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3D Interview Highspeed 3D at 2000fps « 3DContentBlog Today an exclusive interview that many of you “3D nerds” will enjoy :-) A while ago the folks at Stereobank introduced me to Swiss-based Kamerawerk and we will soon announce our first joint project with this production company. Here is a glimpse of their work. When did you get started with 3D whats your background? We are three partners at Kamerawerk with some 10 years of TV experience each. The company was founded about 3 years ago with 3D as our main area of expertise. Personally I was involved in an R&D programme for 3D at TPC (inhouse production company for Swiss national TV) before that. 3D Interview Highspeed 3D at 2000fps « 3DContentBlog
We've touched and tapped our way through a variety of gadgets at CeBIT, but it's the devices that operate without traditional user interfaces that have really grabbed our focus. Tobii was on-hand to demonstrate its eye-tracking technology earlier this year at CES, but the company is peddling its wares here in Hannover as well, and we decided to drop by for a second look. This time, it's all about gaming, with EyeAsteroids drawing quite a bit of attention on the show floor. The demo pairs Tobii with a SeeFront glasses-free 3D panel for a fairly engaging extraterrestrial shootout. We weren't really sold on the glasses-free 3D, unfortunately, which provides the same unconvincing three-dimensional image from any angle, but Tobii was spot-on, letting us hone in on those infamous space rocks to save our planet from destruction without even raising a finger. Tobii EyeAsteroids 3D lets you destroy virtual space stones with a gaze, we go eyes-on (video) Tobii EyeAsteroids 3D lets you destroy virtual space stones with a gaze, we go eyes-on (video)
By hackengineer Want to take 3D pictures? Need cool things to make with your 3D printer? This 3D camera build uses a Structured lighting technique to create a 3D representation that can be rendered with any 3D software. Structured lighting is basically a set of images that are sequentially projected onto a scene and captured with an ordinary CMOS camera. The deformation of the structured light is ran though an algorithm to determine the depth at each pixel. Kinect-Like 3D camera | hackengineer Kinect-Like 3D camera | hackengineer
Box Office Shocker: 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' Opens to Record-Shattering $70.7 Mil Box Office Shocker: 'Dr. Seuss' The Lorax' Opens to Record-Shattering $70.7 Mil Lighting up the family marketplace, Universal and Illumination Entertainment's environmentally minded Dr. Seuss' The Lorax debuted to a staggering $70.7 million, marking the best opening ever for a non-sequel animated title if the number holds. The 3D pic -- receiving a glowing A CinemaScore -- narrowly bested the $70.5 million earned by Pixar's The Incredibles in 2004, according to Universal estimates. Final numbers will come in Monday morning.
Human Spaceflight and Exploration - ESA is going 3D - printer version ESA is going 3D Station in 3D 5 March 2012 In space, astronauts learn to live and work in three dimensions. Human Spaceflight and Exploration - ESA is going 3D - printer version
The Hobbit 3d Trailer in 3d
THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3D - Official Trailer - In Theaters July 3rd
Switch follows recent breakup of LCD joint venture with Samsung By Kim Yoo-chul Sony is increasingly relying on LG Display to meet its needs for 3D flat screens, after Samsung Electronics bought out the Japanese firm’s share in their joint venture and terminated the partnership, LG sources said Tuesday. Sony is buying more of LG’s film-based 3D screens used in Sony’s popular Bravia TVs. “LG Display is shipping more film-based 3D screens to Sony," one source who is directly involved with the matter told The Korea Times. The LG-Sony collaboration comes at a time when the penetration rate of its film-based 3D panels will rise over 50 percent. [Exclusive] Sony buying more LG 3D flat screens <img src=> [Exclusive] Sony buying more LG 3D flat screens <img src=>
NYPL Labs : Stereogranimator
CES 2012 - Leonar3do - News by www.geekshive.com
The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer in 3d
Titanic 3D (2012) - Official Trailer
'True 3D' Display Using Laser Plasma Technology #DigInfo
Bande annonce Derrière les Murs / Behind the Walls Trailer‬‏
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The Adventures of Tintin Trailer 2011 HD
You don't have to go far to find someone complaining about how every damned movie has to be in 3D these days. It doesn't help that they cost more (and you never know just how much more -- it seems like theaters just roll a D&D die or something and add that number onto the ticket). It's a large-print die. For the older customers. And it's just a big stupid gimmick, right? If they're going to try to charge you up to $20 a ticket, you better damn well be getting something amazing out of it. 4 Reasons 3-D Movies Don't Have to Suck 4 Reasons 3-D Movies Don't Have to Suck
Not sure how we could have missed this one, but better later than never. NiCT Short for National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan announced in January 25th the world’s largest 200-inch Glasses-Free 3D Display allowing multiple users simultaneously view natural looking 3D images given on individual’s movement without any needs for special glasses. One of the NiCT’s biggest challenge was to reduce the presence of “Strip Noise” between parallax images often by the uniformities of brightness and color balance in the parallax images. To solve this problem the researchers at NiCT decided to use LED light sources in order to compensated and balance colors and brightness between projector drastically reducing “Strip Noise” and making possible the development of today’s 200-inch Glasses-Free 3D Display. NiCT announced the world’s largest 200-inch Glasses-Free 3D Display NiCT announced the world’s largest 200-inch Glasses-Free 3D Display
Alien VS DeadSpace 3D by ~vitorzago on deviantART
Virgin Media beats Sky to launch 3D TV service | 3D Television Virgin Media beats Sky to launch 3D TV service | 3D Television Virgin Media has beaten BSkyB to launch what it claims is the first commercially available 3D TV service for domestic viewers. The cable TV company today unveiled the service, called 3D Movies on Demand, which will give customers access to 3D versions of films including StreetDance, Garfield’s Pet Force, Disney’s A Christmas Carol and Despicable Me. BSkyB has garnered most of the media attention about the potential of 3D as it gears up to launch Europe’s first TV channel using the technology, from 1 October. The channel has to date run a loop of preview programming.
シャンデリア: STEREOeYe 「立体写真」業務日誌
The 3D Experience's videos on Vimeo
Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie 3D Gets a Voice Cast Fitting for a film that finds Tim Burton returning to where his career first began, the Hot Topic-favorite director has a voice cast in place for Frankenweenie 3D that will reunite him with some familiar faces. To recap: the film is a stop-motion Disney animated feature, based on his ’80s black-and-white short about a boy named Victor who reanimates his dog after its hit by a car. So who has Burton lined up for the film? Well, in case you can’t put the names to the faces in the pic above: Winona Ryder, Martin Landau, Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara. More details on the casting after the break.
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Turn Your PlayStation Camera Into A 3D Scanner
Piranha 3D: For Your Consideration from Piranha 3D, Jerry O'Connell, Paul Scheer, Adam Scott, Tremendosaur, Riley Steele, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Brook, Brennan Maxwell, and Kat Bardot - Video
Anaglyph 3D Animation - HD Trailer of Pangea the movie
The Avatar storage effect High performance access to file storage Comment Avatar - James Cameron's 3D-enhanced sci-fi CGI space-western movie - is set to be a stunning success, and the storage industry is jumping on the bandwagon carrying its 10 feet tall, blue-skinned aliens. Avatar is being produced by California-based LightStorm Entertainment, which has contracted out much of the CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) work to Weta Digital in New Zealand. Lightstorm ran an all-digital virtual filming environment with performance capture technology and a Pace/Cameron Fusion 3D Camera System, invented by Avatar director James Cameron and Vincent Pace. This produced scores of information-rich, high-resolution 3D film files from the Los Angeles studio, which had to be rendered into viewable movie components. These files were stored on a clustered Isilon IQ filer setup.
yt3d:enable=true - WoW - World of Warcraft
Chaîne de NewSight3D
It’s been another great month for our S3D videos on both our YouTube Channel and our Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel on Vimeo. The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on Vimeo focusses on highlighting the BEST Stereoscopic 3d videos available on Vimeo.The Stereoscopic 3D Channel TESTBED brings you over 750 stereoscopic 3d videos, including stereoscopic training and exclusive versions created only for this group.Enhanced Dimensions on YouTube with over 50,000 views is the premier showcase of our own S3D videos available in a vast range of 3D formats. If you’ve not see any of our Enhanced Dimensions Stereoscopic 3D videos yet, take a break and come on over… glasses at the ready! Stereoscopic 3D | Enhanced Dimensions Stereo 3D Video Booming: O
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Stereo 3D : Baboon's Island
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Test 3D - test03 Real 3D W1 Fuji
Stereoscopic 3D | 3D TV at Edinburgh International Television Fe
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Avatar (2009)
Get Your 3D Glasses Ready, iHologram App for iPhone Coming Soon
6 Tips on Using Natural Window Light Creatively | MCP Actions Bl
3D display made of flying pixel-copters in the works - tech - 25
German Amateur Stereoscopic 3D Short Movie – The Shadow of Justi
Acer's H5360 and X1261 projectors take it to the third dimension
Premiere of 'Hubble 3D'
Tim Burton’s Next 3D Animated Film? Da Da Da Da, Snap Snap: ‘The
Digital TV - News - Virgin Media outlines 3D on-demand plans - D
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Nintendo sees the future in its 3DS | The Digital Home - CNET Ne
LG unveils first Full LED 3D HDTV -- the 22.3mm-thin LX9500 -- E
New glasses-free 3D tech uses per pixel prisms for zero crosstal
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Sharp to launch advanced 3D panels for mobile gear
Debate waging over 2D-to-3D conversion
Director of Clash of the Titans was disappointed in 3D | TG Dail
Laval Virtual 2010 - Home
NVIDIA Verde to sync up desktop and laptop GPU driver releases,
Captain EO Returning to Walt Disney World Resort « Disney Parks
Xbox 360 3D gaming a reality with LG partnership
Sharp Develops 3D Camera Module for Mobile Devices Capable of Ca
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Glasses-Free 3D TVs Said To Be Coming By 2015
Why Should We Bother With 3D Now?
Titanic 3D Confirmed by Avatar Director Cameron
Toshiba prototype display does 2D and 3D at the same time -- Eng
Aiptek's 3D i2 camcorder now up for pre-sale, cheaper than expec
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