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Preserving watermelon  - Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking - Living thoughtfully in the modern world. Put up watermelon three ways. 1.

Preserving watermelon  - Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking - Living thoughtfully in the modern world

Gingery pickled rinds If anyone ever gives you a jar of watermelon rind pickles, know that they love you a lot. Extracting the white, edible portion of rind from beneath its darker green facade is a royal pain in the ass. Now that I’ve done it twice I can safely make that bold claim. I made this recipe last year just before leaving for our Fire Island vacation. Anyhow, this year all went according to plan, except that I ran out of syrup when putting the pickles in jars. Cook Japanese Food at Home: 15 Favorite Dishes, from Okonomiyaki to Sukiyaki Kitchn Recipe Roundup. Previous image Next image We're focusing on Asian cooking this week, and rounding up a few favorite recipes in the process.

Cook Japanese Food at Home: 15 Favorite Dishes, from Okonomiyaki to Sukiyaki Kitchn Recipe Roundup

Yesterday we shared 15 Korean dishes, and today we're turning to Japanese food. Healthy Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Recipes. Give me a dessert, any dessert, and I’m about 99.9% sure I can turn it into an adorable bite.

Healthy Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Recipes

It’s one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen. I love packing all of the flavor and eye appeal of fancy, indulgent desserts into something much more sensible and quick to prepare. Take the banana split, for instance, that’s typically laden with bananas, brown sugar, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, peanuts—I think I’d need a three-day nap after eating that! Thailand to Vietnam: 20 Fresh Recipes for Summer from Southeast Asia.

Previous image Next image In the heat of summer, I often turn to dishes from Southeast Asia.

Thailand to Vietnam: 20 Fresh Recipes for Summer from Southeast Asia

Stir-fried noodles, cooked quickly with delicious morsels of pork or chicken, cool salads with shredded green mango, noodles tossed with sweet and spicy peanut sauce, and milky tea with pearls of boba tapioca — these are some of the most refreshing dishes in my repertoire. Here is a look back at 20 of our favorite summer recipes drawn from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and beyond. What Is Sharp? Bob Kramer Has 5 Ways to Tell If Your Knife Is Sharp Enough Video. Recipes for Health - Series. Sunday, April 27, 2014 Fitness & Nutrition Recipes for Health Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times The easiest and most pleasurable way to eat well is to cook.

Recipes for Health offers recipes with an eye towards empowering you to cook healthy meals every day. Where to Find Pick-Your-Own Fruit and Vegetable Farms / Orchards for Local, Fresh Fruit, Vegetables and Pumpkins, Along With Canning, Freezing & Preserving Instructions! Ramen Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles.

SLIDESHOW: Ramen Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles.

Ramen Hacks: 30+ Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles

4 New Ways to Make Ramen. Back in my college days I loved Ramen. Not only is it incredibly cheap but it is warming and quick to make. Granted, it isn’t very good for you, but heck, I was a college kid. Where To Buy Artisanal and Specialty Foods Online: 9 Great Marketplaces. Previous image Next image While it's great to buy specialty products in-person from the maker, sometimes it's just not possible. (We don't all live near a food or farmer's market.) DIY Frozen Meals for the Slow Cooker. Slow cookers are most often pulled out of storage and into dinner service in the fall, when schedules become busier and hearty; stick-to-your-ribs chilis, stews and soups are more well suited to the cool weather.

But I think a slow cooker is a perfect tool for summertime use — it won’t heat up the kitchen like turning on the oven will, and it requires minimal prep, so you can toss ingredients in and get back outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. Frozen slow-cooker meals were a popular new grocery store item last year, but can easily be made at home, from scratch — simply toss ingredients for virtually any Crock Pot recipe into a durable Hefty Slider Bag and stash in the freezer. When you need a quick dinner, all you need to do is open the bag and dump the frozen block in your slow cooker in the morning, turn it on, and dinner will be ready when you get home from work or the pool.

How easy is that? Straight Up: How to Create Your Own Cocktail Recipes. Over the past few months here at The Kitchn, there’s been a lot of talk of “cooking by feel” - of bypassing the comfortable authority cookbooks often seem to offer, and taking a more creative and intuitive to approach to preparing meals.

Straight Up: How to Create Your Own Cocktail Recipes

Max Use Of Watermelon - Cooking. Summer = watermelon Do you know that watermelon is one of the most expensive summer fruits?

Max Use Of Watermelon - Cooking

Budget Tip: Instantly Age Supermarket Balsamic Vinegar For Higher Quality Taste America's Test Kitchen. Sprouting Supplies - Sprouters. The Widest and Wildest Selection of Manual Sprouting Devices on This Planet!

Sprouting Supplies - Sprouters

They come in many shapes and sizes, though all with the same purpose - to help make you a better sproutperson. We grew sprouts professionally from 1993-2003. In that time Sproutpeople produced over 200 Tons of sprouts - the same way you do at home: We Rinsed and Drained… read more. Foodie Penpals, Cookie Dough Chocolate Pudding, and Peanut Butter Balls. This month I participated in Foodie Penpals, a fun food swap program created by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean.

Foodie Penpals, Cookie Dough Chocolate Pudding, and Peanut Butter Balls

I stumbled across her site a few months ago and thought it looked like so much fun I just had to join in. In a nutshell, every month each participant is assigned a person to send a box of food goodies too ($15 worth). You contact them to get their address, discover likes/dislikes/allergies, and then get a package together and send it off.

Everyone blogs about it at the end of the month. The person you send to is different from the person you receive from. 10 Sandwiches for a Summer Picnic Lunch Recipe Roundup. Homemade Fudgesicles, Cheesy Tex-Mex Rice & A $7000 Kitchen Renovation Friday Flashback. What Can I Make with Dried Figs? Ingredient Questions. 6 Secrets of Hot Water Bath Canning You May Not Know Expert Interview. We're canning, you're canning, just about everyone is canning these days.

6 Secrets of Hot Water Bath Canning You May Not Know Expert Interview

And we think that's pretty fantastic. But before you fill your kitchen with steaming hot glass jars and pounds of tomatoes, we have a few insider tips that might just make your next canning session go a lot more smoothly. Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars demonstrating apricot jam A few weeks ago, I had the extremely happy privilege of attending one of Marisa McClellan's canning classes during the tour for her recently released book Food in Jars. (We featured Marisa here on The Kitchn during June with a series of guest posts on small batch canning.) Snack Data. 7 Icy Summer Beverages to Beat the Record Heat. By Brooke McLay | Whether you can thank global warming, a state full of forest fires, or some other climate-related change, one thing is for certain, this summer is heating up and likely won’t cool off for a good long while. Rather than cranking up the A/C, try turning on the blender and mixing one of these deliciously cool iced drinks.

The 2012 Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods with More Pesticides Than You'd Think. The Environmental Working Group has released its “Dirty Dozen,” an annual list that ranks conventional fruits and vegetables according to their degree of pesticide contamination. 11 Unique Crusts to Give Your Pie a Flavor Boost. 8 Cool Ways to Carve a Watermelon for Summer Parties. Raw Vegan Classics, Redefined: Dinner at Great Sage. Cookin’ Canuck California Avocado 4th of July Blast Link-Up {Giveaway} 30 Snacks & Starters, Appetizers & Nibbles from 2009 The Kitchn's Best Recipes of 2009. Ziplist Sous Chef Recipe Clipper. Salmon Skin Roll. We take a pot of water, bring it to a boil and then turn off the heat.

WILDBAR - Get Your Manna Raw - Raw Cacao and Wild Blue Green Algae Energy Bar. Organic or Conventional? The Fruit You Should Buy Organic This Summer. Do you only buy organic produce? Green-Skinned & Tender-Hearted: Zucchini Ingredient Spotlight. Translate. Chickpea Patties, White BBQ Sauce, Grilled Zucchini. Dinner 06/04. Kitchen cam: how to soften butter for baking. Ingredient Spotlight: Lavender Sea Salt. 9 Essential Things for a Joyful, Gluten-Free Life. Ms. W, author of The Joyful Celiac blog and an old friend, stopped by the other night to eat decadent hunks of stinky cheese on Grindstone Bakery's quinoa bread and talk about ways that she finds nourishment, joy, and deliciousness in her strictly gluten-free kitchen and life.

Sweets Without Heat: 25 No-Bake Summer Desserts Recipe Roundup. How To: Clean Whole Fresh Squid. Drink Your Salad: Summer Juices. Beetroot and potato rosti. Seasonal Sunday (02-13-11) Stately Sandwiches. Salad in a Jar! Make a Week of Healthy, Delicious Lunches. The Culinary Tribune › Summer Ice Cubes<br />涼アイスキューブ.

6th National Soup Swap: Jan 21, 2012. 15 Homemade Meals You Can Carry on the Airplane Recipe Roundup. 10 Inspiring Blogs on Vegan Food & Cooking. Wüsthof Defining Edge and Chai Dao Knife Giveaway - Food in Jars. Word of Mouth: Amuse-Bouche. Best Conventional Produce: 15 Lowest Pesticide Choices. Silpat Baking Mat Giveaway.