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How to post Google+ content directly to your ‪Google+ Video Guide (The New Google Plus Social Network)‬‏ Video - How to easily transfer your Facebook friends to Google+ Holy Kaw! ‪The Google+ project: Sparks‬‏ ‪The Google+ project: Explore Mobile‬‏ ‪The Google+ project: A quick look‬‏ ‪Beginners Guide to Google Plus‬‏ ‪How to change your Profile Picture on Google+ -Google plus for Beginners 1.2‬‏ 35 Quick Google+ Guides, Tips, and Tricks. Google unveiled its top secret social network on June 28th and it already has 10 million plus users.

35 Quick Google+ Guides, Tips, and Tricks

If you have received an invite and don’t know where to start or just want to know more about it, these 34 quick guides, tips, and tricks should help you learn everything you need to know. Google+ Guides 1. Google+: The complete Guide. via 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Plus - ManageFlitter - Twitter Account Management. How To Get More Followers On Google Plus. If you haven’t already heard by now Google has launched a brand new social network called Google Plus . Google plus is Google’s third attempt at entering the social media space, after two failed attempts with Orkut and Google Buzz. I have spent about one week in the platform, and have found it to be an amazing experience, due to the openess of the network, and the wide range of features available to share content, engage with other peoples content, and further build my personal brand while driving lots of traffic through my own sites at the same time.

Right now Google is only allowing personal profiles, but will be releasing business profiles very soon. 1. Sync Google+ to Twitter, and Facebook. Cross-post by sharing your post with our Google+ bot. Google Plus / + : simple tips and tricks for beginners. Now that Google + is starting to take off we thought that you would like to find out some simple tips and tricks to assist you when using the new social networking service, in this article we will show you some neat little features and also tell you about some shortcuts / hotkeys. Firstly when you visit Google + the site responds to certain keys being pressed, if you press the spacebar you will scroll down the Stream, if you press Shift + Spacebar you will scroll back up. Similarly if you press ‘J’ your browser will jump down to the next post, or if you press ‘K’ it will jump up the Stream to the previous post.

It is not obvious how to send someone a private message, however it is pretty simple. How To Use Google Plus. Waiting for a Google Plus invite?

How To Use Google Plus

Google is rolling out the service in waves and you can expect it to become a ubiquitous social option in the coming months. We have been playing with the service since getting invites yesterday and there are a lot of things to like about Google's new social initiative. Set up “” Redirect to Google Plus, Facebook and Others. You are here: SumTips » Tips 'n Tricks » Set up "" Redirect to Google Plus, Facebook and Others With the launch of Google+, several web services such as and were born that let users create a vanity URL to their profile.

Set up “” Redirect to Google Plus, Facebook and Others

They are quite handy considering the long profile URL that Google provides, that’s both ugly and hard to remember. Now, if you have your own personal website or blog, you don’t have to rely on those URL shortening services, because with a simple trick you can have a URL like “” that takes a user to your Google+ profile, or a URL like “” that takes them to your Facebook profile.

To do that, you just need to edit the .htacess file that’s in your website’s root directory, and add the following line at the end: Redirect /+ Google+ Apps & Icons. Google+ Tips & Tools: Google Plus Guide. How to Get Google Plus Users Stream Updates Using RSS Feed. Home > Internet > How to Get Google Plus Users Stream Updates Using RSS Feed If you like many users on Google Plus and want to check their updates everyday then you need to open your favorite user stream one by one and check.

How to Get Google Plus Users Stream Updates Using RSS Feed

It is pretty cumbersome and takes time. But you can use RSS feed to get latest updates of your favorite Google Plus users. RSS is the most popular option for getting the latest updates from any website or blog on internet. Currently RSS feeds subscribe option is not available on Google Plus to receive updates form Google Plus users. Setup RSS feed for latest updates is very easy because you need your favorite user profile ID and one URL (Check steps for URL). Automatically Cross Post Google Plus Posts to Facebook & Twitter [Chrome Extension] Google Plus: 8 Quick Tips and Tricks. Google Plus (aka Google+), Google's new social network, might offer the right mix of sharing and privacy to woo you away from your Facebook account.

Google Plus: 8 Quick Tips and Tricks

If you don't know how to use it, though, it's just a confusing mess of circles and contacts. So we've assembled a few tips to help you get started. Google+: The Complete Guide. Using Google+?

Google+: The Complete Guide

Add Mashable to your circles. You'll get the latest about new Google+ features and tips and tricks for using the platform as well as top social media and technology news. Guide updated January 18, 2012 Google+: It's the hot social network on the block. In just a few months, Google's competitor to Facebook and Twitter has amassed more than 40 million users, and its growth hasn't stopped. Google+, however, isn't the easiest thing to understand. A recent change new and old Google+ users should take note of is Search Across Your World launched on Jan. 10, 2012. The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists - TNW Apps.

Much has been said about how Twitter and Facebook should be worried about Google’s behemoth social network which gained 10 million followers in 16 day, as compared to Twitter’s 780 days, and Facebook’s even longer 852 days.

The Mother of All Google+ Resource Lists - TNW Apps

But like any new service online, people may be signing up and doing very little with their accounts. In fact, they’re probably the same people who signed up for a Twitter account, updated once with something along the lines of “I’m just trying to figure this Twitter thing out,” and disappeared just as fast leaving in their wake a sad little egg avatar and little else.