Centric. The heart of any business is not the money, not the employees, not the investors, the heart of any business is the customers. The product and service caters to the customers, and the success of your business depends on them. Your business cannot lose focus on that by focusing too much on appeasing employees, investors and board members. It has happened to too many companies. The result is a product and service that is of poor quality for the target audience. So, your business needs to be customer centric. How do you know if your business is customer centric? Do you engage with them? As a business, you have a massive array of options to engage with your customers. And that is just one part of it. Additionally, it is not just the organization communicating with customers – how good are you at listening and replying back to them?

Put yourself in their Shoes Are you, and every else, in the organization thinking in the customers shoes? Do you do Beta Testing? How good is your Customer Service? Factors that Consider Before Getting Business Partner. Great Video Ideas for Your Business. Proficient Business Advisors in Edmonton. 4 Things you Didn't Know About Leading a Business | Edmonton Business. Helpful Tips to Leading a Business. Your Business. Canadaone. Why you Should Hire an Expert Business Advisor. How to Deal With Difficult Customers. In any business, every now and then you’ll encounter a difficult customer who will leave no stone unturned in expressing his displeasure with your service. Such a customer will put you and your company between a rock and a hard place. For instance having problem with a shipping issue that a third party has immediate control over or dealing with a vendor who provided a defected item to your customer.

In other instances the customer might express displeasure due to lack of communication or some misunderstanding with your employee. Either way, you are left dealing with an agitated customer. Let the communication flow In situations where a disgruntled customer gives you a piece of their mind, the best thing to do is give them time and space to vent out all the anger. Also, having genuine concern for their feelings will help you in the situation. Understand their view point Your customer’s viewpoint is not your viewpoint, and your viewpoint is irrelevant to them. Propose a Solution. Benefits of Small Business Courses. One to One Coaching This is a program designed to fast track your success.

Here is where we work together to get you to your destination, showing you how to make the changes you need to make and when to make them. We will build a plan that focuses on the three major areas and I will give you all the tools you need and show you how to use them effectively. This removes the guess work about the next steps to take and saves tons of time. In this program you will: What are you waiting for? We work under a Results Policy*. More Free Time. I firmly believe that when people get confused they stop, so all our programs are designed to take out the confusion to make sure you are always making progress towards your goals. *The results policy is strictly for the One-on-one Coaching program as it is a hands on program with myself and my clients.

Why Need to Say No is Important in Business. Saying no to a client is equivalent to losing one, or at least that’s what most business assume. But, what if saying no, would make your business more profitable and earn you more customers. Most entrepreneurs and new businesses have the ideology that they must not say no to anything. Your inability to say no might end up tanking your business or might lead to huge losses. If you change the way you think, you just might do your business a huge favor. Say No to Increase Profits As an entrepreneur the easiest business deal you procure isn’t necessarily the business deal you would want.

Time is of Essence Do not waste your time, nor your client’s time. Don’t Be Taken Advantage of Businesses not capable of saying no end up being taken advantage of and cheated. Let Client’s Know Why When you say no to any client, your greatest worry (and rightfully so) is that you and client will part on bad terms. The best thing to do is explain them the reason for your no. 4 Simple Tips to Become a Smart Project Manager. A great product manager has the ability to take a business places. It also includes identifying and implementing the profitable opportunities that will blend well with the market needs. A business owner, who does not have the time or knowledge to dedicate to product development, definitely needs a product manager to handle this. And, if you are already a product manager, then becoming great a great one is essential for you and your company to excel. 1. Have Expert Industry Knowledge As a product manager, you should know more about your industry than anybody else.

Also, ensure that you are talking to people in industry. You don’t want to enter a market where another competitor is about to launch a similar product to what your company is planning. 2. It is vital for every product manager to place themselves in their customers’ shoes and be able to think without bias about their product. 3. This may sound like an obvious one, but many product managers don’t know the A to Z of their product. Ways to Build a Great Team From Scratch. In the last blog post, I pushed the idea of having a team around you to climb the ladder of success faster and more efficiently. Now that you have an idea of the importance of having a good team, you may be wondering what steps to take next to build one. It’s really a question of who you choose to select, as you will be working together with these people in the long run, and that is the hope you want to move forward with. A few things you could do to start finding the right people: Spread the word: Post ads on the Internet, newspapers, classifieds ads, and as many places as you can.

Ask friends and industry colleagues to give you referrals.Identify your needs: Give a description of what positions are open and what kind of qualifications, skills you are looking for in the candidates. You may already have a list of highly qualified people, but picking the right ones is what’ll improve the quality of your team. 1. 2. 3. Finally, it is your leadership that will bind the team together. How To Pick The Right Revenue Model For Your Buisness. The biggest challenge for an entrepreneur is selecting a revenue model that works with their business. A revenue model is a framework that helps you generate revenue. It helps you identify which revenue source to pursue, how the service should be priced and who will be paying for it. No business can succeed without a revenue model. Choose the wrong revenue model and your business won’t be able to breakeven or make a profit.Also, it is a mistake to consider business and revenue models as synonyms.

Let’s have a look at the different revenue models,their strengths and weaknesses, so that you can make the pick the right one. Advertising Model: While using this revenue model, you are essentially giving away your service for free. Advantages The more customers or traffic you have, the higher you can charge for advertisement. Disadvantages Whether your business is in traditional media, or the web, you need to have certain amount of customers or traffic to get advertisements. Advantages: Freemium. How Can Newest Startup Business Get Successes in Canada. As I explained in my previous blog post, Canada provides a great atmosphere for businesses to thrive and prosper.

Today, I am going to discuss some of these thriving businesses and take a look into the individuals behind these businesses who dared to think different! Bionym‘s Nymi – Chances are you haven’t heard about this startup and, if you have, then your reaction to their business idea must have been that of shock and awe! Niymi is the product of Bionym, a company that makes bracelets that use the unique cardiac rhythm of the person wearing it for various purposes (one of them being protection from identity theft!). The company is very confident and vouches for the wristband’s long term viability, which is always a good sign.

Lesson to learn: Many a times, the solution is to come out with a better alternative than the ones that’s already out there, and that’s exactly what Bionym did with Nymi. Figure 1 – This is a photo-sharing app. Why You Have to Join Small Business Courses. How to Select The Right Place For Your Business. Processes Involved to Get From Procurement to Payment. Get Expert Advices Form Small Business Advisor. Benefits of Small Business Classess. Why You Need a Business Coach. Business Coach Edmonton | Workshops / Seminars - Edmonton and Red Deer. Business Coach Edmonton | Your Financials. Business Coach Edmonton | Starting a Business. Business Coach Edmonton | Individual Coaching. Business Coach Edmonton | HIRING STAFF. Business Coach Edmonton | Individual Coaching. Business Coach Edmonton | Workshops / Seminars.

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