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Without motivation it becomes hard to move ahead, in this crucial life where one has to see and confront various sort of challenges on daily basis, to climb up the ladder, to cross the boundaries, to achieve something mighty in life, a person has to go through hardships, struggles, problems and a lot more constraints.

Criticism, plenty of disappointments, letdowns, pessimism, disapproval hence nothing is left to have been spoken against us at the time of trial. It is the sacrifices that pay off in the end, it is the willpower, fortitude and adamant behavior that helps a man to go ahead and move mountains. We all look for inspirational figures in life; we are inspired by people who set into the frame of our role model.

We live by their preaching, we stand by their morale lifting sayings and trust me their sayings help a lot. Obviously the new generation has their own mindset; they hardly stand and give any heed to the advices of experienced people that is when the bad luck befalls. Happy and creative with Sue Langley at Happiness & Its Causes 2015. All Ideas Are Second-Hand: Mark Twain on Plagiarism and Originality, in a Letter to Helen Keller. By Maria Popova “The kernel, the soul — let us go further and say the substance, the bulk, the actual and valuable material of all human utterances — is plagiarism.”

All Ideas Are Second-Hand: Mark Twain on Plagiarism and Originality, in a Letter to Helen Keller

The combinatorial nature of creativity is something I think about a great deal, so this 1903 letter Mark Twain wrote to his friend Helen Keller, found in Mark Twain’s Letters, Vol. 2 of 2 (public library | IndieBound), makes me nod with the manic indefatigability of a dashboard bobble-head dog. In this excerpt, Twain addresses some plagiarism charges that had been made against Keller some 11 years prior, when her short story “The Frost King” was found to be strikingly similar to Margaret Canby’s “Frost Fairies.”

Keller was acquitted after an investigation, but the incident stuck with Twain and prompted him to pen the following passionate words more than a decade later, which articulate just about everything I believe to be true of combinatorial creativity and the myth of originality: ↬ Letters of Note Donating = Loving. Joni Mitchell on Therapy and the Creative Mind. By Maria Popova It’s paradoxical that while “art holds out the promise of inner wholeness” for those who experience it, the relationship between creativity and mental illness is well-documented among those who make it, as is the anguish of artists who experience it.

Joni Mitchell on Therapy and the Creative Mind

This, perhaps, renders the cultivation and preservation of mental health all the more urgently important for artists and those operating on a high frequency of creativity. Eight-time Grammy recipient Joni Mitchell (b. November 7, 1943), undoubtedly one of the most original and influential musicians of the past century, as well as an enormously talented painter, speaks to the value of therapy and a commitment to mental health in Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words (public library | IndieBound) — that wonderful collection of wide-ranging conversations by musician, documentarian, and broadcast journalist Malka Marom, which also gave us Mitchell on freedom, creativity, and the dark side of success.

I think it did me a lot of good.

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