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This Pearltree is all about online search. It contains tools (mostly search engines) to help you find what you need on the Internet, whether it's People, Images, Video's...etc.

I have made several categories inside this pearl, based on the type of search you want to perform.
Looking for images? Click on the Image Search/Retrieval Pearl.
Looking for people? Click on the People Search Pearl.
Other categories: Social Web Search (Twitter, Facebook etc), Deep Web Search (The hidden web, databases etc), Meta Search Tools (use multiple search engines in one), Video Search etc.

Any suggestions or tips, please let me know (you can comment on one of the Pearls, or in the root Pearl). Meanwhile, enjoy! Aug 27

Online Search Tools - Miscellaneous Search Engines

Online Search Tools - Semantic Search

Online Search Tools - Voice / Speech Search

Online Search Tools - Image Retrieval/Search

Visual Search Results - visual output

Online Search Tools - Video

Online Search Tools - Deep Web Search

Online Search Tools - Social Web

Online Search Tools - People Search

Online Search Tools : Meta Search

Online Search Tools - Mobile

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this is an amazing pearltree andThankyou by colinourbluff Oct 4

Thanks! If you have any tips or comments, let me know :-) by dutchital Aug 28

thanks. And am always open for tips/comments. Gr, Martijn by dutchital Jul 19

Hi, dutchital. I don't speak spanish too because in Brasil we speak Portugês("portuguese" in the english way). Let's work in the trees, like our pasts. KKKKKK by betomafra Jul 7

Hi betomafra. I don't speak Spanish, but I can understand you like the pearl (fantastica!). Will try to add more usefull stuff. Greets, Martijn by dutchital Jul 7

Fantástica ferramenta que descubro! Árvore das pérolas da rede. by betomafra Jul 4