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BRUCE PENINSULA. On the last day of a recent band retreat to Dyer’s Bay, sometime between breakfast and rehearsal, Ivy said “I don’t really listen to new music, unless my friends made it.”


It sparked a healthy discussion (Bruce Peninsula can be an opinionated bunch) but in the end, no one disagreed with the sentiment. The truth is that Bruce Peninsula could never have existed if not for the talent that orbits around it. Since the beginning, members have been recruited after showing their stripes in another project. Beyond that, the presence of local musicians and the music they make has been the source of endless inspiration in all of our lives.

In an effort to celebrate both sides of that coin, Bruce Peninsula and Southern Souls have teamed up for a series of videos featuring individual members of the band leading songs written by songwriters that they know personally. Tamara Lindeman – ‘Am I Lovely’ by Eric Chevaux Steven McKay – ‘ When I Am Beth’ by THOMAS Daniela Gesundheit – ‘Hot Love Drama’ by MGMT. '2nd 4th World War' by Bruce Peninsula Q TV. 'Crabapples' by Bruce Peninsula on Q TV. Bruce Trail Fire Sale. All inquiries should be directed to Find us elsewhere online at Open Flames Reviews & InterviewsBruce Peninsula PDF Presskit Since forming in 2006, Bruce Peninsula’s rolling soul revue has left countless clubs shaken and all critics convinced.

Bruce Trail Fire Sale

Colliding a lare female choir into an imaginative four-piece rock band, the music is a strange mix of American gospel, African folk and modern progressive rock, resulting in a style often praised for it’s “genre-less” qualities. Bruce Peninsula are uninterested in walking well-trodden paths and simply believe in singing from the gut and letting the rhythm lead. The band’s constant core is made up of Misha Bower, Matthew Cully, Neil Haverty, Andrew Barker and Steve McKay, but swells to include many of Toronto’s local luminaries in live performance and on record. The Head and the Heart. What's New? 20 February 2014 30 January 2014 17 December 2013 10 December 2013 25 November 2013 14 & 21 November 2013 Halloween 2013 23 August 2013 Psssst: Today is the 40th Anniversary of our next release (Road Tapes, Venue 2!!)!

What's New?

30 July 2013 (Diva's Birthday!) 19 July 2013 7 June 2013 6 June 2013 10 May 2013 Yes & But Also: DIVA!


Popular Songs in American History. Songs to lie on your bed and stare at the ceiling to. Listen to free Internet radio. 50GB Free Online Storage, Online Backup, Cloud Storage. Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America. Welcome to Lesley Nelson-Burns' (aka the Contemplator)'s Folk Music Site.

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America

Folk and Traditional Music and Popular Songs, with Lyrics, Midi, Tune Information and History behind the folksongs and ballads. Irish, British and American Folk Music including Francis J. Child Ballads and Sea Shanties.The background music is Spanish Ladies Sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns Your browser does not support the audio element You may have problems listening to the music. There is a Framed Version with all of the songs listed on the right frame by subject for easy browsing. Because of the many requests I receive for information on songbooks and other resources I have become an Amazon Associate (that's the book store type Amazon...) Blues Maker.

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