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Search results for data dictionary. Search. A Guide to the The Malware (R)evolution Understanding more about the threats on our machines can help us better protect ourselves. With that in mind, we give to you our very own Malware Dictionary. Watching Weibo: Software Scans Chinese Posts for Stock Sentiment At least a dozen developers are introducing products that use artificial intelligence to scour social-media posts in China for comments about shares on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. 10 Best Practices in Big Data – Secure Data Storage The Cloud Security Alliance has released its report on the 100 Best Practices in Big Data Security and Privacy. Monetizing Information is More Than Just Selling Your Data The biggest vision roadblock to monetizing information is a failure to think beyond selling information. TelStrat Achieves Success with Workforce Optimization in the Cloud The company attributes its recent success to the Cloud version, which it supports through multiple data centers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Metrics. Information is one of the most vital, strategic assets organizations possess. They depend on information to develop products and services, make critical strategic decisions, protect property rights, propel marketing, manage projects, process transactions, service customers, and generate revenues. This critical information is contained in the organizations' business records. It has not always been easy to describe what "good information governance" looks like. Yet, this question gains in importance as regulators, shareholders, and customers are increasingly concerned about the business practices of organizations. ARMA International recognized that a clear statement of "Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®" (The Principles) would guide: A Picture of Effective Information Governance The Maturity Model for Information Governance begins to paint a more complete picture of what effective information governance looks like.

Download the complete Information Governance Maturity Model. Metrics. The Data Governance Institute - The DGI.


KeyInitiativeOverview_ITGovernance.pdf. The DGI Data Governance Framework - The Data Governance Institute. The DGI Data Governance Framework is a logical structure for classifying, organizing, and communicating complex activities involved in making decisions about and taking action on enterprise data. Does our organization need a Data Governance framework? All organizations need to be able to make decisions about how to manage data, realize value from it, minimize cost and complexity, manage risk, and ensure compliance with ever-growing legal, regulatory, and other requirements. Management and staff need to make good decisions – decisions that stick. They need to reach consensus on how to “decide how to decide.” They need to create rules, ensure that the rules are being followed, and to deal with noncompliance, ambiguities, and issues.

In short, they need to do more than manage data; they need a governance system that sets the rules of engagement for management activities. (Click image to enlarge) Download the DGI Data Governance Framework PDF Whitepapers (PDF) PublicationDetails. TOGAF® Version 9.1: A Pocket Guide Available from Van Haren Publishing TOGAF, an Open Group Standard, is a proven Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used by the world's leading organizations to improve business efficiency.

This Pocket Guide is based on TOGAF Version 9.1 Enterprise Edition. It gives a concise introduction to TOGAF 9.1. The audience for this Pocket Guide is enterprise architects, business architects, IT architects, data architects, systems architects, solutions architects, and senior managers seeking a first introduction to TOGAF. Bibliographic Details Reference G117 Dec 2011 118 pages Subject : TOGAF (See more like this) Type : Guides (See more like this) Executive Strategy Manager | Balanced Scorecard Software.

Developing your E-business Plan. IEC standard for corporate governance of information technology (2008-06-05. Because inadequate information technology (IT) systems can hinder the performance and competitiveness of organizations or expose them to the risk of not complying with legislation, the new ISO/IEC 38500 standard provides broad guidance on the role of top management in relation to the corporate governance of IT. François Coallier chair of the ISO subcommittee, Software and systems engineering, that developed the standard comments: “Most organizations use IT as a fundamental business tool and few can function without it. IT is also a significant enabler in the future business plans of many organizations.

ISO/IEC 38500 will help the governing body to evaluate, direct and monitor the use of IT. "It will assist directors in assuming conformance with obligations – regularly, legislation, common law, contractual – concerning the acceptable use of IT and to have a proper corporate governance of IT.” The framework comprises definitions, principles and a model. Department of Justice Social Media Policy - Department of Justice. ISO 27001, ISO27001 Information Security Standard. ISO/IEC 27001 (ISO 27001:2013) is the international Standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS). Accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that an organisation is following international information security best practices. This page explains what ISO 27001 is and links to the products that will help your organisation when approaching an ISO 27001 implementation project, including our packaged solutions >> On this page What is an Information Security Management System (ISMS)?

ISO 27001:2013 Free ISO27001 green papers ISO 27001 and the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme ISO 27001 – a framework for compliance ISO 27001 solutions What is an information security management system (ISMS)? It encompasses people, processes and technology, recognising that information security is not just about antivirus software, implementing the latest firewall or locking down your laptops or web servers.

Free ISO27001 Green Papers ISO 27001 solutions. Information Awareness Month - May 2012 - Information on Demand. Online Database of Consumer Products and Services Social Media Policies. Library and Information Week (23-29 May 2011) - Great Ideas. Online Database of Consumer Products and Services Social Media Policies.