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Gezondheid en Fitness

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600 Reasons Turmeric May Be The World's Most Important Herb. How To be so Productive You Can't Stand it. You might think that creatives as diverse as Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, industrial design firm Studio 7.5, and bestselling Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami would have little in common.

How To be so Productive You Can't Stand it

In fact, the tenets that guide how they – and exceptionally productive creatives across the board – make ideas happen are incredibly similar. Here are 10 laws of productivity we’ve consistently observed among serial idea executors: 1. Break the seal of hesitation. A bias toward action is the most common trait we’ve found across the hundreds of creative professionals and entrepreneurs we’ve interviewed. 2. When our ideas are still in our head, we tend to think big, blue sky concepts. 3. Trial and error is an essential part of any creative’s life. To avoid ‘blue sky paralysis,’ pare your idea down to a small, immediately executable concept. 4. When working on in-depth projects, we generate lots of new ideas along the way. Exercise for older golfers. Dave Tutelman -- December 1, 2013 The exercise I do is not all that golf-specific.

Exercise for older golfers

It is really body maintenance, to keep me in shape as I age. But it certainly helps me play golf, and walking golf at that. The exercises include muscle strengthening, stretching, and warding off back problems. Do You Make These 5 Kettlebell Workout Mistakes? Broccoli-Sprout Compound May Improve Symptoms of Autism. The Starter's Exercise Plan. Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea. Updated October 01, 2014.

Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Every superfood or functional foods list needs a healthy beverage or two, and green tea is usually at the top of the list. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that may offer health benefits and has no calories (unless you add lots of milk and sugar). Green tea frequently makes the cancer-preventing super foods lists due to the anti-cancer effects of green tea and green tea extracts found in laboratory research.

It contains antioxidants called catechins that may slow down the growth of cancer cells. In laboratory studies, catechins stop free radical damage to cells and reduce the number and sizes of tumors. But it's important to go beyond petri dishes, test tubes and lab animals - to really be a superfood, some human research is necessary. The research isn't conclusive anyway, because other dietary and lifestyle factors can affect the outcomes of these studies. Green tea and black tea both come from the same plant called Camellia sinensis.

Sources: Fast Exercise » Welcome to HIT: fitter, stronger, better. Fast Exercise » Welcome to HIT: fitter, stronger, better. 100 no-equipment workouts. Fysius Rugexperts - Terug naar een gezonde rug. Hoe het werkt. Why High-Intensity Training Is So Beneficial for Health. Michael Mosley answers questions about high intensity training (HIT) Pilates, Foot Fitness, and Mind-Body Health. Home | Blog Latest Posts Recovering from Foot Surgery and Exercise Get your feet back in shape with the right foot-fitness exercises in your post-surgery recovery plan to retrain your body and help keep your feet healthy and pain-free.

Pilates, Foot Fitness, and Mind-Body Health

Foot Surgery and Exercise, the Next Step… Foot-Care Training Tips to Help Get Your Feet Back in Shape “I just had foot surgery ten weeks ago bunion and two hammertoes how do I get my feet back in shape I do yoga Pilates and aerobics also any DVD exercises?” A great question from Fran about recovering from foot surgery and exercise, popped into my inbox this week. Many of my clients who have had foot surgery were released by their doctor and not sent to Physical Therapy to do any type of rehab after surgery. Continue Reading ‘Recovering from Foot Surgery and Exercise Continue Reading Knee Exercises for Chondromalacia Patella Simple Strategies to Reduce Knee Pain Chondromalacia patella or Patellofemoral syndrome can be a very painful knee condition. Continue Reading. New Science Destroys the Saturated Fat Myth. 5 Bodyweight Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong. Slideshow: Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain. Hamstring Stretch Stretching improves range of motion and keeps you limber.

Slideshow: Exercises for Knee Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain

To get the most out of your stretches, warm up first with a 5-minute walk. To stretch, lie down. Loop a bed sheet around your right foot. Use the sheet to help pull the straight leg up and stretch it. Calf Stretch Stretching exercises also help prevent pain and injury. To do a calf stretch, hold onto a chair for balance. For more of a stretch: Lean forward, bending the right knee deeper. Straight Leg Raise Build muscle strength to help support weak joints. Lie on the floor, upper body supported by your elbows. Pause, as shown, for 3 seconds. Quad Set Is the straight leg raise too tough? Start by lying on the floor. Seated Hip March Strengthen your hips and thigh muscles. Sit up straight in a chair. Too hard? Pillow Squeeze This move helps strengthen the inside of your legs to better support your knees.

Squeeze your knees together, squishing the pillow between them. Too hard? Heel Raise Too hard? Side Leg Raise.