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As far as Bryan Fischer and his ignorance is concerned, at 60 I am convinced more and more everyday that just about everything with a penis can be dispensed with except my sons. I have now become a hard-line advocate for artifical insemination, population control, a harder than usual advocate for the death penalty - including politicians and corporate CEOs, regardless of race - and just about all things mass media. This moron needs to finish reading the Bible and Koran front to back as it is, not as he wishes it to be. In Isiah 56:5 God states:"To them I will give in My House and within My Walls a memorial and a name (a Yad Vashem) better than that of the sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name which will NOT be cut off." God was referring to 'eunuchs', the then terminology for gay men. If Bryan Fischer were not suffering - so the rest of us can also - from the typical head up his rear male snydrome, he could not only breathe easier but think straighter. – oklahomarose
'Corporate' sins, to my way of liberated Jewish grandma thinking, includes: Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto Chemical, IBM, Google, Microsoft and their "was this helpful" crap, politicians including Obama, and the 7,000 non-profit organizations in America funding terrorist organizations via Islamic computer hacking of donor lists and their more than welcome status in America's homeless shelters. And the NYC mosque is a monument to those responsible for the 9/11 slaughter in retaliation for excluding the Islamic marytrs from the 9/11 memorial. It is also another slap in the face to Americans to prove how this government is in bed with the terrorist factions at the expense of voting citizens and US religious rights we established so another tyrannical faction could arrive and kill the rights of US citizens on home soil, thus working towards reversing Hitler's actual conquering of the globe with the help of the conquered towards a similar status under the Nations of Islam. – oklahomarose

Home. Common Cause. The 5 Most Absurd Quotes in McCutcheon v FEC Decision Posted on Wednesday, 9 April, 2014 Last week’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v.

Common Cause

FEC was a blow to an open and vibrant democracy that stakes its legitimacy on the robust participation of all citizens’ voices “ not just the very wealthy.... Read more » Swedish Pirate Party Offers Web Hosting for WikiLeaks. U.S. Congressman Calls For Execution Of Wikileaks Whistleblower. What should happen to PFC Bradley Manning, the young man now charged with the unauthorized access of and subsequently leaking of classified military information, namely the video that Wikileaks released under the title “Collateral Murder”?

U.S. Congressman Calls For Execution Of Wikileaks Whistleblower

Should the United States government execute him? If your name is Congressman Mike Rogers, then you believe that yes, the young man should be put to death. The congressman, appearing on a local radio station in Michigan, said that Manning’s actions (still alleged at this point—he hasn’t been convicted yet) qualify as treason in a time of war, and thus should be considered capital crimes. Fox News to move to front-row White House briefing-room seat. The White House Correspondents Association voted unanimously Sunday afternoon to move Fox News to the front row of the White House briefing room. The seating change was prompted by the resignation of veteran UPI reporter Helen Thomas.

According to Ed Henry, the senior White House correspondent for CNN and member of the WHCA board, the Associated Press will move to the front-row middle seat formerly occupied by Thomas. “Fox is a right-wing propaganda outlet, not a legitimate news agency” Anyone taking bets on whether or not the White House Correspondents Association will be snookered into giving ClusterFox a front row seat at the Daily Press Briefings?

“Fox is a right-wing propaganda outlet, not a legitimate news agency”

Helen Thomas's seat is up for grabs. And by seat I mean vacant chair in the briefing room. Fox moves to front row - On Media. August 01, 2010 The vote is in, and Fox News will be the one moving to the front the front row, the White House Correspondents Association announced: The board of the White House Correspondents Association has agreed, by consensus, to move the Associated Press to the front row, center seat in the James S.

Fox moves to front row - On Media

Brady Briefing Room. The board further agreed to move Fox News to the front row seat previously occupied by AP, and relocate NPR into the second row seat previously held by Fox, next to Bloomberg News. Right-wing media respond to AZ ruling with unhinged rhetoric. I did expect that the far right would go bat shit crazy over an Arizona judge's ruling that blocked parts of the state's immigration law from taking effect.

Right-wing media respond to AZ ruling with unhinged rhetoric

But they always surprise me by just how nutty they actually go. Media Matters has been covering it: Limbaugh predicts that "Muslim terrorists" will "have a field day in Arizona. " Bill Brady Takes Tea, My Dear. “I don’t drink coffee, I take tea, my dear.”

Bill Brady Takes Tea, My Dear

Those are the opening lines of Sting’s “An Englishman in New York,” which was inspired by British author Quentin Crisp. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t quote a song about a gay raconteur to describe Bill Brady. But Brady is alienated from the big city where, as a candidate for governor, he’s forced to spend a lot of his time. The Right Wing and Their Media Empire - Fact Checkers Need Not Apply. I’ve complained many, many times on BC about how the Right Wing seems to give no consideration whatsoever to the importance of accuracy and factuality of the information they publish, but I can’t help but wonder just how big their lies have to be before Joe Everyman starts seeing the Far Right for what they really are. It’s not as if the Left is always completely truthful, but as I’ve pointed out so often before, it’s a matter of degree.

The Right will see ONE fault by the Left and raise hell about it, and never seem to notice that their own faults are much more severe (see “Iraq War”, for one), and many times more numerous. Just today we’ve been informed that a Mexican drug cartel has invaded Texas near Laredo and took over two ranches. Right Wing Liars: Michael Charles Master, James David Manning, GiniCorp, and ATLAH World Ministries. Aug-02-2010 01:01 Ersun Warnke Business/Economy Reporter These people are hypocrites, liars and con artists, pure and simple.

(EUGENE, Ore.) - ATLAH World Ministries is a bizarre “Christian” ministry operated in Harlem by an ex-felon named James David Manning. Manning espouses a variety of conflicting racists view points, which even Fox News labels as “Hate Filled,” although that doesn’t stop them from giving him air time. Right-Wing Crazies Fight Witchcraft and Demons, Gunning for a State Near You; Sarah Palin Fans Use Prayer to Strike Down the Dark Forces : Veterans Today. - A radical, right-wing charismatic evangelical movement is burrowing into the power structures of major American cities and states; if Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012 we could have a New Apostolic Reformation president - By Bruce Wilson in AlterNet Editor’s note: This story is about a radical right wing movement in charismatic Christianity that claims to fight demons but, leaving demonology aside, is demonstrably close to seizing the reigns of power in entire US states.

Right-Wing Crazies Fight Witchcraft and Demons, Gunning for a State Near You; Sarah Palin Fans Use Prayer to Strike Down the Dark Forces : Veterans Today

They claim to be able to raise the dead and cause miracles, such as the multiplication of Thanksgiving turkey dinners. They burn “witchcraft items” and “idols.” They hold mass exorcisms to cast out alleged evil spirits they say cause lust, pornography, addiction, homosexuality, bisexuality, and perversion. Political pollution by right-wing zealots. It's evident The Mirror has taken a hard right turn since your publisher came to town.

Political pollution by right-wing zealots

Political slant of your paper is your prerogative. It is also our right as readers to let you know when we don't care for what you do. The Firearms Lawyer is little more than a self-righteous right-wing demagogue who regularly espouses conservative Fox Entertainment pabulum taken directly from the zealots who pollute the airwaves with nonstop lies, manipulation and distortion. Knapp consistently parrots the nonsense of the neoconservative ideologues who offer nothing but hate and venom. They claim to love their country unlike the rest of us, the Constitution and God. PhotOh! We “pale faces” are the “illegals”

The Takeaway from 91,000 Leaked Secret Documents on Afghanistan: It's Bad. Very Bad. Time to Go. August 2, 2010 | Like this article?

The Takeaway from 91,000 Leaked Secret Documents on Afghanistan: It's Bad. Very Bad. Time to Go

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. To say the release of 91,000 classified documents has revealed a disconnect between our public position on Afghanistan and the actual situation on the ground is like inferring a disparity between yoga and bayonets. Siddiqui: Afghanistan: It’s even worse than you thought. The buckets-full of leaked documents on the war in Afghanistan have elicited three responses, all misguided.

Siddiqui: Afghanistan: It’s even worse than you thought

The first is that the classified papers tell us nothing we did not already know, namely that the NATO mission has long been a mess. This assertion devalues their real value — giving the war an official stamp of failure, which can no longer be dismissed as merely the opinion of naysayers or the weak-kneed. The second is that the papers are old, covering a period ending in December 2009.

Wikileaks Mirrors. Wikileaks posts an Insurance policy. Wikileaks Afghanistan War Diary It seems that Wikileaks has posted a massive (1.4 GB, 10x larger than all the other files on the page combined) heavily encrypted file on their dedicated "Afghan War Diary" page labeled simply "Insurance".

(See link above) Possibly in response to the harsh rhetoric issuing from the US DoD regarding Wikileak's founder Julian Assange (including the rumored price on his head), sometime last Sunday afternoon the new file was quietly uploaded with no explanation. Cryptome. Mystery File Posted to Wikileaks Afghan Page - PCWorld. A mystery file with the name "Insurance" has been posted to the web page where earlier this week some 77,000 secret documents about the Afghan war were leaked.

The 1.4GB file is ten times larger than all the other files on Wikileaks' Afghan War Diary page combined and is encrypted in AES256. MIT students helped WikiLeaks suspect, hacker says. Daniel Ellsberg: Wikileaks' Julian Assange "in Danger" Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Hunted by Pentagon Over Massive Leak. Daniel Ellsberg's WikiLeaks wish list.