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Microsoft SQL Server - Lesson 17: Topics on Data Selection. On the other hand, imagine you want to get a list of students who live in Silver Spring.

Microsoft SQL Server - Lesson 17: Topics on Data Selection

You would execute a statement as: SELECT StudentNumber [Student #], FirstName [First Name], LastName "Last Name", Gender, City, ParentsNames [Parents Names] FROM Registration.Students WHERE City = N'silver spring'; GO This would produce: The Cheapest Days to Shop Online. Photo: Keith Williamson We already know some of the best shopping deals are found online – but did you know some days are better than others to find the steepest discounts?

The Cheapest Days to Shop Online, which scours sales at more than 100 online retailers, ran a survey showing what days of the week certain categories of items carry the biggest discounts. Pokemon - Jungle. This isnt happiness™ (Things My Father didn't Teach Me, How to tie a Tie)&& - StumbleUpon. Big history.