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Compare and report on the US and French election systems

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The US election system. Elections in France and the United States: The Same and So Very Different. In 2012, two very important and highly contested presidential elections are taking place in France (April 22) and the United States (November 6). Virtually the same issues are being debated in each country, and almost in the same manner. And in both countries, the president is the most powerful political figure. But there is one very great difference between the two: not ideology but the rules of the election.

Different rules breed strikingly different electoral tactics. (Photo: Reuters) In both countries, there are two major parties which have historically presented themselves as essentially center-right versus center-left. Observers of most political persuasions agree that the actual policies of the two parties, when in power, are not that different. In both countries, there exists what might be called an extreme right and a radical left. In France, elections work quite differently. The French system does have one flaw. Where does this leave us?

The 2016 US presidential elections

The French election system. The US elections.