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A pioneer in providing innovated and diverse LPWA connectivity solutions for IoT edge devices.

RAK Wireless: one-stop destination for advanced and robust IoT solution. CNXSoft-RAK WisCam is a $20 Arduino Compatible WiFi Camera Linux Board Powered by Nuvoton N32905 ARM9 Processor. Get Quality IoT Tools and Services from a Renowned Supplier. Why consider installing a WiFi backup camera system. Home automation is getting increasingly popular in the modern day as it takes the comfort and convenience of people to a new level.

Why consider installing a WiFi backup camera system

Homeowners can control various electrical appliances even from a remote location. Internet of Things refers to connecting various physical devices, buildings, sophisticated home or office appliances and others across a specific wireless network that makes it easy for them to gain and exchange data and save energy or auto-regulate various processes. When it comes to home or office automation then using wireless technology is the best bet. This technology provides some specific advantages that simply cannot be gained by any other way. The essential components that you will require while looking for home automation using IoT are a Wi-Fi module, Opto-coupler, TRIAC, resistors, capacitors, diode, regulator, loads (home appliances).

Selecting Suitable WiFi Module for IoT Application: Factors to Consider. By Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman The rapid advancements in the knowledge of internet and communication technology have led to the invention of many innovative tools that have redefined the lifestyle of people in the modern day world.

Selecting Suitable WiFi Module for IoT Application: Factors to Consider

Arduino compatible $19.9 RAK WisCam Open Source IoT Wi-Fi Camera. Selecting Suitable Power Line Adapter: Factors to Consider. Home plug or Power line is a networking technology that connects various devices and distributes the network throughout the home using existing power cables.

Selecting Suitable Power Line Adapter: Factors to Consider

With the increasing popularity of wireless technologies, most people use WiFi as a convenient and reliable means of networking. However, Power line provides simplicity and reliability that simply cannot be matched with a wireless network. Selecting a suitable power line that would complement a Wi-Fi network is the best choice. In large homes or apartments where there is network or connectivity problem, a power line adapter can provide you the best solution.

WisCore Function Demo Built in Amazon Alexa. Realizing your IoT blueprint: Factors to consider. Integrate Alexa to Voice Enable Your Office Appliances. The rapid advancements in the field of information and communication technology have led to the invention of many innovative tools like tablets and smartphones, desktops, laptops and notebooks and another kind of sophisticated personal digital assistants.

Integrate Alexa to Voice Enable Your Office Appliances

These gadgets have become an indispensable part of modern day lives. They facilitate in the completion of various tasks right from sending messages, making calls to chatting with family and friends to taking photographs, listening to favourite songs, watching videos, and doing online shopping. Tap the Power of Internet of Things to Transform Your Lifestyle. By Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman.

Tap the Power of Internet of Things to Transform Your Lifestyle

RAK425 UART WiFi Module Connect to the Local Network. RAK425 UART WiFi Module Connect to the Local Network. WisNode-LoRa Quick Start. WisCore – Voice Enable Your Product with Alexa. An In-Depth Knowledge about Apple HomeKit. Being Apple’s proprietary software and hardware intelligent home platform, HomeKit allows you control a number of popular smart home gadgets and devices, including locks, lights, switches and thermostats.

An In-Depth Knowledge about Apple HomeKit

HomeKit HAP protocol is designed in such a way that it is adept in linking up with other HomeKit devices effortlessly and can be controlled not only via an app, but also with apple’s voice activated virtual assistant, Siri. Alexa is Everywhere - Rakwireless. Just like Netflix, Amazon is embedding Alexa almost everywhere it can possibly make sense.

Alexa is Everywhere - Rakwireless

Ranging from televisions, refrigerators and all sorts of Amazon Echo like docks, every single one operating on Amazon Alexa API, – Alexa’s voice recognition technology, without requiring the purchase of an echo speaker. Add to that the devices that integrate with Amazon Alexa’s APIs, making themselves controllable by the user’s Amazon Echo. Amazon as of late, released the Alexa Skills Kit, which is a Software Development Kit, which contains various Amazon Alexa's APIs that permits designers to incorporate Alexa into their applications. Amazon has gained an advantage by offering ASK for free. What is Alexa? How does it work? Alexa is Amazon’s voice control system, it is fundamentally smart home control software that lets you to speak your wishes and see them regarded with great ease—at least simple ones like dimming your lights or playing music tracks.

What is Alexa? How does it work?

It turns Echo, a streaming audio player into a smart-home hubs and Internet assistants. In addition, it is what turned Echo into not just one of this year’s biggest tech products, but possibly the biggest news so far for those interested in smart-home control. A brief succinct about Echo Echo is an audio product boasting of artificial intelligence, launched by Amazon with built-in Alexa, and it not only has a fantastic sound output quality, but also is a central control appliance for smart home. While using Echo, you only need to say “Alexa” to start inquiring news, creating task reminding, setting alarm clock, controlling music play, etc. Alexa’s skills. 802.11ac – what you need to know.

By Kevin Lee Blogger & Businessman You ought to have thought that wireless could not get any faster than 802.11N, assume once more. 802.11ac, dubbed WI-FI 11ac Module, promises ridiculously speedy wireless connections, higher range, progressed reliability, reduced electricity intake. 802.11ac is the latest evolution of wireless, and it should be specifically exact for gaming and HD video streaming.

802.11ac – what you need to know

About 802.11ac You should possibly be well known with 802.11a/b/g/n, they all are modules for the 802.11 wireless networking standards. You can competently wager that any tool with Wi-Fi connectivity, starting from your laptop for your phone, supports at the least wireless b or g, and if it got here out in the past few years, it need to guide wireless n. 802.11N is the quickest of those that is notably to be had. 802.11ac or popularly referred to as Wi-Fi 11ac module is fantastically a new Wi-Fi protocol and is meant to be the herbal successor to 802.11N.

About Kevin Lee. RAK Wireless: Dedicated to Providing Complete IoT Solution. The internet of Things ushers in a new era in the world of internet that enables people realize their dreams of a smart home and smart city.

RAK Wireless: Dedicated to Providing Complete IoT Solution

When it comes to home automation or upgrading one’s business to adopt the standards and values of industry4.0 then you cannot do without the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Selecting a reputed and authorized service provider in Shanghai that provides end-to-end IoT products and solutions will help you transform your home, office, factory or any enterprise to be a smart one. You can easily discuss your IoT requirements with the supplier and the experienced and dedicated folks of the company would ensure that you achieve your IoT blueprint. Founded in June 2014 Shenzhen Ruike Hui Technology Co. Ltd. Enhancing Security for IoT Devices: Factors to consider.

The rapid progress in the knowledge of information and communication technology has led to the invention of many innovative networking tools that has speared the progress in automation and creation of smart homes. The concept of smart homes has made a buzz in the market. Wireless Mini PCIE WiFi Module. Get Customized IoT Solution to Make Your Home Truly Smart. How to Select Suitable Wireless Communication Module. Internet of Things has taken the world by the storm. The huge potential and benefits of connecting home appliances, IT tools in the office and getting the combined data from all these devices on one’s smart phone opens up a world of new possibilities.

Top Five Reasons to Design IoT Blueprint for Your Business. Amazon Alexa API Service. The Middleware from RAK Enable IoT.