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Or and optimization

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OR 350 Projects 1998. 24 Hours Operations Research - Evacuation planning. Shortest dipath problem In this section we present the solution approaches developed for discrete time dynamic network flow problem and the maximum dynamic flow problem.

24 Hours Operations Research - Evacuation planning

We start with some concepts and well known problems from the graph theory and network flows. Our approach is to demonstrate simple examples to introduce the algorithms. For the theoretical work we refer to the references listed in the additional information. The directed graph shown below represents an evacuation area consists of rooms and corridors. The rooms and corridors are modelled as nodes and arcs respectively. Science: Math: Operations Research. EE392o: Optimization Projects. EE392o: Convex Optimization Links.

Optimization - Projects. GA Playground - Java Genetic Algorithms Toolkit. A general GA toolkit implemented in Java, for experimenting with genetic algorithms and handling optimization problems Contents The GAA Applet/Application Examples and Test Problems.

GA Playground - Java Genetic Algorithms Toolkit