Vie privée et géolocalisation : Steve Jobs ne rigole pas Vie privée et géolocalisation : Steve Jobs ne rigole pas Dans ce montage vidéo que l'on doit à AllThingsD, vous verrez Steve Jobs et Andy Rubin parler de gélocalisation et de vie privée, et des philosophies de leurs plateformes en la matière. A la lumière de la conspiration iSpy de l’iPhone mouchard, le visionnage de ces séquences datant de l’été et de l’hiver dernier prend un relief particulier: Steve Jobs dit notamment ceci:
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Qui paye l'impôt sur le revenu ? Qui paye l'impôt sur le revenu ? Pour les personnes mariées, le foyer fiscal est constitué du contribuable, de son conjoint et des personnes à charge. Les revenus et les charges de tous les membres du foyer fiscal sont pris en compte pour établir une imposition unique au nom du contribuable. L’impôt sur le revenu tient compte de la situation de famille (célibataire, marié, séparé, pacsé, …), des charges de famille (enfants mineurs à charge, majeurs rattachés,…), et de certaines situations personnelles (invalidité, ancien combattant,…). Les cas de déclarations distinctes Remplissent des déclarations distinctes :
Google enregistre bien des données de géolocalisation !
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Location and my privacy | Windows Phone 7 This notice describes unintended behavior in the Windows Phone 7 software involving location services, explains how Microsoft eliminated that behavior, and reminds you that you can prevent access to location information if you choose to do so. As described in the Location Positioning section of the Windows Phone 7 Privacy Statement, the location information stored and used by the Windows Phone location positioning database is limited information about nearby Wi-Fi access points and cell towers that we use to help provide you with location services more efficiently and effectively. It does not include any information that identifies you or uniquely identifies your device and does not allow Microsoft to track you or your device. Location and my privacy | Windows Phone 7
Vie privée et géolocalisation : Steve Jobs ne rigole pas
packetlss/android-locdump - GitHub packetlss/android-locdump - GitHub Following the latest days internet outrage/overreaction to the revelation that iPhone has a cache for its location service, I decided to have look what my Android devices caches for the same function. This is a quick dumper I threw together to parse the files from the Android location provider. The files are named cache.cell & cache.wifi and is located in /data/data/ on the Android device.
Overview (SWIXML API v1.6 (#161))
Linphone, open-source voip software | Linphone, an open-source video sip phone
features | Linphone, an open-source video sip phone Core features Signaling SIP user agent compliant with RFC 3261SIP/UDP, SIP/TCP, SIP/TLSSupports IPv6Digest authenticationSupports multiple calls simultaneously with call management features: hold on with music, resume, transfer...Multiple SIP proxy support: registrar, proxies, outbound proxiesText instant messaging with delivery notification Presence using the SIMPLE standard in peer to peer modeDTMF (telephone tones) support using SIP INFO or RFC 2833 Media features | Linphone, an open-source video sip phone
SWiX - Easy to use XML based editor for debugging and updating of SWF files With SWiX you can open any SWF file in XML format, modify it with a handy preview mechanism and save it as SWF or SWiX file. For example, to debug of ActionScript compiler or Flash presentations/banners tuning. Next sample shows how to use SWiX for Flash-intro tuning. In this intro we are changing the frame rate from 1 to 5 and the background color from blue to red. Download Flash-intro sample (download sample_intro.swf). SWiX - Easy to use XML based editor for debugging and updating of SWF files
Building GUIs with SwiXml Layout has always been a major weak point of the Swing toolkit. At the API level, Swing supports virtually any layout you can imagine, but in practice, the default layout managers leave much to be desired. Over the years, enterprising developers have created a variety of utility classes to make the job easier, but recent work on the problem suggests that the best way to lay out a Swing GUI is to remove layout from the Java code altogether, either through a visual builder like Matisse in NetBeans 5.0 or by using a language other than Java to specify the GUI. One common solution is to use XML that completely separates GUI construction from program logic. This article will introduce an open source library, SwiXml, and show you how to construct your Swing user interfaces faster and more easily than ever before. Building GUIs with SwiXml
Wake My PC : réveillez votre ordinateur à distance ! Wake My PC : réveillez votre ordinateur à distance ! par Emilien Ercolani, le 22 avril 2011 10:57 Verismic, éditeur du logiciel Power Manager dont la version 3.1 sera lancée le 16 mai prochain, présentera à l’occasion une nouvelle application baptisée « Wake My PC », permettant d’allumer un ordinateur à distance. Le logiciel Power Manager se dotera, le 16 prochain, d’une nouvelle application baptisée « Wake My PC ».
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Ubuntu -- Ubuntu Packages Search This site provides you with information about all the packages available in the Ubuntu Package archive. Please contact Gerfried Fuchs if you encounter any problems! Browse through the lists of packages: There is also a list of packages recently added to trusty. Old releases can be found at