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Re: Chris for phreadz. LeMoox: Bertrand Eberhard. Lemoox - 58 - Garçon - FR - Lemoox / Bertrand Eberhard —MaBulle ™ Galerie de Lemoox. - plateforme artistique - independant art platform - - objets visuels / visual art. The art of Bertrand Eberhard. Profile - Bertrand Eberhard. General Information HOMEPAGE: EMAIL: Click here to send this artist an email MESSAGE BOARD: Post and read public comments about this artist (205 postings) LOCATION: France.

Profile - Bertrand Eberhard

Artiste Bertrand EBERHARD. Three Ravens Gallery Summer Exhibition. Leemoox art & things - mathias. Three Ravens Gallery New Exhibition on 19th March 2010.