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What You Allow - The Positivity Solution. 50 Great Websites for Counselling Therapists - Expressive Art Inspirations. This list of websites for therapists represents some of the best therapy resources on the internet today.

50 Great Websites for Counselling Therapists - Expressive Art Inspirations

Enjoy! Shelley Klammer - Registered Counsellor 1. Psychology Today - Blogs by therapists and a wide variety of topics discussed on mental health issues. 2. 3. 4. 5. Guided Meditation Audio - Listen for free. Listen for free New audio meditations created by Elisabeth are regularly added to this page.

Guided Meditation Audio - Listen for free

Don't miss when they come out - Subscribe to the Newsletter We have meditations available in the following categories: Meditation Courses Meditations for Relaxation & Stress Relief Meditations for Healing Meditations for Women. Is My Husband Having an Affair? Welcome to What Your Therapist Really Thinks, a weekly column that examines the daily problems of living from a psychological perspective.

Is My Husband Having an Affair?

Resilient - A personal development blog and app. Live a happier life. Metaphors for Therapy. The example metaphors here are to help us see thoughts – their nature and role - in a different light.

Metaphors for Therapy

Just that alone, seeing thoughts differently, helps to create a space, a distance, between us and our thoughts, which helps us to stand back a little, see things a bit more objectively, and make wiser and more helpful decisions about how to react effectively. Passengers on the Bus You can be in the driving seat, whilst all the passengers (thoughts) are being critical, abusive, intrusive, distracting, and shouting directions, or sometimes just plain nonsense. You can allow those passengers to shout and chatter noisily, whilst keeping your attention focused on the road ahead, heading towards your goal or value. (Hayes et al 1999) Living Your Values, Part 1 - Steve Pavlina.

I’ve read many books that stress the importance of understanding your personal values, getting clear about what’s most important to you in life.

Living Your Values, Part 1 - Steve Pavlina

But at the time of this writing, I haven’t yet come across a source that covers this incredibly useful concept with sufficient depth. Thoughts, Reflections & Lessons Learned in 2016 - The Blissful Mind. A Reason, A Season, a Lifetime: How to Finally Get Over the Pain of a Relationship Ending. I write a lot of self-help type things here, but honestly, the one thing that has helped me more than anything is an email forward that my mom sent me years ago.

A Reason, A Season, a Lifetime: How to Finally Get Over the Pain of a Relationship Ending

I have forwarded this on to more people than almost anything else as a way to help them get through tough times. It's so incredibly cheesy, I realize, but there is something in its simplicity that is quite stunning. The first time I read it, I literally sobbed. Friendships and relationships and even workplace partnerships almost always come to an end -- as is the nature of life (unless I suppose you experience one of those rare occurrences where the spouse dies a day or so after the first one passes, due to heartache, many people say -- and I've covered such funerals before, namely in Iowa). For the large part though, the nature of life is change. The Sweet Spot. How to Make Friends : zen habits. By Leo Babauta I’m writing this guide for my kids as they grow up and go out into the world — but it’s for anyone who wants to connect with others.

How to Make Friends : zen habits

Petite Fashion, Style Tips and DIY. My Best Travel Moments of 2016. You are here: Home / Blog / My Best Travel Moments of 2016 2016 was rough for lots of us, and I’m no exception.

My Best Travel Moments of 2016

Between global events and personal setbacks, it was a very tough year for me. More than I’ve let on here. I have my health and security, which are the most important things, and I didn’t go through any significant personal losses, but this year was a lot rougher than I thought it would be. That said, there were many wonderful moments, even in a significantly scaled down travel year. This year, I’m doing the list a bit differently. The Most Mysterious Wine in a Cape Town Hotel Bar After a night out in Cape Town, Beth and I decided to get a glass of wine at the hotel bar before heading up to bed.

We started chatting. Then he brought out the big kahuna — Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 2009. Goals + Intentions for Creative Entrepreneurs. It’s time to reflect on 2016!

Goals + Intentions for Creative Entrepreneurs

We’re here with some prompts to consider what worked, what didn’t work, and what to change in your business in order to look forward and continue being boss in 2017. This episode is brought to you by: The Being Boss Clubhouse The Being Boss Clubhouse is a place for you to define your goals, set intentions, build healthy boundaries, and cultivate habits that will help you reach success on your terms. In this space, you will connect with Emily + Kathleen in a 2-day online retreat, followed by 12 months of community support, including monthly master classes, secret podcast episodes, and an exclusive forum to connect with your fellow bosses. As much as we thrive online, nothing beats that face-to-face, in-person magic that happens. It's the freedom in business model that makes us creative entrepreneurs.

Zen habits. Resources - Web of Loneliness. The Emotionally Sensitive Person. Feeling lonely has little to do with how many friends you have.

The Emotionally Sensitive Person

It’s the way you feel inside. Some people who feel lonely may rarely interact with people and others are surrounded by people, but don’t feel connected. In general, those who feel lonely actually spend no more time alone than do those who feel more connected. Three Factors Of Loneliness According to Cicioppo and Patrick (2008) how lonely people feel seems to be a combination of three factors. Each individual has a general genetically set need for social inclusion and your level of need will be different from someone else’s. The second factor in feeling lonely is the ability to self-regulate the emotions associated with feeling isolated. 17 Changes To Make In Your Love Life In 2017. Be selective with who you give your heart to. Make sure that they are worthy, that they deserve it, that they will hold it carefully. Do the same thing with the hearts of others. Be gentle, be respectful, remember that any heart that is placed in your hands is attached to someone’s soul. Yes and Yes - Because Yes is more fun than No.

Tynan. BRANDI GLANVILLE. Esteemology - Esteemology was created to help empower women, to build their self-esteem and make better relationship choices. To help women navigate through dysfunctional relationships with Emotionally Unavailable men and Narcissists, to make the changes. Savannah’s Suggested Reading - Esteemology was created to help empower women, to build their self-esteem and make better relationship choices. To help women navigate through dysfunctional relationships with Emotionally Unavailable men and Narcissists, to. Men Love Sex, Women Love Attention. Get Over It. Do You Love Personality Quizzes? These 10 Books Will Help You Understand Yourself. They say there are two kinds of people in the world: people who want to divide the world into two kinds of people, and the kind of people who don’t. Well, I’m the kind who does. I love personality frameworks. I believe they can be a great tool for self-knowledge — they help shine a spotlight on patterns of behavior and thinking.

5 Cape Cod beaches to visit after 5 p.m. - Cape Cod Online. Best Beaches in Massachusetts - 100 Awesome Beaches in Boston and Beyond. Beachy Blues. How To Get Better At Self-Care Using The Power Hour Method - The Blissful Mind. No, my friends. We’re not talking about the power hour drinking game. EMDR- rapid healing of “small t” and “big T” trauma. Anatomy of Narcissism v1.0 (i) – What and How. Motivation. Love Over 50: Love Never Felt So Good - Divorced Girl Smiling. 15 Ways to Be the Kind of Person Other People Want to Date.

8 Ways To Be The Kind Of Person You'd Want To Date. Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success. Breaking These 13 Bad Habits Will Make You Happier. Amy Morin, LCSW. Your personality influences everything from the friends you choose to the candidates you vote for, yet many people never spend much time thinking about their personality traits. Understanding your personality can give you insight into your strengths and weaknesses. It can also help you gain … Continue reading. Break Up Picture Quotes - Page 2. Mavenly + Co. Catheryn Grivna – Make Every Day Count. BOOBS & LOUBS - Official Blog of Morgan Stewart.