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Simple DirectMedia Layer. The XML C parser and toolkit of Gnome. Cloakware Security. Overview It is more critical and difficult than ever for pay TV operators, OTT service providers and content owners to protect their valuable media assets and investments against emerging threats as the impact on their business is often global and immediate.

Cloakware Security

Irdeto provides operators, OTT service providers and content owners with robust defense against the ever-changing threat of piracy. Our experience and offering provide the effective and flexible support required to protect the TV services of today and tomorrow. Benefits Investment protection with effective, extensible security The key to effective studio grade security lies in staying ahead of the ever-changing piracy threats. Uncompromising media protection on any device To ensure the success of the service, the operator must enable consumers to securely access premium content from any device of choice, including the “must-have” devices of tomorrow. Solutions & Services Home Networking Security Content Format Protection Conditional Access. The OSSwin project: Open Source for Windows! Tararchive: Files with illegal names.

Hi Keith, Some people will want to modify the filenames, others will want to skip the files.

Tararchive: Files with illegal names

I don't think there's anything built-in for this. This code gives you control over the extraction. ... void TestExtractTarByEntry() { string tarfn = "c:\\temp\\test.tar"; string destDir = "c:\\temp\\out"; using (FileStream fsIn = new FileStream(tarfn, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)) { TarInputStream tarIn = new TarInputStream(fsIn); TarEntry tarEntry; while ((tarEntry = tarIn.GetNextEntry()) !

= null) { if (tarEntry.IsDirectory) { continue; } string name = tarEntry.Name; name = name.Replace('/', Path.DirectorySeparatorChar); // Apply name transformations here string outName = Path.Combine(destDir, name); string directoryName = Path.GetDirectoryName(outName); Directory.CreateDirectory(directoryName); FileStream outStr = new FileStream(outName, FileMode.Create); tarIn.CopyEntryContents(outStr); outStr.Close(); } tarIn.Close(); }} Does that do what you want ? Regards,David. SharpZipLib - Main Page - SharpDevelop Wiki. Zlib Home Site.

Minizip: Zip and UnZip additionnal library. Click to download Minizip (zip/unzip) package for zLib version 1.01h, with minor bugfixes, or, better, 1.1 (with zip64 support).

Minizip: Zip and UnZip additionnal library

This package enables to extract files from a .zip archive file. It is compatible with PKZip 2.04g, WinZip, InfoZip, MimarSinan Codex Suite 2002 tools, and compatible sofware. It runs both under Linux and Windows, and probably other systems too. Encryption, multi-volume Zip files (span), and old compression methods used by old PKZip 1.x are not supported.

See or for the specification of ZIP format (or for older versions). What is Minizip (Zip/Unzip)? The Zlib library allows to deflate compressed files and to create gzip (.gz) files. An archive in ZIP format can contain several files compressed with this method, while a .gz archive can containt only one file. How to get the Minizip package. The ZipArchive Library. How to Use the Library There is a comprehensive set of articles that cover in details the usage of the ZipArchive Library.

The ZipArchive Library

Most of them are accompanied by a sample code. For more information please also read the API Documentation. Versions Explanation The ZipArchive Library is distributed in two versions: the Open Source (GNU GPL) Version and the Full Version. Full Version Additional Features. Welcome. Computer Vision. FullOpenCVWiki. Computer Graphics. Libraries. Bestwebframeworks » Find and compare PHP, Ruby, JS and CSS Frameworks.