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Untitled. XPLANE - Better business, designed. Brand Led Innovation. We solve client challenges with a simple yet powerful process. 6.2 puts the brand at the heart of all organisational innovation — creating a shared vision for the brand (external, for the user) and organisation (internal, for the organisation) in order to drive sustainable solutions to complex problems.

Brand Led Innovation

We make innovation real. Every concept, every idea, needs to be tested in the real world and against the people who are creating it. We create products and services by aligning our design team, developers, consultants and project leads to work across every step of the process to the final product. [image_with_animation animation="Fade In" image_url=" [/image_with_animation] [one_fourth] 1.

Turning Stories into insight Through internal review, market and user research, and strategic analysis, we gather intelligence to generate consumer and commercial insight, with an end-goal of defining the ’real problem’ that exists in the business. [/one_fourth] 2. Insight into ideas + solutions 3. 4. The Pop-up Community … a new social mindset. Social Innovation. Social innovation seeks to create transformational change in under-served, underrepresented, and disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Social Innovation

At IDEO, we use design thinking to address issues such as poverty, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, economic empowerment, access to financial services, and gender equity. Our projects involve clients in both the private and public sectors. To help them develop effective solutions, we create not only products and services, but also the entire system that supports them. This often means spending considerable time in the field, living and working with the people we’re striving to assist. We routinely partner with local leaders (who act as our trusted advisers) to ensure that all concepts and solutions are practical, culturally appropriate, scalable, and sustainable.

This means that before introducing anything new, we figure out what really matters to the target population—and what will motivate them to accept and adopt our solution. Capabilities. Innovation is the successful application of an idea in context.


We acknowledge the interdependency of human behaviour, the dynamics of market and culture – and the viability of businesses and organisations. We use design thinking throughout the entire process to make change happen. The outcome is service and communications solutions that improve the world – one small step at a time. Our core disciplinesAnd how we bridge them We work with three core disciplines: Insight, Strategy and Design. Through prototyping we quickly establish flaws and attributes before engaging in a more in-depth process. Building a solid foundation through analysis, applied business anthropology, social probing among other tools. Combining brand, service and experience into one integrated concept that flows across your organisation’s touch points. Freims: Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations.

SYPartners. What Consultants Do - Start Your Own Consulting Business. Glazer Business & Brand Consultants. Facilitation Techniques. There are thousands of good techniques to make our meetings productive, participative, friendly, cooperative... and fun!

Facilitation Techniques

(See note aside). 1. Think and Listen Work in pairs for a Think and Listen. For half the time one person is the thinker and the other is the listener. 2. In a Go-Round everyone gets to speak for a short, equal time, taking turns, often going round a circle of people. 3. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to quickly generate a lot of ideas is to brainstorm. Encourage creativity Involve everyone Generate excitement and energy Separate people from the ideas they suggest. Guidelines: Start by reviewing the topic; make sure everyone understands the issues. 4. A facilitator will need to know how the participants at a meeting are doing. 5. Mind maps are freehand diagrams that start from a circle in the middle and have 'arms' or 'branches' radiating out at all angles. The School of Life - Good Ideas for Everyday Life.

AtKisson. Link up with others who share your interest in the ISIS Method and sustainability change agentry.


AtKisson Group supports and maintains several networks of people working different aspects of sustainability, using our tools and methods. The Compass Schools Network brings educational practitioners together who are graduates of our Compass Schools workshops, which are largely focused on international schools in Asia (but is growing into other regions). If you are interested in participating in such a workshop, and in learning more about our Compass Schools program, please click here to write to our program coordinator. Barking Up The Wrong Tree. Peter senge and the theory and practice of the learning organization. Contents: introduction · peter senge · the learning organization · systems thinking – the cornerstone of the learning organization · the core disciplines · leading the learning organization · issues and problems · conclusion · further reading and references · links Peter M.

peter senge and the theory and practice of the learning organization

Senge (1947- ) was named a ‘Strategist of the Century’ by the Journal of Business Strategy, one of 24 men and women who have ‘had the greatest impact on the way we conduct business today’ (September/October 1999). While he has studied how firms and organizations develop adaptive capabilities for many years at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it was Peter Senge’s 1990 book The Fifth Discipline that brought him firmly into the limelight and popularized the concept of the ‘learning organization’. Since its publication, more than a million copies have been sold and in 1997, Harvard Business Review identified it as one of the seminal management books of the past 75 years. Peter Senge. Social Consciousness.