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Nature et musique

Classical music. Giovanna Marini. LCD Soundsystem. LCD Soundsystem debuted with "Losing My Edge," a single that became one of the most talked-about indie releases of 2002. A self-effacing spoof of the outrageous pissing contests that often occur whenever music geeks cross paths ("I was there at the first Can show in Cologne," etc.) laid over a puttering electronic beat with the occasional bursts of discoid clatter, the track was also one of the first released on the DFA label. Several magazines and newspapers would eventually declare James Murphy, the man behind both LCD Soundsystem and DFA, to be one of the coolest people on the planet. Michel Legrand et la musique de film (8/8) : Echange avec le public / Michel Legrand au piano.

Morgan - Chanteur Italien

Chant Classique. Chanson Française. Anglo-Saxon songs. Discogs - Database and Marketplace for Music on Vinyl, CD, Casse. Yma Sumac. Diego Stocco.