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Ilya Gelfenbeyn. 10 Fun Tools To Easily Make Your Own Infographics. People love to learn by examining visual representations of data. That’s been proven time and time again by the popularity of both infographics and Pinterest. So what if you could make your own infographics ? What would you make it of? It’s actually easier than you think… even if you have zero design skills whatsoever. Below are my two favorite infographic-making web 2.0 tools that I highly recommend. Click the name of each tool to learn more! One of the more popular ways to discover infographics, actually just launched a design overhaul of their website. Dipity Want to get a beautifully simply visualization of data over time? I absolutely love Venngage Venngage (likely named for Venn diagrams) is a double threat. One of the most simple tools, lets you actually import data right into the site and then translate it all into useful visualizations.

Tableau Public Photo Stats This one’s an iPhone app that’s worth trying out. What About Me? Brand Advocacy - Word of Mouth Marketing - Social Marketing. A powerful yet easy-to-use Brand Advocacy System Advocacy is the #1 priority for large and small business alike; Zuberance is the first to market with a complete, easy to use, self service advocacy system that turns your enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force.

Brand Advocacy - Word of Mouth Marketing - Social Marketing

Measurable Results Fast With Zuberance you can: Capture Advocate Reviews and improve your online reputation Generate qualified traffic and leads, cutting acquisition costs Reach thousands of qualified prospects through trusted, influential recommendations How it Works The Zuberance Advocacy system makes it easy for you to systematically: Build Your Advocate Army Zuberance gives you the tools to identify your Brand Advocates—enthusiastic customers willing to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. Activate Your Advocate Army Zuberance makes it easy for your Advocates to recommend you on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

Advocate Reviews Advocate Offers Track Results, Optimize Dashboard Homepage Detailed Analytics. Predictive Targeting. LiveEngage provides uniquely powerful visitor-targeting capabilities that have proven to increase conversions by 20 to 25%.

Predictive Targeting

By leveraging a patented, self-learning algorithm that examines complex sets of visitor behavioral patterns, interaction records, outcome data, and other variables, Predictive Intelligent Targeting is able to identify whom to engage, when, and how. Through Predictive Intelligent Targeting, LiveEngage uses its vast resources of collected data to: Create a predictive statistical model—of whom to engage, when, and how—based on historic data about visitor interactions, real-time behavior, and available customer intelligence Score and filter current visitors against the model Engage them when the model detects a “high-stakes” situation and predicts they are likely to want and accept help (and subsequently convert) Tune the model to align with ROI objectives.

Инструменты прототипирования и создания wireframes / Интерфейсы. 11 ноября 2011 в 17:54 Навеяно долгими поисками различных систем прототипирования и желанием поделиться этим опытом.

Инструменты прототипирования и создания wireframes / Интерфейсы

В данном посте отсутсвуют сложные системы типа iRise или IBM Rational Rose, ввиду того что они являются не столько и далеко не только системами простого прототипирования, да и стоимость этих решений подходит предприятиям немалого маштаба. Этот пост о чем-то более земном. Немного теории. Данные проверенные опытным путем: Каждый проект имеет своего заказчика. Количество прототипов и очевидность ( по клику, визуально-схематично ) переходов между ними Наличие состояний одного протипа ( пример: блок контактов, который выглядит по разному в зависимости от того, владелец этого списка на него смотрит или гость )Наличие комментариев к элементамБанальные «красивости» в прототипе — красивые формы, иконочки, картинки и прочее.

Усилия на каждый проект/задачу должны отвечать их сложности. Ниже я приведу список инструментов, которые я так или иначе нашел, и, частью из них, попользовался. SEO Pricing (Problems) Explained! About ifttt. Marketing Automation, Email Marketing Automation.