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Dictionary Skills

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Free Dictionaries project. Redefine the dictionary - wordia. Shahi - A visual dictionary. Oxford Dictionaries Spelling Challenge : Oxford Dictionaries. Wordsmyth - The Premier Educational Dictionary - Thesaurus. DICTIONARY SKILLS 1. Teaching Dictionary Skills: Dictionary Skills Activities and Games.

All students should have a dictionary in their desk, not at the front of the class.

Teaching Dictionary Skills: Dictionary Skills Activities and Games

Students need to become familiar with the dictionary for a variety of reasons and if it is used on a regular basis by students for them to become comfortable with using it as a reference. Dictionaries are a valuable tool for the students in their learning process and it limits the amount of time a student raises their hands to spell a word. Students need to learn that they are able to use a dictionary for spelling a word, find a meaning, or to assist in pronouncing the word. Brainstorm with the students the reasons to use a dictionary and place the answers on chart as a student reference. Why Use a Dictionary? Using dictionaries. Using dictionaries Submitted by admin on 5 September, 2006 - 13:00 Why should we encourage students to use dictionaries?

Using dictionaries

Dictionaries develop learner autonomy. They are a handy resource for researching different meanings, collocations, examples of use and standard pronunciation. If students know how to use them effectively, there are hundreds of hours of self-guided study to be had with a good dictionary. Interpreting a Dictionary Entry.