trace2uml: Drawing sequence diagrans in Doxygen From Doxygen version 1.5.3 doxygen supports sequence charts inside the documentation. Original doxygen works together with mscgen (a tool similar to Trace2UML). But because Trace2UML is now call compatible with mscgen, you can use Trace2UML instead. The only thing you have to do by hand, is to RENAME "Trace2UML.exe" into "mscgen.exe" (or do a symbolic link, on Linux). This is because Doxygen has the tool name hard coded in its binary (maybe this will change one day ;-) trace2uml: Drawing sequence diagrans in Doxygen
I’ve been tinkering with Doxygen and SEQUENCE (see my previous post on this) to make them play well together for the documentation of the Daversy project. The goal was to have Doxygen automatically incorporate sequence diagrams into the resulting documentation, complete with a description of the diagram and links to other relevant parts of the docs. I guess there are up sides to recovering from a knee surgery – it’s been years since I had the opportunity to spend a day on something like this. We’ll start with a simple sequence diagram file that SEQUENCE can read and convert into an image. This is an actual sequence diagram from the Daversy documentation that describes how the Extract command works, and when I run it through SEQUENCE, the following image is generated : Is that cool or what? Doxygen meets SEQUENCE diagrams Doxygen meets SEQUENCE diagrams
itymbi ...: SEQUENCE Archives itymbi ...: SEQUENCE Archives October 17, 2004 Version 9 of SEQUENCE The only change is that the source jar file now contains the data for the help files, such as they are. Here are sequence_src.jar and sequence.jar . Posted by Alex.
Graphviz - Draw and Edit Sequence Diagrams in seconds

Don't waste your afternoon drawing UML Sequence Diagrams. Just enter the description here, and click "draw". The SD/MSC Generator is an easy alternative to using mouse-centric software tools like Microsoft Visio. Sequence Diagrams, also known as Message Sequence Charts, are useful for describing a conversation between two or more things. They can be used to describe how networks work. - Draw and Edit Sequence Diagrams in seconds
Pic2Plot – trac – Trac This plugin will convert the PIC Graphical Language to an image. See for more info on the PIC language. You can use this to create all sorts of freeform drawings and diagrams. For examples see Pic2Plot – trac – Trac