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Video Games for PC & Next-gen. Jobs list - Paradox Interactive. System Studios. Vertpaint Studios. Streamline Studios. Concept Artist - New IP. Creative Assembly’s award-winning team behind Alien: Isolation are exploring new frontiers with a brand-new and exciting First-Person Shooter IP and are looking for more world-class talent to join the team.

Concept Artist - New IP

This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced, accomplished Concept Artist to come on board this exciting new project and help shape and evolve this new world into an immersive and engaging player space. In the role of Concept Artist, you will be working with the current team behind Halo Wars and Alien: Isolation on a brand new exciting IP. You will be working directly with all art disciplines across the production and helping to push the tone and universe.

Key Responsibilities In the role of a Concept Artist and visual designer, as a seasoned artist, you will work with the team to develop and shape an immersive experience for our players to enjoy! Communication is critical to the success of this role. Intrepid Studios. Bluepoint Games. Perks & Benefits A wide range of perks are available to our employees!

Bluepoint Games

Competitive salary, a company-sponsored retirement account, great medical, dental, and vision insurance, generous holiday schedules, paid time-off, and lots of company-sponsored events like family movie nights, happy hours, team events, season passes to local baseball and hockey teams, holiday parties, wrap parties and more are all part of how we say thanks to our dedicated and passionate team! What to expect in Austin That depends on what you enjoy, but there are options in this town for everyone. Atomhawk - We bring ideas to life. Axis Studios. If you’re reading this, you already know what we do, who we do it for, and where we do it.

Axis Studios

You know that we think big and tell it straight. Which means you also know we’re offering you an amazing opportunity... An opportunity to join a busy, growing studio, delivering world-class, award-winning projects. Cygames. 게임 직업이 되다 - 게임잡. Video Games, Media, Entertainment and Technology. Supermassive Games. VOLTA Studio. #GameDevJobs 2020.

Upsurge Studios. Careers-GOODNAME. Location: Vilnius Contract: Full time Salary: Based on your profile Responsibilities:


Tokkun Studio / High End France/Japan - Art Outsourcing - Contact. Please use this contact form or send me an email at Message sent!

Tokkun Studio / High End France/Japan - Art Outsourcing - Contact

Thanks for your message, I'll be in touch with you shortly! Careers — Artcore studios - Art outsource services. Tactical Adventures – A game development and publishing studio. Job Offers - Larian Studios. Careers / Search for Jobs. Intrepid Studios. Due to Covid-19, this position will start as a work-remote model.

Intrepid Studios

Intrepid Studios is seeking an experienced european community marketing lead who will provide an informed, data-driven approach, keeping cultural relevance and fan sentiment paramount in order to deliver both commercial revenue and fan engagement. This lead contributor role works closely with the global marketing, community, and game teams to provide the best experience possible for players in the european regions. Contact Us. Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian Entertainment is known around the world for the incredible stories we tell.

Obsidian Entertainment

We would love for you to join us in our latest adventure! For the first time Obsidian will be offering an official summer internship program. This summer you will go on a quest unlike anything you've experienced so far. We would love for you to become a part of the family that joined you on a post-apocalyptic trip through New Vegas, sailed with you chasing a god through the Deadfire Archipelago, and watched as you made your mark on Halcyon, a colony in way over their heads.

What should I expect from this opportunity? Find available job openings at Raven Software. Jobs at Quantic Dream. Internships - Ninja Theory LtdNinja Theory Ltd. Here at Ninja Theory we understand the importance of getting your start in the games industry and as such, are pleased to support planned internships at the studio.

Internships - Ninja Theory LtdNinja Theory Ltd

We have already run successful internships for Programming, Animation, Cinematics, Character and Environment Art, and have received great feedback from the interns who took part – in fact they enjoyed it so much that several of our interns have then accepted permanent positions with us! Jobs. Senior Game Designer (m/f/d) Full-time, on-site Limbic Entertainment is looking for a talented Senior Game Designer (m/f/d) for an unannounced Unreal Engine 4 project.


As a Senior Game Designer, you will be responsible for developing game systems, controls and interfaces, as well as forming and driving the creative vision of upcoming PC and console games together with the Creative Director. You will also be involved into managing the designers on your project, reviewing their designs and helping them grow as a person, as well as a designer.

Guerrilla Games - Guerrilla Games. Guerrilla offers great learning opportunities for students looking for a future in the Games industry.

Guerrilla Games - Guerrilla Games

We have continuous internship placements in the fields of Programming, Animation, Game Design, 3D Art, Concept Art, Production and Community Management. Interns at Guerrilla are considered valuable assets to the team, and contribute directly to the game development process. Current Job Openings - Funcom. FROM SOFTWARE RECRUITING WEBSITE. At FromSoftware, we have a very simple objective. We want to make interesting games – or more accurately, games that contain something of value – games that offer something worthwhile. This is a goal that each and every one of us strives to commit to. Bluepoint Games. Careers. Technical Art Director Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

I’m quite the foodie and always have a little rumbly in my tumbly, so I often relate to Winnie the Pooh. I also admire his simplistic view of things—a lot of times I overcomplicate things and he is a good reminder to scale back and enjoy life as it comes. He may be a silly bear, but he’s pretty wise, too! What question do you commonly get asked about your job at BioWare? How did you come to join BioWare? Job search. Boston – WB Games Jobs. Jobs - Grimlore Games. Spiders. ソニー・インタラクティブエンタテインメント. TRADE/CRAFT - Bend Studio. Careers — Airship Syndicate. Illustration, Concept Art and visual outsourcing studio. Top 10 game outsourcing companies that use concept art - Game Factory.

Concept art is one form of illustration that can be used for conveying ideas that are used in films, animations, video games, comic books, and any other media platform before it is being processed to the final product. It is mostly related to the world-building network that is used for inspiring developments and innovation of media products. This is not similar to visual development arts or concept designs. Concept art is mostly developed through numerous iterations, where several solutions are being explored before they are set on the desired final design. Premium Art Outsourcing Studio. Tokkun Studio / High End France/Japan - Art Outsourcing.

5518 Studios — Contact. Two Dots · Creative Studio. Careers-GOODNAME. Contact — North Front Studio. EMAIL — Gadget-bot. Art Services Provider — Jobs. Open Positions About us: Concept Art House is a leading international art service and digital entertainment company based out of San Francisco, CA. Since 2007, we have provided high caliber visual art to some of the biggest titles in games such as: Clash of Clans, Fortnite, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

We are committed to excellence with every piece of art we create and every game we help ship. We are looking for world-class talents to join our legion of superstars.We’re looking for dedicated teammates we can learn with and from and talented folks to join our work-family that respects diversity, inclusion, and work-life balance.. Business Development Manager Location:

Oxan Studio. Form Language Studio. Scribble Pad Studios. Are you in need of inspired Storytelling and Great Design? Artist Submissions. A Keywords Studio. RECRUITMENT – SOMNIO STUDIOS. We are often looking for skilled artists to work with us. Matte painters, concept artists, illustrators and 3D designers; if you think you have what we’re looking for, send us a link to your reel or portfolio, as well as your up to date CV. While there might not be any positions available at the time you contact us, your details are kept on file. Make sure navigation is kept at a minimum when sending websites. Please do not send us any DVD’s or prints unless requested. We are currently unable to accept applications for internships or student placements. Required skills for concept artists: • Strong understanding of drawing, (construction of shapes, perspective and geometry) values composition and colour. • Strong design skills and idea creation of environments and/or characters. • Ability to quickly convey mood and atmosphere. • Ability to create both quick sketches as well as more polished designs, depending on what’s needed. • Excellent communication skills.

About - Opus Artz - Concept Art Studio London. Contact Us — LiKStudios. Karakter – We create the classics of tomorrow. Careers - Playground Games. Archetype Entertainment. Game design company Kevuru Games□- video game artists and developers. Arkane Studios. Spiders. Amplitude Studios. Asobo Studio. BioWare. Choose Your Adventure, Create Your World Voyage through the complex and dangerous fantasy world of The Forgotten Realms. Slink through the shadows as a deadly rogue, or wield powerful magic as a scholarly wizard. DONTNOD Entertainment – Video games studio. Obsidian Entertainment. Tactical Adventures – A game development and publishing studio. Owlcat Games - We create CPRGs in Pathfinder universe.

Atomhawk. Wolcen Studio. Gunfire Games. Find a studio and get 30% tax rebate. Art Services Provider. Digic Pictures - Career. Department: Art Direction About Digic Pictures. Darewise Entertainment – Beyond Imagination. RealtimeUK. Visual Effects Studios. RISE is constantly looking for talented visual effects artists and administrative staff. If you are interested in working with us, please send us your resume and latest demo reel. Should you be wondering why it sucks not to work here? AELEMENTWORKS. Films - Unit Image. Offres d'emploi - FIX Studio. Digital District. Brunch Studio’s Portfolio. Careers - Painting Practice. Jobs - Midgar Studio. Job – FORTICHE. JOBS — BIG BAD WOLF. Chaque membre de l'équipe s’inscrit dans notre mentalité, dans notre vision d’entreprise afin de créer une structure responsable et qualifiée où tous les acteurs de l’entreprise se sentent motivés, impliqués et fiers de contribuer à la réalisation de projets de qualité.

La philosophie d’entreprise que nous défendons repose sur 5 piliers : Être, avant toute chose, passionné par l’envie de créer des jeux vidéos. Les personnes de BIG BAD WOLF vivent leur passion, propagent leur vision et se nourrissent de celle des autres. Nous ne pouvons avoir un studio de qualité sans des acteurs impliqués et dévorant cette envie de faire toujours mieux. Le tout, dans un cadre positif et motivant. Construire une équipe soudée, basée sur la confiance et le respect de l’autre. Être proactif dans la demande d’informations ou de données nécessaires à la bonne réalisation de sa tâche.Être capable d’organiser son travail ou celui des autres en conséquence.

Grafit Studio. Home - Opus Artz - Concept Art Studio London. Industrie – Offres d’Emplois. Making of the intro of Warhammer Vermintide II « Outsource2us Outsource2us. Success stories are born in sweat and ducktape on a cutting room floor covered with rejects. The intro for Warhammer Vermintide II was no exception: artistic struggle, time pressure, fairly low budget – the project saw them all. Mythic Games. Films - Unit Image.