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How Is Information Technology Changing Healthcare? [INFOGRAPHIC] It's not such a surprise these days when you visit your doctor's office and your physician uses an iPad to take notes and store your medical records electronically.

How Is Information Technology Changing Healthcare? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It makes sense, since managing modern-day medical information involves a great deal of effort and resources. This tech shift has spurred the field of "health informatics," which describes the intersection of healthcare, information technology and business. The infographic below — by the University of Illinois at Chicago's (UIC) Online Masters of Health Informatics program — breaks down and describes health informatics and the mashup of technology and healthcare. According to the UIC program, health informatics systems can streamline medical care, reduce repeated or duplicate tests/procedures and automate manual processes. But it's not all rosy: some doctors say electronic health records negatively affect care and some believe it makes interaction impersonal. A Unified Software Development Lifecycle. Recently, in response to an audit, I was asked to document our Software Development Lifecycle across all our platforms - clinical, financial, and web.

A Unified Software Development Lifecycle

Here's what I wrote. I hope you find it useful. 1. Project Definition Multi-stakeholder governance bodies of business owners and IS professionals meet on a regular basis to define the scope and requirements of new projects. UML.

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