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Digital Transformation: A ‘make or break’ challenge. Business Management.

Digital Transformation: A ‘make or break’ challenge

Ubamarket Is an Instant Shopping Hit! - DMI. Would you want to talk to a machine? Image copyright Thinkstock.

Would you want to talk to a machine?

Wing to provide mobile payments in Cambodia. 10 things you didn't know about WeChat and Line. Introduction Welcome to the 'everything app'.

10 things you didn't know about WeChat and Line

While some predict the death of apps, and other instant messaging (IM) services like WhatsApp, Apple's iMessage and Snapchat are busy bringing in encrypted communications, the Tencent-owned WeChat – called Weixin in China – and Japan's Line are slowly making themselves integral to daily digital life in Asia. Wanna Catch 'Em All? Go Augmented. The Pokémon Go phenomenon has shown the true power of augmented reality, argues Magnus Jern, president of DMI International. ‎

Wanna Catch 'Em All? Go Augmented

There’s no escaping Pokémon Go. Whether it’s youngsters being introduced to the tiny cartoon creatures, young adults being re-introduced to characters from their childhood or the rest of us jumping on the bandwagon, Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm! So why has it been so successful and should we have seen this coming? Pokémon is a huge brand in itself with a large cult following but the success of Pokémon Go is largely to do with the increased engagement levels that have been enabled by Augmented Reality (AR) technologies (AR). It’s unlikely that the game would be so popular if the characters were within an imaginary world. AR technology, although incumbent, is nothing new. Are we entering a post-app era? 19th July 2016 What would a world beyond apps be like?

Are we entering a post-app era?

It's hard to imagine using a smartphone that doesn't have any apps. However, cast your mind forwards and imagine futuristic ways of interacting with computers and data, with virtual assistants and natural language processing at the forefront. IDG Connect Start-ups vs. big banks: What is the future of money 2026? Finance Not so long ago we all used cheques and queued for the bank in our lunchtime, while services like PayPal and Apple Pay were totally unimaginable.

IDG Connect Start-ups vs. big banks: What is the future of money 2026?

Things have changed rapidly. What You Need to Know from Google I/O 2016. Mobile Monday DC Reboot! Head-To-Head: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Vs. Apple iPad Pro. Getting great work from your agency starts with an inspiring project brief. Puppy Love: Meet The Dogs of DC Tech. SAP BusinessObjects Government Insights. Mobile and Web Commerce Platforms. Adobe Summit 2016: Recap & Highlights - DMI. Google Partners Like What They're Seeing From Cloud Chief Diane Greene So Far. Many Google partners were intrigued when VMware co-founder and former CEO Diane Greene joined the company last November to lead its cloud businesses.

Google Partners Like What They're Seeing From Cloud Chief Diane Greene So Far

Now that they've had a good look at Greene's blueprint for turning Google into an enterprise cloud powerhouse, some partners are downright thrilled. "Google has taken a huge step towards supporting enterprise partners that need a wide variety of services," said Tim Wagner, president of the commercial business unit at DMI, a Bethesda, Md. -based Google partner. Greene, senior vice president of Google's enterprise business, made her first public appearance as a Google employee last week at the Google Cloud Platform conference in San Francisco. She said Google, which is trailing Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the public cloud, is now "dead serious" about courting enterprise customers.

What’s Happening at Apple? - DMI. Apps and Technology Help Low Income People Access Healthcare. By Amanda Koehn A patient goes to a primary care appointment and the doctor notices a spot on the patient’s arm.

Apps and Technology Help Low Income People Access Healthcare

Maybe it’s a mole, a cyst—even a zit. The doctor isn’t sure so the patient needs to see a dermatologist. The new appointment comes with a six-week wait, not to mention the time and monetary expenses of getting to the doctor. 5G Is a New Frontier for Mobile Carriers and Tech Companies. Photo GUILDFORD, England — On the outskirts of this sleepy commuter town just south of London, plans are underway to build the fastest cellphone network in the world.

5G Is a New Frontier for Mobile Carriers and Tech Companies

3M Case Study by DMI. The MWC16 Planning Guide - DMI. The Best Google Cardboard Content Right Now. 10 Tips for a Successful Project. Connected learning: How is mobile technology impacting education? Despite the emergence of digital learning models, most countries around the world still design their educational systems for agrarian and industrial eras rather than modern society, writes Darrell West in a new paper.

Connected learning: How is mobile technology impacting education?

In “Connected learning: How mobile technology can improve education,” West points out how a lack of education technology access is detrimental to young people entering the labor force as well as teachers and parents who want children to compete in the global economy. As the economy shifts and technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning improve, countries will need to update their curricula in order to train students with new skills for the 21st century. West focuses specifically on mobile technology and focuses on ways devices with cellular connectivity improve learning and engage students and teachers. Personalized education. Digital natives push for personalized healthcare technology.

Millennials and younger generations expect to use their own technologies and biological data to help doctors deliver more personal care. Caring for a rapidly ageing population is challenging. Experts working to revitalize healthcare for the 21 century are tackling this challenge by shifting from a one-size-fits-all to a more personalized healthcare approach, one that is heavily influenced by how young people use technology. To combat skyrocketing healthcare costs for an American population of 326 million people spanning six generations, experts are turning to bioscience and new technologies as well as to young, tech-savvy digital natives who are already nudging healthcare into the Internet age. Airports go mobile to improve operations. At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, there’s an app for – well – just about everything. To ease passengers on their way, and resolve problems that pop up more quickly, the world's fourth busiest airport (ranked by flights per day) has introduced over 40 mobile applications during the last two years.

That means airport employees can find out that a parking garage is full, and then redirect passengers, simply by checking their mobile devices. Why Retailers Should Recruit a Chief Omnichannel Officer Now. Thanks to modern technology and digital tools, the opportunities to interact with and buy from a brand today are ubiquitous. Customers want to shop anytime, anywhere. Omnichannel rules, and smart retailers are getting on board. Collect, But Protect! Five Focus Areas for Greater User Privacy. Facebook can automatically identify and tag users in an uploaded photo. An Internet search for a product leads to ads for that product following you all over the Web. Data stolen from many recent breaches can be aggregated to create a full portrait of your personal information, a portrait that can be used for nefarious purposes.

Privacy is dead. Its $1 Trillion Future Proves Mobile Technology Is Here to Stay. 7 technology lessons retailers learned in 2015. What You Need To Know About Omni-Channel Marketing. Reader Forum: What the Internet of Things means for telecom. IDC forecasts that the installed base of the “Internet of Things” will be approximately 212 billion “things” globally by the end of 2020, and that these Internet-connected devices will generate nearly $9 trillion in annual sales. Top USA App Developers 2015. The United States have a huge smart-phone market, with 178 million people estimated to own a smart-phone in early 2015, accounting for 85% of all phone owners – and that’s without taking into account other devices like tablets and wearables. Latest stats on Apple Pay. Mobile wallets: The hidden commerce model. Most of the conversation around commerce and mobile wallets has been centered on the distribution of coupons and offers. Undoubtedly, coupons and offers will play a key role in the future development of mobile wallets.

How the Internet of Things is Transforming Retail – and What That Means for Providers. Accenture Interactive’s “State of the Internet of Things” study found that nearly two-thirds of consumers intend to purchase a connected home device by 2019, while ownership of wearable technology is expected to double year over year in 2016. IDC projects that the Internet of Things (IoT) will represent a $362 billion revenue opportunity worldwide for the retail industry by 2018. Forbes Welcome. IoT to Forever Change Enterprise IT Management and Security: Gartner. International shoppers help drive major 2015 growth in mobile commerce.

The largest 500 e-retailers in mobile commerce will grow sales from smartphones and tablets 68% this year, Internet Retailer finds in its newly released Mobile 500. The bulk of the biggest mobile players are in the United States, but most of the growth comes from smartphone- and tablet-wielding shoppers abroad. Mobile commerce sales are growing for online retailers around the world, and fast. In fact, according to the newly published Internet Retailer 2016 Mobile 500, the largest 378 mobile merchants based in the United States will grow sales derived from smartphones and tablets 36.0% this year to $88.44 billion. Harnessing the Business Possibilities of the Internet of Things. Technology Helps the Government Change Course Effectively. DMI (Digital Management, Inc.) Profile and Client Reviews. The Components of a Seamless Omnichannel Shopping Experience.

Facebook's Mobile Base Is 1 Billion Users Bigger Than All of Twitter. Infographic on Telecommuting and BYOD Trends in the US. DMI's Big Data Insights Team Enjoying a Game of Volleyball. DMI at the DoD CIO Mobility Industry Day. Linkedin. Government Services Careers. Good Things Have A Way Of Coming Together. Careers. Top 23 Companies in the Enterprise Mobility Services Market. DMI's Scott Todaro will moderate a panel discussion at Oracle Industry Connect!