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Stephen Christophers

(SJC): Specifically, focusing on Creative Media Projects for over 15 years; utilizing core skills in Digital Graphic Design and Journalism; with prior experience in Australia, The United Kingdom, China and Thailand. Currently, located in Bangkok.

Reflections on the New Paradigm

Portfolio - Ben Hodson (SJC) Country Roots to Post-Rock. A Conversation with... The Workshop: A Design Lab. Work by Ben Hodson ▲Title: Chinese Scooter in HDRDescription: 50cc Chinese Scooter: A $150, 50cc Chinese Scooter I purchased while living in Guangdong.

The Workshop: A Design Lab

I "Pimped it": Including, 100cc head and barrel, extractors, turbo and NOS - using my 'Engineering Degree' to transform crap "Made In China", into quality made by Dr.SJC Racing.Medium: Hammer and fuckin' Screwdriver Location: China, GuangdongConcept to Completion: 6 MonthsCosting: $350 give or take.

▲Title: ESL & The Very Best of Chinese EducationDescription: An advertisement for a Chinese education centre: Using my prior five years experience living and working in Asia and the PRC - both as a doctor of psychology, an economics theorist, and teacher of marketing & design. The Sanctuary of Truth. Project: HDR and Tone Mapping. Above: Nikon D5100 with 18-55mm lens.

Project: HDR and Tone Mapping

This image was created by converting the file into three separate exposure values before exporting to Photomatix HDR software, for exposure fusion and tone mapping. Further processing was done using Photoshop. I've saved a selection of the best High Dynamic Range (HDR) 'tone mapping' images at my Flickr favorites. They're about the best examples, with respects to processing skill, photographic subject and composition, that I've personally found in the genre. Most of the photographers represented there show a large body of professional work that's worth exploring a little further. My Tone Mapping Process: My current production method, also-known-as, "Unsharp Masking": using a standard image editing package with .jpeg image format.

It's a little like chemistry: you've got to believe in the photographs ability to produce results using this method. Yes, there's software that produces good quality results, relatively easily. Bangkok Urban-Casual Street Wear. Well, it's a hard job ... and, without my usual coffee fix.

Bangkok Urban-Casual Street Wear

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a good model here in Bangkok. I usually settle for using a ladyboy; "Ladyboy!? " you say. Nevertheless, their skills come naturally, with confidence, and it's just too hard to tell the difference at times. I met lovely Cate from Chang Rai a few weeks ago. The end product has little digital altering, other than the first two images in the set. Work by Ben Hodson. The Best Testament: The Book of Benjamin. My new project: behold ~ The Best Testament: The Book of Benjamin.

The Best Testament: The Book of Benjamin

It will be a whole lot of parables; excerpts from a non-existent manuscript, found on-top-of-a-hill in northern Ethiopia; a fictitious concept; The Book of Benjamin, a righteous satire nonetheless: [The Book of Benjamin: The Old Testament] In the beginning there was the, 'Evolution of Species' but we shall skip that part. It was thus, the Lord did take a week to make the moonbeams, the beautiful blue sky, all the pretty animals and old growth forests etc... Motorcycle Tours, Pattaya, Thailand. Welcome to Pattaya Motorcycle Tours: We offer the best tailored motorcycle and off-road tours in Southeast Thailand: from day trips to Big Buddha, through the rural scenic areas that surrounds Pattaya; Rice fields, Tapioca and Banana plantations, to fishing villages, that dot the coastline of this region of Thailand; and with beautiful Buddhist temple complexes, all within easy riding distance from your hotel.

Motorcycle Tours, Pattaya, Thailand

Packages include beginner bikes to advanced: we offer a full range of bikes, from 125cc automatics to larger 1000cc Sports and Touring motorcycles, for the more advanced rider. Motorcycle tours are a great way to take in all that this region of Thailand has on offer. It's our aim at PMT to bring you the best tour possible, off-the-beaten-track, and full of adventure.

Day tours start from Baht3000 - all inclusive. Please contact me for more details on advanced tour packages and tailored tours and we will be happy to assist you in building a perfect tour itinerary. Dr.Christophers (take the red pill) The following Photographs were taken by Ben Hodson for the website, 'Reflections on the New Paradigm' an online publication by Britain's foremost 21st century comic writer-realist...

Dr.Christophers (take the red pill)

Reflections on the New Paradigm web-blog contains a variety of written works, essays and articles developed by Benjamin David Hodson (SJC) while living and working in Asia. 'Reflections' is primarily a philosophical blog-spot, one that skirts the depths of psychology and socio-economics. Dr.Christophers (take the red pill)'s favorite photos and videos. Most interesting photos from Entropy in Motion pool. Photos from Dr.Christophers (take the red pill) Dr.Christophers (take the red pill)'s photosets. Drchristophers on deviantART. Stephen Christophers (@DrChristophers) sur Twitter.

A State of Curiosity

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