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AWST & WALTHER. BOROS TALKS #3. Joomeo - Photo storage and HD photo sharing on private networks. 30 Striking Examples of Reflection in Photography. Reflections are all around us, and are a large part of natural beauty.

30 Striking Examples of Reflection in Photography

I particularly like reflections as the symmetry created draws parralels to some of the primary principles of good design. Additionally the reflections often expose things not obvious in the original subject. Often reflections can take on new, and more interesting forms, displaying an entirely new dimension to things. Get more of our great design content direct to your inbox Join our newsletter and receive our best weekly content by email. About the Author: Tom is the founder of PSDFAN. Related Posts. Search Results for "architecture" - VADS: the online resource for visual arts.

Think Your Apartment Is Small? Check Out These Super-Tiny Hong Kong Houses. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, which makes it an especially hard place to live if you’re poor: Even a cramped, rundown slum apartment can cost $11 per square foot, nearly three times the average in a city like New York.

Think Your Apartment Is Small? Check Out These Super-Tiny Hong Kong Houses

Hundreds of thousands of people live in “cage homes,” in "inadequate housing. " Some of those live in even worse conditions: "cage homes," apartments that are only big enough for a bunk bed surrounded by a wire walls. The photos in this series, taken by a volunteer for a Hong Kong nonprofit called the Society for Community Organization (SoCO), show a little of what it’s like to live in a space the size of a storage unit. One of the apartments shown here is only 28 square feet. Each picture was taken with a camera mounted to the ceiling, since the rooms were too small for the photographer to fit inside.

Residents are people living on the fringes of Hong Kong society--low-skilled workers, the unemployed, and elderly people living on their own. Ideas + impact. Arts Council of Wales. Arts Council of Wales has identified a new 'portfolio' of revenue organisations (RFOs) that will be at the heart of the Arts Council's future strategy to develop the arts in Wales.

Arts Council of Wales

The outcome of the Investment Review was published in the document Renewal and Transformation. As part of this we have reviewed how we support public art in Wales. We will be bringing forward a new framework for developing art in the public realm. Public Art Development - Consultation paper Public Art Development - Summary of the consultation and our response In future we will: re-focus the artists residency programme (currently operated as the Stwidio Safle programme) – we’ll take this back ‘in house’ and deliver it over the period 2011-14 through arrangements with our galleries and venues networkadvocate and explain the value of public art – we’ll work with local authorities promoting and advocating a wide range of activity.

Back to our Artforms >> Sarah's Murals. Helfa Gelf / Art Trail. Bryan Berg : Cardstacker : News. Fforwm Gwynedd Greadigol - Creative Gwynedd Forum. Digital Art projects on Behance. Nia Wyn Jones - Artist in Metal : Artist Mewn Metel. Commercial Glazing Specialist · Acoustic Sound Proofing. Email: info - Enabling Digital Resources for the Arts and Humanities. North Wales' biggest Open Studio event. Projects. 05.16.13: Paul Polak The SunWater Project: Advanced Solar Technology for Poor Farmers Paul Polak on SunWater: a radically affordable solar water pump that will transform small plot agriculture and help bring the world's poorest families out of poverty.READ MORE 05.08.13: Paul Polak Transforming Solar Pumping to Eliminate Rural Poverty Paul Polak explores how we might reduce water shortages by employing solar pumping and eliminating rural poverty.READ MORE 06.29.12: Ernest Beck Project Dose Hospitals and healthcare facilities in developing countries face problems ranging form overcrowding to underfunding and a lack of available staff, medical equipment and supplies. 10.12.11: Julie Lasky Faraday Utility Bike IDEO and Rock Lobster Cycles win people's choice award for utility bike prototypeREAD MORE Media Design Matters Art Center offers a new graduate track in social design that combines communications and technologies strategies with field work.READ MORE 09.19.11: Julie Lasky DART St. 132 5.


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