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Getting started for kids. Welcome to LearnEnglish Kids.

Getting started for kids

If you are aged 5-12 and want to have fun learning English, you are in the right place! We have lots of free online games, songs, stories, videos and activities for children who want to learn English and have fun. I want to explore the site. Start by trying a game, song, story or video from the homepage of LearnEnglish Kids. You can also click on the tabs at the top of the page to explore the different sections on our website. I want to learn new vocabulary. Go to Word games to practise new words. I want to learn about grammar. Choose a game from the Grammar practice A-Z list to help you with English grammar. What goes up and down but never moves? - The 37 Best Riddles for Kids That Aren't Too Confusing. There’s a reason that riddles are the bedrock of ancient folk tales and superhero sagas.

The 37 Best Riddles for Kids That Aren't Too Confusing

Riddles are a great way to knock the mind out of its cognitive ruts and to stimulate creative thinking in kids, adults, and mythic heroes alike. Amco Homeschooling. Global Citizenship: Sub-Saharan Africa ¿Te gusta viajar?

Amco Homeschooling

¿Eres un fanático de la playa, o simplemente no tienes suficiente de museos? En este video, ¡exploraremos una parte extraordinaria de nuestro planeta! ¿Estás listo para una aventura a través del globo? ¡Sube! Recursos para la clase Páginas 106 - 108. Descarga e imprime este PDF con tres páginas para realizar la actividad de esta clase y practica tu comprensión lectora mientras descubres esta increíble región del planeta. Beginner A1 reading. Amco Homeschooling. ‎ChatterPix Kids on the App Store. Create ChatterPix with friends and family as silly greetings, playful messages, creative cards, or even fancy book reports.

‎ChatterPix Kids on the App Store

And best of all, it’s FREE! AGES: 5-12. NOTE: For adults, check out our “ChatterPix” app for more fun and sharing via email and social media. CATEGORY: Creative Expression TOOLS: 22 stickers, 10 frames and 11 photo filters. List Of Famous People Of The 16th Century. North American History - American History for Kids. North American History The history of the United States of America is brief when compared to many other countries.

North American History - American History for Kids

However, the country’s history is filled with important events, including: • The discovery by Christopher Columbus • The arrival of the Mayflower Pilgrims • The American Revolutionary War • The War of 1812 • The Civil War • The abolition of slavery When Christopher Columbus first arrived in the area currently known as North America in 1492, humans had inhabited the land for as many as 30,000 years. A land bridge, Beringia, once connected Syria to what is now known as Alaska, likely allowing humans to cross, settle, and eventually become Native Americans.

Past simple – regular verbs. The past simple is the most common way of talking about past events or states which have finished.

Past simple – regular verbs

It is often used with past time references (e.g. yesterday, two years ago). Please explain past events or states! A past event could be one thing that happened in the past, or a repeated thing. Simple Past Tense–Grammar Rules. Timeline of historic inventions. Timeline The timeline of historic inventions is a chronological list of particularly important or significant technological inventions and the people who created the inventions.

Timeline of historic inventions

Note: Dates for inventions are often controversial. Inventions are often invented by several inventors around the same time, or may be invented in an impractical form many years before another inventor improves the invention into a more practical form. Where there is ambiguity, the date of the first known working version of the invention is used here. Earliest inventions[edit] Medals in the Olympic Games (listening) - English ESL Worksheets. Simpleshow explains the Olympic Games - Medals (5) How to write a formal letter in English. El blog para preparar el "writing" de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas: Connectors and linkers. El uso adecuado de conectores es muy valorado por los examinadores.

El blog para preparar el "writing" de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas: Connectors and linkers

Pero, ojo, puede ser una arma de doble filo ya que si están bien colocados y en armonía con el registro de tu texto, mejoran sin duda la cohesión del mismo; sin embargo, pueden comprometer en gran medida la coherencia y cohesión si se incluyen erróneamente o hay una sobrecarga de linkers. Quizás por insistir machaconamente en la conveniencia de utilizar connectors, l@s alumn@s se obsesionan tanto que los incluyen sí, pero sin orden ni concierto, y el resultado es que a veces hay tal saturación que en un párrafo se encuentran casi más conectores que ideas desarrolladas. Por tanto, recuerda que vale más un texto con ideas que tengan sentido y presentadas con un orden lógico que otro que carezca de sentido por muchas linking words que tenga. Yusra Mardini, a young refugee. My name is Yusra.

Yusra Mardini, a young refugee

I used to be just like you. I had many friends, I went to school and I loved to go to the pool in my hometown in Syria. My coach said if I worked hard enough, I could make it into the Olympics one day. Then the war came and everything changed. I couldn’t swim or meet with my friends as often as I wanted.