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Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0. Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We’re Not Special « The Phoenix and Olive Branch. Getting a Better Contract For You. Death penalty dilemma dividing Taiwan. 3 June 2012Last updated at 20:06 ET By Cindy Sui BBC News, Taipei Wang Tsai-lien, mother of Chiang Kuo-ching, lives with the grief of her son's wrong execution In 1997 a Taiwanese soldier was executed for murder, despite there being no evidence against him.

Death penalty dilemma dividing Taiwan

The authorities last year admitted he was innocent and compensated his family, but legal experts warn a similar tragedy could happen again under the current judicial system. Chiang Kuo-ching was convicted of raping and killing a five-year-old girl. He was one of two soldiers who worked in the same building as the girl's mother, and had failed a lie detector test because he was scared. He insisted he was innocent, but was executed at the age of 21. After a long campaign by his parents, investigators reopened the case in 2010 and indicted a man with a history of sexual offences last year. The government admitted Mr Chiang was tortured into confessing and late last year apologised to his family.

Moratorium over Continue reading the main story. オバマ次期米大統領の文化政策-グローバル経済の中で勝ち抜くために芸術教育へ再投資を│研究員の眼│ニッセイ基礎研究所. 先日参加した(社)企業メセナ協議会の研究部会で、次期米大統領バラク・オバマの文化政策に関するマニフェストの存在を教えていただいたi。


金融危機に伴う経済政策やイラク問題などに注目が集まっているが、その資料を見る限り、オバマ次期米大統領の文化政策は、実にしたたかで戦略的なものとなっている。 「Champions for arts and culture」というタイトルは、いささか短絡的に思えるが、「芸術支援のプラットフォームの構築」が基本政策として掲げられ、次の6つの戦略が示されている。 (1)芸術教育への再投資(学校と芸術機関との官民パートナーシップの拡充、芸術教育を担うアーティスト組合の創設、芸術教育の重要性の啓発普及)、(2)全米芸術基金の助成額の増大(92年の1億7,500万ドルから1億2,500万ドルにまで落ち込んだ助成額の増大)、(3)文化外交の拡充(現在最低レベルに落ち込んでいる文化外交をてこ入れし、イスラム過激主義に対抗するためにも、世界中で米国の文化や芸術の国際交流を拡充)、(4)海外の芸術家の誘致(9.11以降のビザの規制強化を見直し、米国を敬遠していたアーティストや学生を呼び戻すため、ビザの手続きを合理化)、(5)芸術家への保険医療の提供(個人で活動するアーティストにとって大きな課題となっていた健康保険の問題を解決するため、すべての国民と同様手頃な健康保険を用意)、(6)アーティストに対する税制の公平性の確保(アーティストが美術館等に作品を寄贈した場合、作品の材料価格ではなく、作品としての市場価格に基づいた所得控除を実施)。 中でも力説されているのが芸術教育への再投資である。 マニフェストでは「グローバル経済の中で競争力を保つため、米国はこの国を繁栄させてきた創造性とイノベーションといったものに、再び新たなエネルギーを投入しなければならない。 英国でも、今年から全小中学校で「Find Your Talent」という週5時間の芸術教育が創設された。 Study Abroad Dims Employment Outlook for Japanese. In meetings with a handful of Japanese financial trading firms at the forum in Boston last November, none would offer him a job without further interviews in Tokyo.

Study Abroad Dims Employment Outlook for Japanese

So Mr. Sato, who received three offers on the spot from non-Japanese corporations, accepted a position in Tokyo with a big British bank. “I really wanted to gain experience at a Japanese company, but they seemed cautious,” he said. “Do Japanese companies really want global talent? It seemed to me like they’re not really serious.” Notoriously insular, corporate Japan has long been wary of embracing Western-educated compatriots who return home. Discouraged by their career prospects if they study abroad, even at elite universities, a shrinking portion of Japanese college students is seeking higher education in the West.

“But the environment in Japan is such that if you go overseas to study, you have to be prepared to go your own route, find your own way,” he said. So competition is fierce. Still, his supervisors were annoyed. Shit Harper Did. The US schools with their own police. The charge on the police docket was "disrupting class".

The US schools with their own police

But that's not how 12-year-old Sarah Bustamantes saw her arrest for spraying two bursts of perfume on her neck in class because other children were bullying her with taunts of "you smell". "I'm weird. Other kids don't like me," said Sarah, who has been diagnosed with attention-deficit and bipolar disorders and who is conscious of being overweight. "They were saying a lot of rude things to me. Just picking on me. The policeman didn't have far to come. Each day, hundreds of schoolchildren appear before courts in Texas charged with offences such as swearing, misbehaving on the school bus or getting in to a punch-up in the playground.

In 2010, the police gave close to 300,000 "Class C misdemeanour" tickets to children as young as six in Texas for offences in and out of school, which result in fines, community service and even prison time. As the hand of law and order grew heavier across Texas, its grip also tightened on schools. Swedish Official Gleefully Cuts Racist Black Lady Cake, Delights Onlookers.