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8 Great TED Talks About The Future Of Education And Teaching. These talks offer insights, concerns, and inspiration while discussing today’s educational practices and shortcomings, from a variety of perspectives.

8 Great TED Talks About The Future Of Education And Teaching

TED is a nonprofit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading”, bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. If you’re not already a fan of TED, maybe these will open your eyes to this wonderful resource. Education is only one of the vast array of topics covered in TED talks, so if you enjoy any of the videos below, you might want to click through the the site and check out some more of them. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms This delightfully illustrated video entertains while educating. The video does a wonderful job of explaining how today’s factory-like education model is outmoded and how it needs to evolve into a more personalized model if we are going to take it to a new level.

Internationales Institut zur Entwicklungsförderung der Jugend e.V. Der beschreibt die Philosophie des Gesamtkonzepts Lebenstüchtige Lebenskünstler.

Internationales Institut zur Entwicklungsförderung der Jugend e.V.

Internet Catalogue. KONSTRUKTIVISMUS. Was gibt es hier?


Auf den Web-Seiten gibt es die Werke Online von Kersten Reich, Stefan Neubert, den Methodenpool zur "Konstruktivistischen Didaktik", weitere Texte und Literaturhinweise. Der Interaktionistische Konstruktivismus ist ein kulturell und sozial orientierter Ansatz, der im Kontext der Geistes-, Gesellschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften entwickelt wird. Er schließt insbesondere an den Pragmatismus von John Dewey an und versucht diesen kritisch weiter zu führen. Eine kurze Einführung in das Thema gibts hier A short introduction you find >>> here in PDF <<<


Edupunks. Teaching Ten Steps to Better Web Research - Supplemental Materials. The presentation on "Teaching Ten Steps to Better Web Research" is a PowerPoint that I have uploaded to our account on SlideShare.

Teaching Ten Steps to Better Web Research - Supplemental Materials

Where the footnoted material is available online, it may be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text below. 1. Prensky, Marc. “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” : On the Horizon. NCB University Press, Vol. 9 No. 5, October 2001. Aktuelles- Neue Chancen für Demokratie und Medienpädagogik Klaus Lutz/Eike Rösch/Daniel Seitz (Hrsg.) Das Internet bietet eine Vielzahl an Gelegenheiten von politischer Beteiligung für Heranwachsende. Um alle Jugendlichen an diesen Möglichkeiten teilhaben zu lassen, ist Medienbildung von zentraler Bedeutung. Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) - Home for the World ePortfolio Community. Literaturverwaltung & Bibliotheken. Openscholar. Kolay Gelsin!

Das vom Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) geförderte Xenos-Programm "Integration und Vielfalt" unterstützt bundesweit Projekte, die insbesondere die arbeitsmarktliche Integration von Jugendlichen mit Migrationshintergrund in Schule, Ausbildung und Beruf fördern.

Kolay Gelsin!

Willkommen in der lernwelt. Lehre : Hier rein, da raus. Universitäten sollten endlich die Vorlesung abschaffen Speichern Drucken Twitter Facebook.

Lehre : Hier rein, da raus

The Special Sauce of Social Learning by Marc J. Rosenberg. “The bottom line is that for social learning to be accepted and used, it must be a seamless and natural part of the workplace, and the work. Failure to focus on all the ingredients for successful social learning is a showstopper and will kill it in its tracks.” Years ago, when McDonalds introduced the Big Mac, it wanted to separate its new sandwich from the rest of the crowd.

It was the sauce, they said, that made it unique. The secret, special sauce made the Big Mac a success. In the new era of social media , we must fully understand what makes one social learning experience stand out and another peter out. The eight ingredients of great social learning. Share your Top 10 Tools for Learning 2011. This is the 5th year we have built an annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide. If you are a learning professional (e.g. teacher, academic, trainer, consultant, developer, practitioner, analyst, etc) and active in the field of (e-)learning, please share your Top 10 Tools for Learning to help build the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011.

Campus Enterprise Networking & Infrastructure. Next Generation Learning Challenges. #edtech20.

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Didacta. Deutscher Bildungsserver: Neuigkeiten. Wissenschaft weltoffen 2010. Welcome to Cogprints. Online papers on consciousness. Search tips There are three kinds of search you can perform: All fields This mode searches for entries containing all the entered words in their title, author, date, comment field, or in any of many other fields showing on OPC pages.

Online papers on consciousness

Surname This mode searches for entries containing the text string you entered in their author field. Advanced This mode differs from the all fields mode in two respects. Note that short and / or common words are ignored by the search engine. Computers: Artificial Intelligence: Natural Language: Chatterbots. Academic Writing. Academic Commons. Critical thinking web.

We have over 100 online tutorials on different aspects of thinking skills.

Critical thinking web

They are organized into modules listed below and in the menu above. Our tutorials are used by universities, community colleges, and high schools around the world. The tutorials are completely free and under a Creative Commons license. More info We are currently updating the website.

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SoSci. E-Learning. Self Improvement. Birkenbihl denkt. Und spricht » Birkenbihl schreibt. Birkenbihl Denkwerkzeuge - Birkenbihl Trainer Schweiz. Selbstlerner und Selbstlernerinnen. Learning.