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Series AA Equity Financing Documents

Series AA Equity Financing Documents

Series AA Equity Financing Documents For years now, Y Combinator has open-sourced a set of Series AA Equity Financing Documents. These documents were originally created for YC-funded startups to use when raising equity rounds with angels, with the goal of these financings easier and more streamlined for both sides.
All of Your important cards — ID, insurance, loyalty and payment cards — plus LifeLock identity theft protection, all on your smartphone With the acquisition of Lemon Inc. and its Lemon Wallet app, LifeLock brings you a powerful new app. LifeLock Wallet app, available for both iOS and Android devices, offers one-touch access to LifeLock identity theft protection and these free features: Digital copies of your important cards - payment, membership loyalty, IDs, receipts, coupons and more so they can be accessed from anywhereA backup of all cards and informationCredit card balance updatesTracking of credit card transactions so you can manage your spending by category and monitor for fraudCancellation of your credit cards if they're lost or stolen Plus, the LifeLock Wallet App gives you access to paid LifeLock identity protection services. If you're a member, you can take advantage of mobile access to these services: Lemon Wallet · Your smarter wallet

Lemon Wallet · Your smarter wallet

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Mark Suster (@msuster), a 2x entrepreneur, now VC at GRP Partners. Read more about Suster on his Startup Advice blog: Both Sides of the Table Ah. We’re back to discussing convertible debt again. This time by the efforts of Adeo Ressi to introduce a new kind of structure called “convertible equity.” Why Convertible Notes Are Sometimes Terrible For Startups Why Convertible Notes Are Sometimes Terrible For Startups
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Watch Your Widgets There is great leadership thought around the possibilities that may exist for real estate widgets or apps. Very small teams of developers may be able to invent fantastic software that fills a diverse set of niche needs across the real estate industry. One cannot help but to be amazed at the explosion of applications for the iPhone or the Android or other mobile devices. Bringing that type of creativity to the Million-strong real estate community is very viable. Real Estate has the benefit of the economy of numbers – outpacing any other industry beyond teachers (who do not buy anything). Real Estate development is investment worthy because there is $2B to $6B in revenue moving from REALTORS® to the companies that serve them. Watch Your Widgets
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Run custom web applications on Google infrastructure | Cloud Sherpas Landing Pages Run custom web applications on Google infrastructure | Cloud Sherpas Landing Pages Run custom web applications on Google infrastructure Experts at Cloud Sherpas will help your organization leverage Google App Engine as well as build custom web apps. Cloud Sherpas specializes in: Moving business applications to Google App EngineDeveloping intranets on Google SitesAutomating processes using workflows in Google App Script Working on a development project of your own? Check out our Ferris Framework, the world's first open source Python framework for Google App Engine, shown to reduce development time by 80% on average.
Due Diligence Software | Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Operational Due Diligence, Legal Due Diligence Services Do you prefer to perform your due diligence in-house? Why not use our dedicated due diligence software and risk methodology framework? The software was specifically designed to cater to the needs of fund due diligence, allowing its users to analyze and track their funds while relying on a systematic solution which follows a state-of-the-art due diligence process and visualizes key risks. The software provides a systematic approach enabling the comparability of the client’s research conducted on funds through a common risk framework. Due Diligence Software | Hedge Fund Due Diligence, Operational Due Diligence, Legal Due Diligence Services
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Save time and mitigate reputational, operational and financial risk with LexisNexis® Commercial Due Diligence solutions. Our solutions help you mitigate risk and manage assets with an expansive, on-the-ground commercial due diligence network and the most current, accurate reports designed to fit your specific needs, meet your goals and save you time. We work closely with you to understand your goals and are always ready to search any court, agency or legislative body globally for the most up-to-date information, increasing your confidence in transactional and relationship due diligence. Business Risk Assessment - LexisNexis Business Risk Assessment - LexisNexis
Investigation Solutions and Software - LexisNexis Find the clues – discover links between people assets and locations. Whether you are trying to pinpoint criminals or suspects, debtors or just suspicious behavior, LexisNexis® Investigative Solutions give you access to the relevant information you need. Customer Success I’ve found Accurint® for Law Enforcement to be very helpful. There are times when offenders go off the radar. I’ll use Accurint for Law Enforcement to find clues such as a relative or alternate address...- Tuwana LeeDetectiveJacksonville Sheriff’s Office Featured Investigation Item Did You Know? Investigation Solutions and Software - LexisNexis
Implicit Sync - About Us Implicit Sync - About Us Implicit is the worldwide premier developer of Microsoft Outlook–based business solutions. Implicit specializes in building both standard and custom business solutions that tightly integrate with Microsoft Outlook / Exchange. Our clients include global Fortune 500 companies as well as government and many medium and small businesses across many industries and market sectors including: banking and financial services, healthcare, defense and aerospace, computers and software, legal, high-tech manufacturing, transportation and shipping , Insurance, real estate etc.
A special configuration of the commercial Loan Origination software system is designed for commercial loan brokers. It supports the entire loan origination process from capture of initial deal information through underwriting and investor presentations to closing. The Loan Origination software lets you manage originations according to the origination steps you define. Enter initial marketing information about new loans. Origination for Brokers - Madison Associates LLC Origination for Brokers - Madison Associates LLC
Contact Importer for Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Outlook, Mac Address Book and more. | CloudSponge