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Cancer. Why you should never go to the hospital in July. Anthony Youn, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Metro Detroit.

Why you should never go to the hospital in July

He is the author of “In Stitches,” a humorous memoir about growing up Asian American and becoming a doctor. Do not get sick in July. Why? You might die. A recent study published by the Journal of General Internal Medicine reported a 10 percent spike in teaching hospital deaths during the month of July due to medical errors. Typically, medical students graduate in June and begin their first year of residency training — internship — in July.

Like most interns, I arrived with four years of medical school under my belt, an M.D. after my name, and virtually no practical knowledge of medicine. My first night on call. “Call a code!” I look left, right, and behind me. Gulp. “OK,” I say, hoping that she hasn’t noticed that my voice has leaped an octave. The truth is, I’ve just finished orientation, which included a course in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, but I have not spent a minute reviewing the manual. “What should we do, doctor?” Blog » Blog Archive » 23 Surprisingly Effective Treatments for Depression (One Year Later) For the live-updated, interactive version of this infographic, click here.

Blog » Blog Archive » 23 Surprisingly Effective Treatments for Depression (One Year Later)

A year ago, we published one of our most popular findings – 6 surprisingly effective treatments for depression. I went ahead and repeated the analysis today, and now we have 23 treatments in the “surprisingly effective” category for depression. This chart is based on 4,956 people with depression who participated in CureTogether surveys, compared to 944 people last year. The top treatments are still exercise, sleep, and talking to others – they are popular and effective ways to feel better when you’re depressed. But here are 23 things you may not have tried that thousands of others say worked well for them: 1. Another new thing on this chart: alcohol was added as a treatment, and was rated to make depression worse instead of better. To navigate the graph above: Where did this data come from?

This is part of our regular series of research findings. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free. - a free online surgical resource. ONLINE TUTORIAL. Medical School Podcast » Free Podcasts. » Test Anxiety and Burnout – part 1 Episode 96: Learn the facts about stress during USMLE Step 1 preparation.

Medical School Podcast » Free Podcasts

Download Slide Set: MS2 Lecture- Preventing Burnout While Preparing for USMLE Step 1 Burnout in Medical Students In this episode, you’ll learn the statistics behind the 5-30% prevalence of suicidal ideation among medical students. Depression is more common in residents than the general population. […] » Choosing a Mentor in Medicine Episode 95: Learn what to look for in a mentor and how they can help you accomplish your goals. » How to Deal with Critical Attendings Episode 95: Whether it’s inadequate note taking, or if something is missing here or there or mistake, or some kind of habit, let’s face it. » What Residency Programs Are Looking For Episode 94: Learn what programs are looking for in an ERAS application. » Unveiling MMC Finances – Global Outreach Needs Your Help » Oncology Lecture 3 – Cross-Synaptic Learning for the USMLE » The Incredible Shrinking Residency Crisis.