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Reconstructions Black Milk mixed media by ingridArtStudio. Another artwork from my latest mixed media series, a combination of photography, drawing and encaustic on multiple paneled surface.The amazing qualities of the encaustic (beeswax) give a new dimension to the image.

Reconstructions Black Milk mixed media by ingridArtStudio

The artwork consists of 18 wood panels- the overall installation measures around 35"x 48".The image is pieced together, not all the parts are revealed, giving it the wonderful feel of a reconstructed image, rediscovered. Also the organization of the multiple panels gives the artworks a wonderful dynamism in spite of the very static, almost frozen image.Starting with a photograph, I mount it on wooden panels and paint on top of it with layers of pigmented beeswax, obtaining a slightly textured surface. The artwork is finished with fine line drawings on top of the beeswax painting and a layer of ebony stain. The pieces come carefully packaged with a certificate of authenticity, shipped via USPS.

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Odani Motohiko Sculptures

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Mai474big.jpg from Sheep Sculptures Made Out of Rotary Phones. Tall Painting.