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Business: Where angels will tread. Rules for Revolutionaries. To Achieve Big Goals, Become A Pattern Thinker (Or, How The Cool Ranch Dorito Was Born) First Break All The Rules. USDA awards $40 million grants to boost local farm/food projects. Preserving Cabrini-Green's images In the sharp sun of an April afternoon, Nate Lanthrum walks through the remains of Cabrini-Green giving away what he has taken.

USDA awards $40 million grants to boost local farm/food projects


Is China really on the verge of surpassing the U.S.? Many businessmen believe American hegemony is doomed by China's muscular manufacturing sector.

Is China really on the verge of surpassing the U.S.?

Not so fast, critics say America is on the decline, and a rising China is on its way to trouncing us, right? That seems to be the conventional wisdom highlighted by a new survey of Harvard Business School graduates. Roughly two-thirds of respondents expect America to "lose ground" to Brazil, India, and China, says the Economist. More than seven in 10 believe U.S. competitiveness will decline in the next three years. Yes. SEE MORE: China's 'amazing' construction of a 30-story building in 360 hours America is doing just fine: "Predictions about the death of American hegemony have been greatly exaggerated," says Daniel W.

It's actually China's dominance that is greatly exaggerated: Let's put this in perspective, says Michael Beckley at International Security. View this article on Get 4 Free Issues of The Week. Mark Mills and Julio Ottino: The Coming Tech-led Boom. AppAddictive Raises $1.2 Million For Drag-And-Drop Facebook Page Builder & Ad Platform. AppAddictive, a newly launched DreamIt-backed startup from the 2011 NYC class, has just scored $1.2 million in seed funding for its drag-and-drop Facebook page creation tools and (forthcoming) ad platform.

AppAddictive Raises $1.2 Million For Drag-And-Drop Facebook Page Builder & Ad Platform

Designed to bring the same tools the big guys use to smaller businesses and other industry verticals, AppAddictive will offer dozens of easy-to-install applications for Facebook pages, including things like custom landing pages, photo and video galleries, static HTML, quizzes and more. The funding comes from Great Oaks Venture Capital, Siemer Ventures, and Tholons. The current list of apps is somewhat modest – there are now around ten or so drag-and-drop applications available that let you add things like a YouTube gallery or a signup form to a Facebook page. But, explains founder Mike Onghai, the goal is to expand the selection into a veritable “app store” for Facebook pages, with sections dedicated to industry verticals.

“At Apple Everything Is A Secret” All companies have secrets, of course.

“At Apple Everything Is A Secret”

The difference is that at Apple everything is a secret. —Adam Lashinsky, Inside Apple Last year, the Steve Jobs biography was the best-selling book on Amazon. But there is another book about Apple coming out which isn’t authorized that delves into the culture of secrecy at Apple. Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired—and Secretive—Company Really Works was written by Fortune senior editor at large Adam Lashinsky, based on a Fortune story he wrote last summer. The book details how Apple keeps its secrets by policing both internal and external leaks. Apple employees know something big is afoot when the carpenters appear in their office building. The Rise of the New Groupthink. Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook: Who will win the tech war? - Mobile Marketer - Software and technology. By Lauren Johnson November 11, 2011 NEW YORK – As the tech war continues between four of the industry’s biggest players – Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook – data will be the deciding factor for which company wins.

Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook: Who will win the tech war? - Mobile Marketer - Software and technology

During the “The new power brokers: How Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Amazon are changing the game, and how brands and agencies should respond” panel at ad:tech, industry experts debated on which company holds the most power. Why Is the Head of Zappos Smiling?


Watch salesman became upscale timepiece maker. Fast Company. Big Data Analytics: Trends to Watch For in 2012 - Harlan Smith - Voices. Over the last several years, there has been a massive surge of interest in Big Data Analytics and the groundbreaking opportunities it provides for enterprise information management and decision making.

Big Data Analytics: Trends to Watch For in 2012 - Harlan Smith - Voices

Big Data Analytics is no longer a specialized solution for cutting-edge technology companies — it is evolving into a viable, cost-effective way to store and analyze large volumes of data across many industries. Which 'big data' are you talking about? Late last year I posted a blog item about big data and if/when it would present opportunities for storage vendors.

Which 'big data' are you talking about?

Why 'big data' is a magnet for startups. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

Why 'big data' is a magnet for startups

--Armies of entrepreneurs are trying to make money sifting through mountains of data from the Web and other sources, but one of the biggest challenges is simply getting control of the data in the first place Entrepreneurs at an event here this week said that the trend of "big data," or collecting and analyzing reams of information from varied sources, threatens incumbent technology providers and enables applications once considered impossible. Startups are harnessing massive amounts of data to generate personalized entertainment ideas, predict how media coverage will affect company stock prices, or analyze genomes in the search of new medical treatments. As these applications begin to crop up, the computer scientists behind them are realizing that they require a completely different technical foundation, according to people at the event organized the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.