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Europe's Popular Destinations

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Underrated European spots to travel to by road. Posted on: May 7th in Europe, Travel Snobs by Becky Padmore.

Underrated European spots to travel to by road

Like this Post? With it’s uncrowded roads, pretty traditional towns and miles of unspoilt scenery, Europe is seemingly made for an incredible road trip. If you’ve already hit the continents’ major cities and tourist spots, here’s are collective favourite under-the-radar travel destinations to explore by car instead… 7 of the Best Hidden European Travel Destinations. Travelers know that Europe is one of the world’s top destinations for lovers of food, culture, architecture, exploration, and adventure.

7 of the Best Hidden European Travel Destinations

Five Essential European City Breaks This Summer. 0inShare Europe is packed with great visitor spots that are at their most alluring in the summer.

Five Essential European City Breaks This Summer

If you’re keen to experience the very best that the continent has to offer, then consider the following five essential city break destinations. 1) Venice Long revered as one of the most romantic and picturesque cities in the world, Venice is a favourite among discerning travellers. This beautiful spot in the north-east of Italy has a magical quality that sets it apart from anywhere else, and it’s particularly appealing in summer, when the streets come alive and the canals have an extra sparkle. One must-see attraction if you visit Venice. is the Basilica di San Marco. 2) Seville It may not be as well-known as the likes of Barcelona or Madrid, but the Spanish city of Seville is hard to beat if you’re after an action-packed city break. While in the city, it’s well worth taking a trip to Alcázar. 3) Lyon 4) Bern In Switzerland, Bern is hard to beat as a city break destination.

7 overlooked European destinations that offer excellent values. Osijek, Croatia is a charming budget destination.

7 overlooked European destinations that offer excellent values

Photo: Gary For Americans, Europe looks set to be particularly budget-friendly this year. This is all well and good, as summer season is just around the corner. But favorable exchange rates only go so far; for most travelers, high-value and modest costs remain objectives. Below are a few affordable, attention-worthy European destinations. Unspoilt Corfu: A Gem in Greece. Corfu is one of the most beautiful and romantic places that are located in Greece.

Unspoilt Corfu: A Gem in Greece

It lies in the Ionian Sea on the western side of the Greece. What to do and see in Corfu. Throughout the island of Corfu’s rich history, it was a desired due to its geographical location, copious nature, tasty cuisine and pristine waters establishing its port as a vital spot between Greece and neighbouring Italy.

What to do and see in Corfu

The islands’ immense beauty and temperate climate made it a suitable and attractive place to live, which explains why so many tourists visit the island every year! Old Fortress: An Impressive Fortress in Corfu Island. Corfu Beaches. Top 10 CORFU. Sunset scene of Vlacherna monastery, Kanoni, Corfu, Greece - 1286311. Iceland. 6 Things To Do in Santorini On a Budget. The island of Santorini is popular among billionaires and celebrities, so it’s no wonder that backpackers and budget travellers often choose to leave it out of their itineraries.

6 Things To Do in Santorini On a Budget

But this fear is completely unfounded – the island may cater to a wealthy clientèle, but it also has plenty of hostels, affordable food and amazing pastimes for penniless travellers like – maybe – you and – definitely – I. I opted for a holiday package with a direct flight from Prague to Thira – the island’s official Greek name – and a hotel in Kamari. This lovely village located at the foot of a mountain has a long beach with black sand and many seaview taverns. It is about a 30 minute drive from the capital city, Fira – to get there you can either rent a car for about €35/day or take a trip with the public bus. While rarely on time, the buses are air-conditioned and comfortable – and all tickets cost €1.60-2.20. 1. “Who is this Profitis and why should I get so intimate with him?”

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Best Places to Visit in Ireland. Ireland. 10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe. From the Alps to the Mediterranean, these frozen-in-time European villages will make you appreciate the beauty of taking it slow.

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

Reaching some of these European beauties requires extra effort, yet the rewards are dazzling. Your eyes will thank you. Hallstatt, Austria The storybook town of Hallstatt in central Austria enjoys a gorgeous setting on the bank of the Hallstätter See, between the pristine lake and a lush mountain that rises dramatically from the water’s edge. A history of salt mining dating back thousands of years has translated into enduring prosperity for the town, which is most evident in the beautiful square ringed with ivy-covered buildings. Manarola, Italy. La Crète. Akrotiri Beach Hotel in Paleokastritsa Corfu: greece corfu hotel, corfu hotels, paleokastritsa accommodation, holidays corfu, beach hotel corfu, paleokastritsa travel, corfu lodging greece, 4 star hotels corfu. Splendour Resort, Firostefani, Greece - 131 Guest reviews. Traveller's guide: Mediterranean villa holidays - Europe - Travel. "The Mediterranean has seen a resurgence this year with excellent value.

Traveller's guide: Mediterranean villa holidays - Europe - Travel

Greece and Spain have been highlighted as the best destinations to make your money go further," says Francis Torilla, managing director at villa specialist CV Travel. "It's still not too late to grab some excellent deals for the summer. " Operators are already reporting strong demand this summer. The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece. I’ve yet to visit the amazing country, and I’m hoping to visit in the fall this year.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece

66 Beautiful Small Cities & Towns In Europe.