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Shade vfx October 2013 reel. LEIF PETERSEN "REEL 2012" 2013 IGNYTE REEL. ASSEMBLY Reel April 2013. Showreel 2013. Houdini Demo Reel 2013. Paul Clements - Showreel 2012. Demo Reel (April 2013) F. Lazzari Showreel 2013. SBLabs: Earth Cube. Digital District Showreel 2013. Djinnfx, le blog. Integration_reel, 2012. Demo Cinema 2012 720p. Demo Cars 2012. PIXOMONDO SHOWREEL on Vimeo. Plastic Wax Reel 2012. Houdini Demo Reel 2012. The Mill US Showreel 2012. Houdini Demo Reel 2012. Luxury Showreel. Selected Works 2011-2012. Ditroit / Reel 2012. Marc Menneglier - Demo reel 2011. Reel 2012. Arnaud Boudon Compositing Demoreel 2012. Lighting reel. James Rustad - VFX Showreel 2012. IDA Pictures VFX Showreel. Adam Rowe - Reel 2012. Delicate Machines - Reel 2012. The Foundry 2012 Showreel. REEL 2012. Selected works 2012 intro breakdown.

DIGIC Pictures Demo reel 2012 February. Architecture Reel 2012. Autobotika Breakdown Reel 2012. TiltVFX Showreel 2012. Showreel. Bastiaan Koch - VFX SHOWREEL. Justin Bates VFX Reel 2012. Stinkdigital 2012 Showreel. RayFire customer showreel 2012. Farhan Qureshi FX and Crowd Sim Reel Jan 2012. Film VFX showreel. Siggraph 2011 Showreel. Compositing Reel 2011. 2011 Animation Showreel. Christophe RODO - VFX Demo Reel January 2012. MIOPIA Demo Reel. FSM VFX Reel 2012.

Tax Free Film - Showreel 2012. Stargate Studios Visual Effects Reel 2012. TwistedREEL 2012. Storyline Studios VFX reel 2012. Christophe LACAUX - SHOWREEL 2012. Anton Nenashev, essential directors showreel. Anton Nenashev. RealtimeUK Games Showreel 2011. RealtimeUK : CG Animation London & North West. Reel 2011. BEELD.motion. VFX Design Reel 2011 - Making Of. Spov 2012 Showreel. TusK Showreel 2011. Tushar Kewlani. Brandon Young Demo Reel 2011.

James Atkinson's 2011 VFX Reel. Haisu Wang's portfolio_2011. Chaos Group / Chaos Software official website - home - V-Ray® - award winning, production-ready 3D rendering solutions. V-Ray Architectural Demo Reel 2011. V-Ray Film & Visual Effects Demo Reel 2011. V-Ray Automotive Demo Reel 2011. V-Ray Advertising Demo Reel 2011. 3Dexterity. Liquid Simulation Reel. ShowReel 2011 Gregory Peczinka. Emfx. Emmanuel Mouillet FX Demoreel 2011 HD. CINEMA 4D Demo Reel 2011. ‪Maxwell Render 2.5 Showreel 2010‬‏ The Foundry Showreel 2011. REEL2011. 2011REEL. Spoiler ~ Visual Effects created by BlueBolt for the first season of Game of Thrones (HBO) BlueBolt - Visual Effects for Film & Television. ‪3D Showreel Celine Tricart‬‏ ‪celinetricart's Channel‬‏ More information here : Celine Tricart is an independent filmmaker who is particularly interested in storytelling for stereoscopic cinema.She has already directed several shorts, three of which were shot in 3D, and received many awards around the world, including the prestigious I3DS "Creative Award for Best Short Film" (2014 - "Lapse of Time") Since 2008 when she graduated from the famous ENS Louis Lumiere film school in Paris, she was the stereographer of more than 20 live broadcast, commercials and documentaries, and of the first French 3D feature film "Behind the Walls" from directors J.

‪celinetricart's Channel‬‏

Lacombe and P. Sid (Sombrero Productions- 2010). Excerpts from the short films :"Fallen" (2007)"Dernière Rose pour les Vivants" (2009)"Reminiscence" (2009)"Inner Fire" (2010)"Lapse of Time" (2013) Show less. Céline Tricart. Showreel 2011. Direction & Animation Bakery. Tangled animation Demoreel. Control Z. ‪Andy Turner Animation Reel 2011‬‏ Supermachine. Monday, December 3rd, 2012 Another technical animation done for Ten24 to show the inner workings of a mass spectrometer.


Breakdown: Animation, Lighting,... Read more This was a bit of technical animation produced as Ten24 to demonstrate the inner workings of the new Sentinel... Read more Friday, March 16th, 2012 I like using software to destroy things, especially when it looks so nice when I set it up to... Read more Friday, March 2nd, 2012 These renders are of CG models we built for the upcoming PSN game “Derrick The Deathfin”. Read more Monday, October 31st, 2011 This started off as an idle scribble that sat on my desk for a while until I decided to... Read more Monday, September 26th, 2011 Myself and my collegue James Busby of Ten24 have just published a new CG news website called CG Everything.... Read more Monday, June 6th, 2011 Check out my new updated 2011 Showreel.

Read more Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 Read more Friday, March 25th, 2011 Read more Wednesday, January 5th, 2011. Kouji Tajima Demo Reel 2011. Kouji Tajima. Sound is..(Particular Experiment) Compositing Showreel. Aymeric Aute Reel Summer 2011.