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Smart Bike. Sondors Electric Bike. Wave Electric 28 MPH Bike. The Fastest and Most Affordable Electric Bike EVER!

Wave Electric 28 MPH Bike

Priced Only $599 for a LIMITED TIME! The World's Most Affordable Electric Bike Ever! The Wave eBike is revolutionizing the electric bike market! This super low priced eBike is packed with features, including an incredibly powerful 750-Watt motor with a 28 MPH top speed and cross-functional, all-purpose tires. The Wave eBike has an effective range of over 52 miles! Wave eBike Features Top of the line specs at the lowest price ever. The Wave eBike offers a comfortable and stylish designed packed with features you'd expect to find in electric bikes costing $2,000 to $3,000. Any place, any time. Want to get from point A to point B? What people are saying... "The bike looks really good. -Greg F., Manager, "Sounds like a great bike! " -Gina P., Writer, "I'm excited about the Wave eBike.

-Phil E., Publisher, 26.95 Miles Video Proof 28+ MPH Video Proof Uphill Performance Battery Removal & Charging. YERKA - The Unstealable Bike. ** El cuadro Yerka incluye Tuercas Anti- Robo y Tubo de Sillín.

YERKA - The Unstealable Bike

No incluye Sillín. Encontrar un gran proveedor es difícil, y no estamos dispuestos a cambiar la calidad por una rápida entrega. Pensando siempre en la calidad, por cada 1000 unidades vendidas de YERKA®, estas serán entregadas en distintos lotes con separación de un mes, empezando el primero en Octubre.

Hemos llegado a Indiegogo para compartir nuestro proyecto con todos ustedes, con este increíble grupo de amantes de la bicicleta y que merecen un mejor sistema para asegurar sus bicicletas al dejarlas estacionadas. Queremos que te sientas y estés seguro, pero también queremos escucharte. Sabemos que es un proyecto ambicioso, pero estamos seguros que con tu ayuda, esto se puede volver una realidad mundial.

Dicen que algunos corren antes de aprender a caminar… nosotros aprendimos a pedalear antes de caminar! La bicicleta es más que simplemente un cuadro, las ruedas y la cadena. ¿Cómo puedo pagar mi YERKA®? ¡Es compatible! Add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle. You love cycling but because it can be exhausting you are thinking about an e-bike?

add-e: Simply add electricity to YOUR bicycle

Even more, you love your own bike and don´t want to change it for a heavy and bulky e-bike? This is a true dilemma and makes add-e the answer. New technology, high quality materials and quality engineering now makes it possible to turn your own bike into an e-bike with style. Mounted within seconds! With add-e you can choose to use your bike as a normal bicycle or as an e-bike. Add-e can be fitted to almost any bicycle without trouble, by using the mounting brackets provided. Add-e is a friction roller drive.

Add-e is built according to the European Pedelec Standards. You like add-e and want to support us? After reaching our campaign target, we will do our utmost to get your order out quickly. LIVALL: the First Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet. -Ended in Los Angeles on August 7th.

LIVALL: the First Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet

The “Cycling Across U.S.” team is sponsored by LIVALL and led by Mr. Feibao Jin, who earlier climbed 7 summits and walked from the South to the North Pole in 19 months. The team departed on June 3rd in Plymouth and plans to arrive in LA on August 7th. They have arrived in Santa Monica, the end of Route 66 recently with their LIVALL gear! Creating a safe and joyful cycling experience is the reason we created LIVALL smart riding equipment. In order to put our product into mass production and to let more people get to know our product, we need funds. How LIVALL was founded? The full name of the company is Shenzhen Qianhai LIVALL IOT Technology Co., Ltd, simplified as LIVALL. LIVALL is not just our product’s brand name, it’s also our team’s spirit. Brian majored in Scientific and Technological Information and Management from Wuhan University (China) and an MBA from Massey University (New Zealand).

Delivery We are ready for mass production.