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Kamaliacademy. Project NFO. Project New Funk Order is an independent publication of YOUR music.

Project NFO

Yes you heard right. YOUR music. Got a funk jam you've been working on and want it heard? Well this is the place. Every six months we will release a collection of original material (no cover songs, please) and arrange into a full compilation album free for download to the world with original artwork/packaging. How: Look here for announcements on the next submission window Follow instructions in our "New Funk Network" forum for details on uploading or mailing of your song files and photos to this web site.

Teaching the truth throughout the school year. By Dr.

Teaching the truth throughout the school year

Conrad Worrill -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Aug 19, 2013 - 12:02:42 PM What's your opinion on this article? Printer Friendly Page. The Buck Act. Youtube tarik bey. Kaba Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) & Michael Imhotep - Why African People Lost Power - Clip 1. Positive Propaganda. Afrikan Djeli - armah. 2 - RACIAL IDENTITY IS OPPORTUNITY IN CRISIS - Dr. Amos Wilson. 3 - RACIAL IDENTITY IS OPPORTUNITY IN CRISIS - Dr. Amos Wilson. 4 - RACIAL IDENTITY IS OPPORTUNITY IN CRISIS - Dr. Amos Wilson. Research Notes from Dr. Sebi’s 90 minute seminar. Dr Ali Muhammad ISIS

Black History:John Horse And The Black Seminoles. Indigenous People, Genes and Genetics What Indigenous People Should Know About Biocolonialism A Primer and Resource Guide by Debra Harry, Stephanie Howard, Brett Lee Shelton Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism Jun00. Introduction Indigenous peoples of the world are unique groups who are widely known by our diverse cultures, customs, and languages.

Indigenous People, Genes and Genetics What Indigenous People Should Know About Biocolonialism A Primer and Resource Guide by Debra Harry, Stephanie Howard, Brett Lee Shelton Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism  Jun00

Despite our differences, however, we share many similarities. Our early ancestors made significant contributions to astronomy, arts, architecture, agriculture, mathematics, ecology, social science, political science, and genetics. The results of our contributions are evident throughout the world. How far we would have gone in these areas is unknown because our recent ancestors put them aside as they were forced to contend with colonization. Taj Tarik Bey Black and White Is A Legal Status. Critical legal studies. Critical legal studies was a movement in legal thought in the 1970s and 80s committed to shaping society based on a vision of human personality devoid of the hidden interests and class domination that was argued to be behind existing legal institutions.[1] Adherents of the movement sought to destabilize traditional conceptions of law, and to unravel and challenge existing legal institutions.

Critical legal studies

The twilight of neoliberalism: can popular struggles create new worlds from below? If the ideologists of neoliberalism want to present it as the natural order of humanity, a more sober historical assessment points out that it has lasted about as long as Keynesianism did before it – a few decades.

The twilight of neoliberalism: can popular struggles create new worlds from below?

In our new book We Make Our Own History: Marxism and Social Movements in the Twilight of Neoliberalism we condense four decades of research and activism into an argument about how ordinary people can understand the nature of the world we live in and find ways to push beyond the neoliberal orthodoxy of the last few decades. We start by asking how we can get beyond the theologies of university economists – impervious to the failures of their ideas and their costs in human lives – and the opinion politics of angry right-wingers on the Internet. Funeral urns of political activists executed by the Chilean military dictatorship (1973-1990), in the cemetery of Santiago. Horowitz/Wikimedia Commons. Some rights reserved. The twilight of neoliberalism: can popular struggles create new worlds from below? Moorish Civiletter. THE MOABITES WHO ARE THE MOORS. HISTORICAL PROOF OF OUR LINEAGE. 7 Habits of Highly Authentic People. 40Share Hello Fitlifers!

7 Habits of Highly Authentic People

Welcome to another Mindset Monday. I’m up and out early in San Diego this morning and as I look around I see a lot of lost people. They have listened to others and haven’t followed their own bliss. Many people make the mistake of sacrificing their time for something that they don’t really believe in and then wonder why they are not 100% happy! Are they really authentic? Maybe. Are you 100% authentic? The Illuminiti Knows your Chakras, do you? C. Freeman EL - 12 RHYTHMS OF THE MOOR (The Grand Moorish Masonic Chakra Chart) The Kozmic Black Family 2/2. How The Moors Were De-Nationalized By Europeans. Medical Apartheid Part 4. Nutricide P1/7 Dr. Llaila Afrika. Dr Llaila Afrika. REALM OF THE EASTERN STAR C FREEMAN EL PT17 - YouTube.flv. REALM OF THE EASTERN STAR C FREEMAN EL PT17 - YouTube.flv. Hidden Wisdom Of The Black Mother Womb - Part 1: Dr. Booker T. Coleman.

Dr. Kaba (Booker T. Coleman) - Look To The Sun. The Origins of the White Race-PLANET OF THE APES & CANNIBALS. C Freeman El - Master Science Moorish Numerology. Introduction to Indigenous Nationality. Dr. Ali Muhammad True Health Lecture 5.26.14. C Freeman El - Master Science Moorish Numerology. Debate: Dr. Wesley Muhammad vs Dr Ray Hagins: Is Islam An African Religion. How BLACK EGYPT BECAME WHITE. BLACK STATUS VS. MOORISH AMERICAN NATIONALITY & THE ISSUE OF REPARATIONS. Alim Bey Feat. Dr. Phil Valentine : Reign Of The Neo-Neanderthal. Hakim Bey explains the Moors and the Masons.

Black History

HappyWifeHappyLife. Cultural Creatives Meetups - Meetup. Withdrawing our consent. John Michael Greer critiquing Globalize Liberation [The following critique full of provocative ideas for the environmental community is a personal letter printed with the author's permission to circulate it widely.

Withdrawing our consent

But to identify the people and context: The author is John Michael Greer, who explains quite a lot about himself in the letter. We've also put a bio at the end of the letter. The recipients are Patrick Reinsborough and James John Bell, members of the smartMeme collaborative, the activist-oriented message-and-media consultants.

Greer is critiquing a book edited by David Solnit, "Globalize Liberation" (SF: City Lights Book, 2004). The letter is perfectly understandable without reading either the chapter or the book, but it also frames a way to read or reread both. John Michael Greer writes: James asked me for my thoughts on "Globalize Liberation," and I hope neither of you will mind a lengthy, even labored, response. I. But what is this thing called "patriarchy"? II. Integral theory. Integral theory, a philosophy with origins in the work of Sri Aurobindo and Jean Gebser, and promoted by Ken Wilber, seeks a synthesis of the best of pre-modern, modern, and postmodern reality.[1] It is portrayed as a "theory of everything,"[2] and offers an approach "to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.

Integral theory

"[1] It has been applied by scholar-practitioners in 35 distinct academic and professional domains as varied as organizational management and art.[1] Methodologies[edit] AQAL, pronounced "ah-qwul," is a widely used framework in Integral Theory. It is also alternatively called the Integral Operating System (IOS) or by various other synonyms. Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, and Ken Wilber, have all made significant theoretical contributions to integral theory. AQAL Theory – Lines.

The Rise of the Cultural Creatives. A NEW PHENOMENON is emerging in American culture, according to the results of a recent social research survey.

The Rise of the Cultural Creatives

We are at a watershed in history, when the country is shifting away from the modern technocratic society toward what sociologist Paul H. Ray calls "Integral Culture," concerned with spiritual transformation, ecological sustainability, and the worth of the feminine. For readers who espouse these values, Ray's findings are likely to be very comforting.

The standard bearers of Integral Culture, who Ray calls "Cultural Creatives," now number 44 million. That's one quarter of the United States population. America is experiencing a renaissance of values, the author argues.

Educational/Action Research

aJAYwa! & the AnCestral Funk Collective (a!AFC) CELI organizing committee. CELI Performance. CELI.savedSearch.

Dance To A Different Drum, Inc.'s Cultural Empowerment and Leadership Initiative (CELI) began in 2006 in response to the marginalization of cultural arts programming, and the lack of diverse images in education. We've come a long way in developing content for workshops in the areas of staff development, leadership, community building, professional development organizational management; management skills; personal development; and personal spiritual leadership; action reseach to keep artists of color working, and growing. Dance To A Different Drum Leadership Academy World Arts Center for Healing & Transformation; The CELI ensemble is the activist component of the initiative, and includes: Part 1: study Part 2: performance Part 3: social marketing Part 4: organizing Part 5: educating – dtaddleaders

CELI Study