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Avoiding Game Over - Incorporating Gamification into Recruitment. The term gamification means the application of design techniques and game dynamics to all activities to enhance motion has become rife, and the human resource department is no exception.

Avoiding Game Over - Incorporating Gamification into Recruitment

It is no secret that HR has increasingly grown over the past few years and they finally get the importance that they deserve. While applications that are focused on customers or clients are still being enhanced, there has been a new increase and focus on enhancing the employee-focused applications too. Initially, the HR department focused more on skill development and learning to engage employees. Having said that, studies have shown that including gamification in the recruitment process can increase employee engagement and improve learning.

Read also – How technology is solving the most annoying thing about recruiting? Thus, more and more organizations are finding ways in which they can inculcate gamification in the pre-hiring process. It’s 2021, How Advance is your HRM Solution? Every technology goes through a technology lifecycle and human resource management (HRM) solution is no exception.

It’s 2021, How Advance is your HRM Solution?

Nowadays, HR departments are turning out to be independent bodies in organizations all over the globe. Increasingly emerging as an organization’s core house, the human resources department is no longer confined to payroll processing and paper clips only. Today’s HR departments with the help of HR payroll software solutions have paved their way into the boardroom driving the decision-making process for organizations. It’s 2021, How Advance is your HRM Solution? In this Age of Big Data, do you need an HR-Data Scientist? Big data is gaining excellent momentum in the enterprise landscape and human resources is no exception.

In this Age of Big Data, do you need an HR-Data Scientist?

Yes, big data is catching up with good traction in the HR landscape, as it is assisting human resources professionals in making effective and smart recruitment decisions also, in retaining top talents. Top 35 Most-Powerful Women. Right from developing software to creating smartphones, exploring the depths of the ocean to flying in space, 21st-century women have managed to successfully become powerful and influential, proving every cliché about them wrong.

Top 35 Most-Powerful Women

A women’s success is not only limited to the world of technology and science, but also in every step of their lives. Top 35 powerful & influential women- KK Shailaja The 62-year-old Kerala Health Minister is renowned and credited worldwide for her compelling strategy to fights against Covid-19 in the state. Her exceptional efforts to control the pandemic have been recognized by the United Nations as well. Pocket HRMS Product Update January 2021. Pocket HRMS team is continuously working towards improving your experience based on your feedback.

Pocket HRMS Product Update January 2021

This month, we bring updates to Pocket HRMS with an enhanced Employee Self Service portal, more comprehensive Travel module, robust Reimbursement module and more minor upgrades. Tips to Evaluate, Accept, Or Reject A Job Offer. Congratulations!

Tips to Evaluate, Accept, Or Reject A Job Offer

You have landed the job. Now what? This is a dilemma that every candidate faces, whether to accept the job offer or not. Automation vs. Digitisation: What Your HR Should Know? Yes, HR (human resources) ought to understand the difference between digitization and automation to attain a competitive edge in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem.

Automation vs. Digitisation: What Your HR Should Know?

In fact, HR all over the world has already automated several of its critical functions and operations. Indian Companies Initiate Buying Vaccines For Employees. As the government is rushing to get the most vulnerable people vaccinated, most corporations, however, have kept their profiles low when asked whether or not they would secure an early supply of vaccines for their employees.

Indian Companies Initiate Buying Vaccines For Employees

Having said that, there are many companies in India that are planning to buy COVID-19 vaccines for their workers, soon after the government started one of the world’s most far-reaching vaccination drives, beginning from healthcare and other frontline workers. Steel producer Jindal Steel and Power Ltd., autos-to technology amalgamation, Mahindra Group, and consumer goods giant ITC Ltd are in talks with the government as to when the vaccinations can be available for their workers and employees. Amitav Mukherji, the head of corporate HR, said “ITC would certainly like to extend the vaccination to employees… We have approached vaccine manufactures and are in exploratory talks”. What to do (and not to do) when your company hits a crisis plateau? Be it the recent public relations nightmare for a renowned airline company or the infamous workplace harassment case that unfolded in one of the popular cab service companies, incidents such as these are sure to tarnish the brand value of a business, sometimes beyond repair.

What to do (and not to do) when your company hits a crisis plateau?

Worst! Customers of these prestigious businesses even threatened to boycott their app and services. So what should be a company’s game-plan in times of such crises? Here are some dos and don’ts to help a business contain the impact and who knows; it might even turn a would-be loss into a tactical win: Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom. From the playful chatbots to those elegant self-driving cars, technology is driving us crazy.

Reimagining HR with the Digital Tech Boom

On the other hand, wearable technology undoubtedly will evolve from wristbands to smart rings that can track heartbeats, calories, steps, sleep patterns, etc. In fact, you will soon be able to buy flying cars, as a leading aircraft manufacturing organization has announced to manufacture real flying cars that will go up for sale later this year. So what does the digital tech boom means for businesses and management folks? Now, when we talk about business management, one certainly cannot overlook the essence of human resources (HR). With all these technological advances, improving employee experience has become much more than picking which digital tech to implement for businesses and HR. The Hidden Cost your Company Pays for High Turnover.

Businesses that endure high employee turnover rates know how time-consuming and expensive it can be. Still, some entrepreneurs and CXOs fail to understand the hidden cost of high employee turnover. Besides the cost incurred to replace an employee, there are other intangible costs making it highly important to recruit and retain top talents. Best-Kept Secret to Managing Workplace Conflicts in Startups.

These days, we get to hear so much about how a healthy workplace conflict can be a “good omen” for a business especially for a startup. Yes, a healthy conflict among employees is believed to spur a stream of innovative ideas, offer novel resolutions to existing issues, and nurtures an aura of collaboration. Long story short, a constructive and healthy workplace conflict helps drive a startup to new heights. Nevertheless, there are some convincing reasons why business owners tend to get apprehensive about workplace conflicts.

Creative, talented, and smart folks are more likely to bump every now and then and when overlooked, it may result in permanent dysfunctional workplace culture. This can lead to a steep decline in productivity levels, absenteeism, difficulty retaining top talents, and poor customer service. How Technology and Data can solve HR's Biggest Problems? Technology has transformed Human Resource into a data-driven entity. However, this certainly does not infer that intuition is fading out, but rather a good number of HR experts and practitioners are prone to experiencing some sort of guilt or shame if they allow “to let things go as they may”. For instance, the transformation of talent management into ‘people analytics’ undoubtedly has improved the status of human resources.

The point here is that human resources can endow businesses with powerful data and tech to transform the future of people management, all with a transparent ROI. With that being said, we still have room to improve, since most of the technological inceptions are yet to be applied or analyzed fully. 5 Technologies Your Business Should Invest In this Year. Growing a business is never an easy feat. Though technology can ease a number of pain points that hinder the growth and development of a business, the most painful part is: when a startup or small enterprise lacks the required tool and technology for taking the business to the next big level. So is your business armed with the right technology or tool to make this year the best?

Technology has the potential to make a business organized and efficient whilst helping create a favorable environment for both employees as well as customers. Here are five technology tools that your business ought to invest in this year, without any second thoughts: 1. It’s 2017 and a ‘no chip’ note on your POS would simply be a huge turn-off, since everyone has got chip cards and mobile payment options these days.

Why HR and AI makes sense in eachother's company? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming lives, be it at work or home, it is gaining good traction all over. Smart home assistant is a fine example of AI at home, which helps control lights, unlocks cars, regulates temperatures, etc. In workplaces, AI is fast turning into smart assistants to help us work in a much smarter and faster manner. Simply put, artificial intelligence is not only the future of the workplace but in fact, it is already happening, right here right now.

A good number of HR professionals and practitioners are of the notion that they soon will have to manage both machines as well as man, as the adoption of AI technology sees a great surge in business. On the other hand, several believe that advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence might result in job loss and layoffs in the next few years. 5 Signs it's Time to Promote an Employee Up. Why your Business needs a Cultural Intelligence Strategy in 2021? 6 Key Stages of Employee Life Cycle. How the Right HR Tool can Rescue your Business during Layoff? Ask any HR professional about his worst nightmare and the answer would be “layoffs”. Caught between Management and Employee - How HR can tackle? 07Jan Human Resource Management An HR in any company always walks on a thin line i.e., between the management and employees.

Dipak2sage. Benefits of Employee Engagement no one talks about. If you are an employer and if you merely happen to look down upon your employees as workforce, then it’s time you think again! Employee engagement plays a pivotal role when it comes to having a happy and content workforce. Unfortunately, many business leaders today have common myths pertaining to employee engagement. 5 Signs it’s time to change your office culture for good!

What is Workforce Diversity? Types, Advantages & Examples. Since globalization has affected our lives, labor market is no exception. An amazing blend in workforce diversity can be seen around the globe. Employee Compensation And Benefits- A Complete Guide. 6 Key Benefits of Automated Interview Scheduling. Between sourcing new candidates, setting up phone screens, or finding candidates through a fine interviewing process, time is of the essence for all the recruiters. If an organization’s interview scheduling is inconsistent, chaotic, or requires immense manual work, automated interview scheduling is the best option to solve this dilemma. How AI can help you to Balance Employee Trust and Data Security? What Is Talent Acquisition And How To Do It Right? 5 Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas for Remote Workers.

Employee Absenteeism in Workplace: Effect, Causes & Solutions. Top 5 Recommended Steps to Bring Employees Back To the Workplace. New Wage Rule: Will take-home salary for employees reduce? 5 Reasons Your Workforce Is More Adaptable Than You Think. Micro Behaviour - Impact On People And Solution. 5 Tips To Manage Employee Grievances Remotely.

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Cloud HR software to bolster workforce management. HR Diaries: How to deal with a layoff? Why cloud Payroll is the perfect pick-me-up for SMEs? Simplify Employee Document Management with Pocket HRMS. HR Tips to beat Office Blues. Simplify Employee Document Management with Pocket HRMS. A Guide to Do's and Don'ts to succession planning. Buying Payroll Software? Here’s your Checklist. Best practices to retain Top talent. Why investing in cloud HR software is your best bet? Buying Payroll Software? Here’s your Checklist. Why investing in cloud HR software is your best bet? What is Role of HR in Organizational Development. What are the 4 Stages of Team Development? [For Team leaders] Public library - dipak9976 - Diigo.

Recipe of efficient HR Management for Hotels is here! Impact of Company Culture on Employee Motivation. 7 Advantages of using Recruitment Management software. All you should know about Payroll Security. Stop Payment in Pocket HRMS [Payroll Guide] Pocket HRMS: Comprehensive Payroll Solution for your business. Pocket HRMS - What's in it for you? Importance of Business Ethics in Workplace. HR manager tips: How to develop strong relationships at work? AI-based Attendance Tracking: Smart Way of Marking Employee Attendance. Pocket HRMS: Affordable Enterprise-Class HR Software for SMEs. Your Handy Guide for Employee Retention. Are You Getting the Most Out of Your HR Software? Payroll solution for restaurants and hotels. How to boost Employee Morale? Why it is important? HR Role in Healty organisation culture. What to look for while buying HRMS solution? 8 Common hiring mistakes by the recruiters. Think you need a payroll app? Take this quiz. 5 Virtual Team building Activities for Remote Workers.

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