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A pioneer in providing innovated and diverse LPWA connectivity solutions for IoT edge devices.

Quick and Easy Transmission with the LoRa Concentrator Gateway Module. Posted by brownmichel2077 on June 21st, 2019 RAK has recently launched their PCIE LoRa Gateway along with their RAK833 model which provides LoRa processing functionalities and modems.

Quick and Easy Transmission with the LoRa Concentrator Gateway Module

The module provides multi-mode technology operations to China, Europe, America and South East Asia. Gateway Features Gateways connect devices and The Things Network using high bandwidth networks such as Ethernet or WiFi. There are usually two types of Gateways, those that are low cost, easy to use and run on minimal firmware and those that run only on the packet forwarding software.

How to Get The Fastest Speeds on The Internet. Articles by Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman Internet service providers all over the world have stepped up their game over the past few years.

How to Get The Fastest Speeds on The Internet

With the rise of new companies in the same field, the need to retain customers has become very important. How To Buy The Best Chipsets For Creating Applications. Technology is always evolving, with new developments being made on a daily basis.

How To Buy The Best Chipsets For Creating Applications

Electronic gadgets, computer parts and peripherals get outdated very soon because they become incompatible with the internet after a few months or years. Many people complain of having to change their peripherals very often because they do not seem to be working as fast as they once used to. This is mainly due to the fact that they have become outdated. How to Make Safety Arrangements For Your Vehicle - Security. The automobile industry is perhaps the fastest growing industry in the world.

How to Make Safety Arrangements For Your Vehicle - Security

There are thousands of companies all over the world that are engaged in manufacturing various types of vehicles across various platforms. Right from small vehicles such as motorbikes and other two wheelers and all the way up to the heavy machines that do most of the roadwork, construction, etc. all of them are made for making human life a whole lot easier. The most commonly made automobiles are cars and two wheelers that we use on a daily basis. We have become so dependent on these vehicles that we cannot imagine even a single day without them. Easy Programming with Realtek RTL8710. Features Of Wireless Hdmi Devices. Welcome to!

Features Of Wireless Hdmi Devices

ALL >> Technology,-Gadget-and-Science >> View Article Given all the various developments in the world today in the field of Information Technology, computers, and networking, most companies and industries are choosing to adopt these products and techniques in their day to day business activities. They are even being used now for domestic purposes, in homes and residential settings. Networking is one of the most important areas of life today. Enterprise LoRaWAN Gateway Starter Kit. Rakwireless Announcing 5 New LoRaWAN Products. The Amazing Benefits of The Internet Of Things (IoT) These days, there is a lot of talk going on about the IoT.

The Amazing Benefits of The Internet Of Things (IoT)

So, what exactly is the IoT? The IoT stands for the Internet of Things and refers to a network of objects connected to each other through the internet. There objects are able to connect to each other and share and transfer data between them. Say, for example, you have a smart air-conditioning unit at home. Why Using WiFi modules in IoT is Beneficial For Business. How to transmit videos without loss in quality. Image and video recording are a huge part of most of the activities we do on a daily basis today.

How to transmit videos without loss in quality

Many organizations install closed circuit cameras on their premises to capture live happenings for security purposes. The same is done by houses and others as well. But live recording of events as and when they happen serves more purposes than just security alone. People love memories, and memories are best when they are captured and recorded for viewing at a later time. Most people get their special moments recorded. Overall coverage It goes without saying that if you have the right kind of equipment, you can carry out a vast number of tasks. Most Convenient Solution for Lora Module. 802.11ac – what you need to know. By Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman You ought to have thought that wireless could not get any faster than 802.11N, assume once more. 802.11ac, dubbed WI-FI 11ac Module, promises ridiculously speedy wireless connections, higher range, progressed reliability, reduced electricity intake. 802.11ac is the latest evolution of wireless, and it should be specifically exact for gaming and HD video streaming.

802.11ac – what you need to know

About 802.11ac You should possibly be well known with 802.11a/b/g/n, they all are modules for the 802.11 wireless networking standards. You can competently wager that any tool with Wi-Fi connectivity, starting from your laptop for your phone, supports at the least wireless b or g, and if it got here out in the past few years, it need to guide wireless n. 802.11N is the quickest of those that is notably to be had. 802.11ac or popularly referred to as Wi-Fi 11ac module is fantastically a new Wi-Fi protocol and is meant to be the herbal successor to 802.11N.

4 Ways In Which IoT Can Improve Your Business – RakWireless Official Blog. How Select Suitable Wireless Communication Module? Superior Performance with RAKWireless Video Modules. With the wireless HDMI module from RAKWireless, remote image transmission becomes a walk in the park.

Superior Performance with RAKWireless Video Modules

The integration of the high speed serial port has a massive impact on the performance of transparent data interaction. Features of Wireless HDMI Module RAKWireless’ Wireless HDMI Module has full support for a entire bundle of networking protocols such as TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS and HTTP. Full WiFi support enables it to be used with any of IEEE 802.11 protocols such as A/B/G/N.

Very importantly, the HDMI/VGA output enables up to 1080P @ 60fps, a highly efficient video decoder capability. Intelligent Image Transmission with RAK Wireless – RakWireless Official Blog. The Middleware from RAK Enable IoT. Supplier Shenzhen Headquarters Room 1007, Hangsheng Technology Building, South Four Road, Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Email: TEL: 0755-86108311 Fax: 0755-86152201 Shanghai R&D Center B205 Lvliang Technology Pioneer Park, 2588 Hongmei South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Email: TEL: 021-61553990 Fax: 021-54721038 Beijing Office Tencent Zhongchang Zone, Huilongguan, Changping District, Beijing Email: Introduction Specifications Application Specifications Introduction.

The Middleware from RAK Enable IoT

Smart Home Solutions with Amazon Alexa API. Superior Performance with RAKWireless Video Modules. IoT in a Box Powered Pilot Gate-way with Semtech SX1301. Intelligent Image Transmission with RAK Wireless – RakWireless Official Blog. Integrated Programming with Creator Pro. By Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman The Creator Pro stands out among WisKey open source hardware as a module with which developers can accomplish a great deal more than with other similar modules in the same category. More Bang for your Buck The Arduino compatible Creator Pro board from RAK Wireless offers some unbeatable features at a very affordable price.

For one, The Creator Pro comes with the RTL8711AM processor and features 1MB ROM, 2MB SDRAM, 512KB SRAM, and up to 64MB SPI flash. Board specifications include the RAK473 WiFi module, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi connectivity, 1x micro USB port for power and programming and support for peripheral interfaces such as GPIO, I2C, UART, PWM, and ADC. Compatibility of the Creator Pro with Other Devices. Changing the World of Industrial Automation – RAK Wireless. PLC Module and Kit is a computer device that has exceptional features that are used in industrial and civil applications. About PLC PLC consistently and constantly monitors the inputs from sensors and produces an output based on the program. It comprises of the CPU module, the power supply module and more than one I/O module. The scope, functionality and application of PLC Module and Kit in various sectors such as automobiles, steel and electricity increases based on the development.

Wi-Fi Cameras: Trendy and Innovative Technology - RAKwireless. Wi-Fi enabled devices: Making Video Transmission Simple and Convenient - RAK. RAK439 SPI WiFi Module – High Speed SPI - the actual throughput of 6Mbps - RAK. Supplier Shenzhen Headquarters Room 1007, Hangsheng Technology Building, South Four Road, Science and Technology Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Email: TEL: 0755-86108311 Fax: 0755-86152201 Shanghai R&D Center B205 Lvliang Technology Pioneer Park, 2588 Hongmei South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Email: TEL: 021-61553990 Fax: 021-54721038.

Alexa voice solution provider, Alexa Voice Service Product, Echo Alexa Amazon API Commands - rakwireless - RAK. IoT: Technology that is Reshaping the Way We Live — Trendiee. RAK WisLink. Amazon Alexa – making life easier for us. How embedded systems help product development. How to make smart homes more efficient by Ken Yu. Articles by Ken Yu Blogger & Businessman The modern world that we live in is one in which the lives of human beings is constantly being made very easy. Today we are so used to the many comforts and luxuries that we are surrounded by that we cannot for even a second think of living without them. Most of these comforts have come as a result of rapid advancements that have taken place in science and technology over the past decade or so.

Computers have taken over the world, or so to speak. RAK8211-NB iTracker - An All Weather IoT Board designed for Asset Tracking with Bluetooth 5.0. The Things Network. This document is based on a workshop held during The Things Network Conference 2018. The slides used during that workshop. In this workshop we will build a gateway based on the RAK831 and a Raspberry Pi model 3. NOTE: Never power on the gateway without the antenna connected as shown in the picture The workshop requires some tools to be available on you system. Check the list below and follow the link to the installation instructions if you do not have the tool installed.

GIT commandline client. windows, OSX, for Linux use the tools from your distribution to install. RAK831 + RasPi 3 LoRa Gateway : Steps to an online functional GW - Stories - Labs. Let's update, upgrade and install git : Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology – leading the way in IoT Tech. Why it is important to buy tech products from reputed companies. Superior hardwareOne of the best reasons to buy from the leading brands in the technology sector is that you get highly enhanced hardware at very reasonable rates. You can get an advanced IoT solution in China from one of the top manufacturers and developers in the country. Amazon Alexa – The Perfect Virtual Assistant. Buy Wiskey Creator Pro Kit from RAK. China – A great place to source electronic parts. We live in a world of automation where technology has taken over almost every area of our lives. How technology impacts the way we live? How to make better cameras and household appliances. How to make better products using advanced modules.

Alexa – changing the way we do things. We live in a world where everything is made really simple and easy for us human beings. Over the past few decades, we have grown so much in terms of development that we simply cannot fathom how it all happened. The past decade or so has seen tremendous growth in science and technology. We now live in a digital age where ease of use and convenience have taken over our lives.

We have programs that carry out activities and functions that we would otherwise do manually, taking a whole lot more time than these programs. Computers and their various technologies have taken over almost every aspect of our lives. Amazon Alexa API – the best platform for integrated devices. How to make your products smaller in size. Articles. How to use modern modems to communicate effectively. Communication is and has always been a huge part of development as a superior species when compared to the rest of nature.

Every living thing converses or conveys thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc. in a wide number of ways with each other, but something in the way we humans do it makes us very different from the rest of the living creatures out there. How modern technology helps faster communication. How diversification helps technology. Over the past few years a lot has changed in the way we operate computers and the gadgets related to them. How to Integrate Voice Activation With Your Gadgets. Get Amazon Alexa Solution from RAK. How to record and transmit live events more efficiently. How to provide the best security for your organization. How To Source High Quality Software And Hardware. How To Develop Kits For Programming. The Middleware from RAK Enable IoT.

IoT – Connecting Your World With The Outside World. How To Develop Applications Using Recent Platforms. How to seamlessly transition to smart technology. How to Make Safety Arrangements For Your Vehicle. Find cheap IoT modules on the internet  How to effectively use embedded systems. Cheap Wi-Fi modules with high functionality. How to find customized IoT modules online. How To Upgrade Your Laptop At A Low Cost. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter WiFi Module.

How Video Security Can Help Safeguard Your Business. Advantages of using a wireless network - RAK. How to make your home and office more secure. How to upgrade your laptop at a low cost. Amazon Alexa – making human life a lot easier. How to make use of integrated chips to remotely operate appliances. How To Make Your Home Fully Automated.

How to choose the best supplier to buy from. Features Of Wireless Hdmi Devices. How to buy the best chipsets for creating applications. Flylink HD Plus Wireless HDMI Extender Plug And Play Feature. The Various Uses of Modern Chipsets and Modules. Why It Is Better To Buy Network Parts From A Reputed Company. How Modern Technology Can Make Your Life Easy by Ken Yu. Shenzhen RAKwirelessTechnology Co., Ltd. – The Leading Name in IoT Technology. Shenzhen RAKwireless Technology Co., Ltd. – Leading the world in IoT. HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF VERSATILE TECHNOLOGY. How to Get The Fastest Speeds on The Internet. How To Make Your Life Easier Using Voice Commands.

How To Choose The Right WiFi Device For Your System. Low-Cost, Hi-Tech IoT Wi-Fi Camera Module Ushers in New Era for IoT App Development. Design Amazon Alexa Gateways, Robots and Smart Speakers with WisCore Modular Development Kit. RAK Wireless: one-stop destination for advanced and robust IoT solution. CNXSoft-RAK WisCam is a $20 Arduino Compatible WiFi Camera Linux Board Powered by Nuvoton N32905 ARM9 Processor.

Get Quality IoT Tools and Services from a Renowned Supplier. Why consider installing a WiFi backup camera system. Selecting Suitable WiFi Module for IoT Application: Factors to Consider. Arduino compatible $19.9 RAK WisCam Open Source IoT Wi-Fi Camera. Selecting Suitable Power Line Adapter: Factors to Consider. WisCore Function Demo Built in Amazon Alexa. Realizing your IoT blueprint: Factors to consider. Integrate Alexa to Voice Enable Your Office Appliances. Tap the Power of Internet of Things to Transform Your Lifestyle.