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Operations Management

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All The Latest News & Information. Management Theories. Mean, Mode and Median - Measures of Central Tendency - When to use with Different Types of Variable and Skewed Distributions. When not to use the mean The mean has one main disadvantage: it is particularly susceptible to the influence of outliers.

Mean, Mode and Median - Measures of Central Tendency - When to use with Different Types of Variable and Skewed Distributions

These are values that are unusual compared to the rest of the data set by being especially small or large in numerical value. For example, consider the wages of staff at a factory below: The mean salary for these ten staff is $30.7k. Concurrent engineering. Concurrent engineering is a work methodology based on the parallelization of tasks (i.e. performing tasks concurrently).

Concurrent engineering

It refers to an approach used in product development in which functions of design engineering, manufacturing engineering and other functions are integrated to reduce the elapsed time required to bring a new product to the market. Introduction[edit] A publication in 2008 described the concurrent engineering method as a relatively new design management system that has had the opportunity to mature in recent years to become a well-defined systems approach towards optimizing engineering design cycles.[1] Because of this, concurrent engineering has been implemented in a number of companies, organizations and universities, most notably in the aerospace industry.

The basic premise for concurrent engineering revolves around two concepts. The second concept is that the preceding design activities should all be occurring at the same time, i.e., concurrently. Definition[edit] Dematic Material Handling System Solutions. Smarter: The operator stays in one place while items are delivered to the pick station in precise sequence…heavy items first, fragile items last, for lot control, by family group or in whatever sequence that business needs dictate.

Dematic Material Handling System Solutions

It's also, smarter since RapidPick allows ultra-high pick accuracy as only one SKU is presented to the operator at a time. In addition, RapidPick workstations accommodate totes and/or cartons of different sizes to facilitate picking directly into the shipping container. Modular pick station configurations include one pick position to one order position (1 to 1) or one pick position to multiple order positions (1 to multiple). Faster: The pick station design allows the highest possible worker productivity. What is Operations Management? - Operations Management.

Journal of Operations Management. Service Industry, Service Operations Management, Service Organization, Career Avenues. The 21st century has placed immense importance on the service operations industry.

Service Industry, Service Operations Management, Service Organization, Career Avenues

Currently, 80% of North American jobs are in the service sector, and it stands to reason that service operations are a good career path to pursue. Moving away from the manufacturing model, companies now recognize the importance of creating and maintaining a lasting relationship with customers. It's no longer good enough to have a solid product if the consumer is unhappy with the services.

A service operations manager ensures that customers feels respected by the company, and also that the company itself (employees and subordinates) feel respected and empowered while doing their job.If the 20th century was the age of manufacturing, then the 21st century is rightly the age of the service industry. Presently, there is growing importance on the service sector in the United States economy.

POMS. Managing Supply Chains Best. Customer Service in Today's Business Environment. Depending on a company’s size, products, number of locations or years in business, you could be one in thirty million.

Customer Service in Today's Business Environment

For many consumers, following the masses seems safer and comes with the reassurance of buying into a reliable company, given its popularity and size. Whether that automatically means a company delivering top level customer service is up for debate. What makes a great company? A great company from the consumer’s point of view should be defined as one offering excellent products or services, giving above average customer service and providing even better support than its competitors. It’s a straightforward definition but oh so misplaced. In reality life is moving so fast that customer service can be perceived to be an afterthought to sales and profit, conveniently sandwiched between product launch and product development. Those were the days. Iccso. Flow Process Chart - a knol by Raja Latif. Learn About O.R. OR-Notes - contents. - Information on Inventory Management, Warehouse Operations, and  Material Handling.

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