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Business & Family Lawyers in Houston Texas. Houston Family Law And Personal Injury Attorneys. Frequently Asked Questions. My community estate is substantial—however, my spouse controls the community estate and has shut me out because s/he knows I am interested in filing for divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help? In certain situations where the estate has substantial assets, but one party controls the community estate and has excluded the other party from the use of the community estate, we may agree to represent the party that has been ‘shut out’ from the use of the community estate with little or no “upfront fees”. If you are in this situation, contact us immediately—let’s see what we can do for you.

Do you offer free consultation? We offer a complementary telephone case evaluation that typically lasts for about 15 – 30 minutes. Business Lawyers in Houston TX. Houston Texas Medical Negligence Attorneys. Houston Texas Family Lawyers. Houston Texas Business Attorneys. Houston TX Medical Negligence Attorneys. Medical Malpractice Lawyers. Houston Escrow Attorney. Houston Breach of Contract Lawyer. Houston TX Business And Family Attorneys. Houston TX Family Attorneys. Mr.

Houston TX Family Attorneys

Derek U. Obialo is of counsel to AnunobiLaw PLLC and assists in business and commercial litigation cases. Houston TX Business Attorneys. Attorney Chidi Anunobi has a unique blend of legal, business and technology experience gained from his broad based work experience and his extensive academic training.

Houston TX Business Attorneys

Atty. Anunobi was formerly a Senior Software Engineer at Verizon Communications where he helped in developing and maintaining software that manage Telephone Number administration. After Verizon, Atty. Houston TX Business Lawyer at Anunobi Law PLLC. Business And Family Lawyers Houston TX. Houston Business Attorney.