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Chamonix - Zermatt

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Hikes: The Walkers' Haute Route - Chamonix to Zermatt. We first heard of the Haute Route after some of our friends returned from the hike back in 2004.

Hikes: The Walkers' Haute Route - Chamonix to Zermatt

Then, in 2007, another set of our friends tackled the journey as well (inspired by the first set). Both of them hiked the route without a group or guides using only the Kev Reynolds book; we took a cue from our friends and decided to do the route the same way - guideless and groupless. This required a bit more prep work but we found it to be well worth it! Prior to the trip, I spent a good deal of time researching details from other trip reports, Google Earth, Kev Reynolds’s book, Alexander Stewart’s book, as well as the advice from our friends that had traveled the route. I found a few trip reports to be particularly helpful in both in preparing and on the trail. Costs For your planning purposes, I’ve included costs of lodging, meals, and transportation in this report – this is to help you gauge what this trip cost us in September 2010. Our Trip Philosophy Resources. Tour de Mont Blanc - France - Italy - Switzerland (Page 1 of 12)

Getting to the Tour de Mont Blanc Our trip to trek the Alps is probably the simplest logistically of any of the treks I’ve taken.

Tour de Mont Blanc - France - Italy - Switzerland (Page 1 of 12)

It was a stark contrast to traveling to my other treks. No long multi day excursions with long layovers. A relatively quick red eye from Philadelphia to Paris and then a connection to Geneva and we were then just a bus ride away from the start of the trek called the Tour de Mont Blanc (TMB). Sadly, nothing is simple when flying today. Still things went relatively smoothly and we were checking into our hostel in Les Houches before 5:30 PM the next day. We cooked dinner at the hostel and then started the arduous task of sorting our gear, splitting supplies for both treks, and lightening our load.

This trip is different that the others as my Great Treks companion the “Mighty” Kirk and Chuck my neighbor were left home, but instead my beautiful new wife Jennifer has come along. Tour du Mont Blanc : The comprehensive online guide and TMB forum. Trip Report: Walking the Haute Route, Chamonix to Zermatt. Early morning flight to Geneva, followed by budget minibus connection, had us in sitting in the sun in a Chamonix cafe by saturday lunchtime!

Trip Report: Walking the Haute Route, Chamonix to Zermatt

After a leisurely lunch we stocked up on a few things, such as camping gas cannister, and then headed off towards Argentière. The path wasn't overly unpleasant, quite quickly getting on to easy footpath through trees, and later on getting a bit hillier. At Argentière we got a room in the gite at the very bottom of the village, pleasant place and not too expensive, then nipped out to the supermarket to stock up on supplies for the next few days. Argentière → Col de la Forclaz Lovely weather, blue skies and sunshine, although this meant that it was rather hot work on the climb up to the Col de Balme. Col de la Forclaz → Champex Totally clear skies made for a rather cold night.

Champex → Le Châble Le Châble → Cabane du Mont Fort Cabane du Mont Fort → Refuge des Ecoulaies. Walking from Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn. Today we're walking the second half of the Europaweg, which is the final stage of the trek. The group is really tired, as was evident from us all being really quiet at breakfast - apart from Paul who was on a dawn sugar-high. The path stayed high on the hillside for most of today, working its way along steep traverses, although nothing as exposed as the previous day. Where the hillside was particularly loose there were tunnels and sheltered sections of path that had been built, and, although a little claustrophobic, these enclosed stretches were much easier than loose hillside sprouting iron re-enforcement bars.

We heard several avalanches and rockfalls, mainly on the far side of the valley, and one avalanche was clearly visible with a great white cloud of snow powder cascading down the glacier. The Austrian Alpine Club (UK Section) Dawn and Jason's Haute Route. September 2 - 15, 2002 Part 1: Chamonix - Arolla September 1: Travel day We arrived in Paris about 9:30am and began the long process of recovering from jet lag.

Dawn and Jason's Haute Route

Our plan was to stay awake all day and not allow ourselves to sleep until we caught the overnight train to Chamonix that evening. Our first stop was the Hotel Kensington, where we planned to stay when returned from the trek. We dropped off our bags that the hotel was kind enough to store for us until we got back - and we headed off to the Orsay museum, hoping it would be interesting enough to keep us awake. We were completely unprepared for the second class couchette accommodations. September 2: Chamonix - Argentiere About 9:30am saw us at the Chamonix train station, wondering what to do next. Maps were the most important order of business in Chamonix. After some pizzas, currency exchange, and a stop in the internet cafe, we were ready to start trekking! MY WALKING WORLD David Preston. Lowe Alpine Rucksack 35 litres Brasher Walking Boots Sprayway Fleece Zip off walking trousers Spare pair of shorts Lightweight trousers for evening wear Lightweight shoes for evening 3 T shirts Short sleeved shirt best shirt 1 Long sleeved shirt Rab Micro fleece Sweatshirt Food was purchased daily 2 litre Platypus water container only full when on the long stretches, plus a 75cl water bottle 2 Digital cameras Fujifilm 602 Zoom and small compact Nikon 5600 The weight was just over 20lbs without food and water and everything carried was necessary although I did not use the sweatshirt and gloves I would still recommend carrying them. 3 pairs of walking socks 3 pairs of lightweight socks for evening 4 pairs underpants Sleeping bag liner (silk - very light) and pillow case.