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At Abbot Benefits Group, our vision is a community where businesses, families, and individuals have the most suitable benefits for their needs serving Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Houston, and all of Texas.

Contact | Houston Group Medical Insurance Agent | Abbot Benefits Group. Ready to take the next step with Abbot Benefits Group? Have a question about our services, or want to learn more about our process? Reach out to get connected with one of our benefits experts today. We'd love to hear from you! 11027 Northpointe Blvd Suite B, Tomball, Texas, 77375. Resources | Houston Small Business Health Coverage | Abbot Benefits Group. Our Process | Group Health Coverage Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Group Supplemental Insurance Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. At Abbot Benefits Group, our sole aim is to ensure that each client receives the best insurance benefits plan for their needs. Depending on your unique situation, it may be advantageous to offer additional benefits to supplement your medical insurance or other benefit plans.

Think you might need supplemental insurance? Here are some examples of how we help employers choose the right add-ons for their benefits plans: Health Reimbursement Arrangements In Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), employers reimburse employees for some – or all – expenses on their medical plan. A common use of an HRA is to increase the deductible on the medical insurance plan and then reimburse employees for the additional deductible expenses, if incurred. Abbot Benefits Group will consult with you and take a holistic approach while structuring your benefits plan to determine whether a Health Reimbursement Arrangement is a good choice for you.

Critical Illness Insurance Accident Insurance GAP Plans. Group Life And Disability Insurance Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Life and disability benefits are crucial for employers and employees alike. Navigating the life and disability market can quickly become confusing – but this is where Abbot Benefits Group shines. We know the insurance benefits market inside and out, and work with a wide range of carriers to provide maximum flexibility for our clients. Here are the most common ways we help our clients with their life and disability insurance benefit plans: Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance Paying attention to the contractual details on a disability policy can make a huge difference. We’ll consult with you and help you answer the most pressing questions on disability insurance policies, such as: Disability definitions – How will your plan define a disability? Life Insurance Life insurance benefits plans are highly detail-oriented, and failing to understand each piece can put your plan at a significant disadvantage.

Issue limits – What are the guaranteed issue limits in your plan? Dental And Vision Insurance Provider Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Abbot Benefits Group works with a wide range of carriers, and we bring our deep market expertise to guide clients to the right dental and vision insurance plan for their needs. We’ll help you determine whether you need fully insured or self-funded coverage, and pay close attention to key factors, such as: Procedure placements – How will root canals or anesthesia be classified? Will they be considered a basic or major service under your dental insurance plan? Out-of-network reimbursement – How will out-of-network reimbursement be handled? There can be significant fluctuation in how these levels are constructed.

Two plans may look the same on paper, but one may only pay up to $65 for a filling while the other pays up to $222. Provider networks – What is the provider network structure? Let Abbot Benefits Group Create the Right Dental and Vision Coverage for Your Business Not all dental and vision insurance plans are created equal. Group Medical Insurance Provider Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Our team brings deep experience in medical insurance in all aspects for small and medium-sized businesses.

Not sure what kind of medical insurance is right for your business? Abbot Benefits Group can help! Here are some of the most common ways we help our clients ensure that their medical plans are built for maximum benefits: Fully Insured Plans These are the most traditional – and most simple – medical insurance plans. Employers pay a fixed monthly premium to the health insurance company. This allows for all liability for paying claims to be transferred to the health insurance company. For small businesses (fewer than 50 employees), these plans are best for employer groups with higher risk/higher claims.

For medium-sized businesses (more than 50 employees), these plans are best for employers that prefer a fixed monthly budget. Level-Funded Plans Level-funded plans have become increasingly popular for small businesses. Private Exchanges Self-Funded Plans Medical Captives. Human Resources Support Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. No matter the industry or size, every company will encounter gray areas or find themselves in need of guidance with Human Resources. At Abbot Benefits Group, we maintain a deep well of resources to help guide clients through their toughest HR challenges. Why are we so committed to helping with HR? Insurance benefits are closely related to HR on many levels.

In fact, your internal HR admin is likely also in charge of employee benefits. Our clients utilize our human resources support as a value-added service to enhance their existing HR framework. A certified HR specialist Our partnership with Benefit Concepts, Inc. gives us direct access to a dedicated HR specialist, which we pass along to our clients. HR can certainly be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. Insurance Compliance Assistance Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Compliance can be a significant burden when offering benefits – and the consequences of failing to comply are far-reaching. With fluctuating regulations and requirements, keeping each piece of your benefits plan fully compliant is a never-ending task.

We aim to make compliance as stress-free as possible. This starts by communicating all updates with our clients, and continues with providing solutions throughout every step. Our insurance compliance assistance covers a wide range of regulatory challenges, including: ACA compliance Distributing required notices; understanding and complying with benefit and affordability regulations; handling ACA reporting (Section 6055 and 6056); formulating calculations, and assisting with filing for PCORI fees. ERISA compliance Establishing required ERISA plan documents and summary plan descriptions for the benefit plans; distributing required notices; and preparing and filing Form 5500. Group Insurance Administration Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Our commitment to providing the highest level of administrative service to our clients is second to none. From start to finish, our goal is to remove the burden of implementing and managing benefit plans. We provide the following group insurance administration offerings: Online enrollment and administration Employees can make open enrollment benefit elections and mid-year qualifying event changes through our administration platform – available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Employer administrators can also use this platform to view critical data such as elections, reports, payroll deductions, and more. Our platform features direct integration with many insurance companies, allowing for automatic updates to enrollment changes. Customized employee enrollment guides and communications We design dynamic guides and materials in-house that are tailored specifically to your plan, helping you effectively communicate all aspects of employee benefits. Group Health Insurance Consulting Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Truly effective benefits packages are much more than facts and figures. We consult one-on-one with our clients to develop plans that fulfill one singular goal: to attract, retain, and care for their employees.

Benefit plans that are not properly thought out may fail to meet that goal. To properly guide the development of your benefits package, Abbot Benefits Group takes both a short-term and long-term outlook to customize your benefits plan to fit your unique needs. This includes: Getting to know your business We’ll assess the demographics (ages, genders, family composition, etc.) and unique characteristics of your company to gain a deep understanding of your industry.

This multi-dimensional approach gives us a starting point to understand what type of plan (fully insured, level funded, etc.) might be the best fit for your business – and what types of benefits might be more important than others. Analyzing historical claims data What claims have been filed in the past? Insurance Brokerage Services Houston, TX | Abbot Benefits Group. Our insurance brokerage services start by quoting insurance plans with all the suitable carriers in the market. Once that foundation is set, we go further by negotiating rates with carriers, presenting and recommending benefit packages to our clients, and handling the paperwork and implementation of the plan from start to finish. These service components are simply the beginning. We dive much deeper as we expand our role to consulting, administration, compliance assistance and HR support, providing an additional layer of guidance, support, and empowerment for our clients. Why trust Abbot Benefits for brokerage services?

Our deep experience and proven expertise gives us the following advantages: Market expertise We know the market inside and out. This enables us to identify which carriers and plans are the best fit for each unique client situation. We are proud to provide expert brokerage services throughout the Houston area, and welcome any questions that you may have.

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