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RELEVANT Magazine - Even Jesus Wept. Editor's Note: This week, we're revisiting the most popular webcontent on in 2011—and this one caught us by surprise. People don't want to read about being sad, right? Yet, a great number of readers passed along this article about the theology of sorrow. Many Christians see God as an emotionless deity, and tend to view their feelings, especially negative ones, as being unlike Him. But Caleb (a funeral director who knows a thing or two about the heights of emotion) reveals a God who has known the ache of loss, who empathizes with His children and can even turn suffering into something sacred. Jesus likes crappy gifts. Dads are weird.

Jesus likes crappy gifts.

They love lame gifts from their kids. Have you seen some of the 'art' or 'paintings' dads have on their refrigerator? I swear my dog [the smart one, not the dumb one] could draw something more grand. Worst part is when dads try to show it off. A look at modern Christianity. Skeptics Annotated Bible / Quran / Book of Mormon.